Why Are Our Kids Killing Themselves?GMW: We’re so preoccupied with politics and what our out of control politicians are doing, until it appears we have lost track of what’s important. Right and wrong left a long time ago, it seems.

Our children must really feel lost. Their daily observation of us, as adults and all major media outlets showcasing our lack of morals, values, principals and of being able to determine right from wrong.

GMW we have set back for years, allowing our men to bring us and our children to this low point. The problems our children face must be solved by parents, schools, community and City Hall.  Can you visualize how our children would feel,  if they were enjoying just half of the attention that has been devoted to politics in past almost 365 days; they would have more reasons to live.

GMW I’m confident, we are about to come to the table and start righting some wrongs. This 10 year old girl killed herself November 30, and a 13 year old girl killed herself December 4, 2017. They got no National Attention, not news worthy, how sad we have become.  But GMW, in Jesus name we’re going to fix it.