The President changed the rules The Speaker changed the procedures.

Experts pointed to a variety of differences between the trump impeachment process and those that went before.

President Donald Trump delivers his State of the Union address to a joint session

The constitution lays out the basis of impeachment, but it does not spell out rules and procedures. It says the US House of Representatives “shall have the sole power of impeachment.” The Senate “shall have the sole power to try all impeachments,” and when  a president is tried” the Chief Justice shall  preside. “A 2/3 vote for conviction means the person is removed from office.

During pass impeachment, the full house authorize an impeachment inquiry. The house judiciary committee took the lead in conducting an investigation, holding hearings on proposed articles of impeachment and voting on whether to approve them. 

The difference being with the substance of the charges, all prior presidential impeachment have concern domestic issues-The aftermath of the silver war in Johnson‘s case the Watergate burglary and cover-up  in Nixon’s and the Monica Lewinsky affair for Clinton. 

By contrast trumps impeachment is focusing on the accusation that Trump sort a quid pro quo with Ukraine to find dirt on a political Democratic challenger. Joe Biden.

So, procedures for the current impeachment had to be different, ( GMW, this is how women lead); Speaker, Nancy Pelosi,  didn’t have a precedence for dealing with a foreign quid pro quo, so she establish one, by instructing three committees-oversight, intelligence and foreign affairs-To proceed with an investigation. The three committees then transfer evidence to the House judiciary, which was responsible for drafting the article of impeachment. The President changed the rules, so The Speaker of the House had to changed the procedures. She charged the committees that specialize in the president infractions, to investigate him, according to our constitution. Hopefully we will never have a Rogue President, who will put his personal affair over our “ national security and democracy.” A precedence has been established. Thanks Mrs. Pelosi.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives: Nancy Pelosi

GMW; The Speaker is traveling in, “Uncharted Waters.” She should be commended for her handling of the impeachment, based on the uncertainty and rarity of the process.

The Senate on the other hand, Wants to continue with the, “Good Old Boys Party, talk loud, saying nothing, sweep the dirt under the rug, tell lies, put their souls to sleep, and I’m sure,’stay away from mirrors.’

They have not allowed themselves to publicly admit, (as some of their colleagues with integrity has) that what the president has done, “violates Our constitution, as it has never been violated before. 

Sadly,  the majority in the Senate is more concerned with Donald Trump’s tweets then upholding our Constitution.

The GOP Impeached Clinton for lying about an affair on his wife, not an affair with another country or government, he still have Rudy Giuliani over in Ukraine digging dirt for him, and our senators are, “quite as church mouse.”

GMW, It’s up to us to clean the Swamp. Our Men are wallowing in the mud like quick-sand, “they’re going down.” We have to save our country for ourselves, our children; and save our men from themselves.

The Speaker of the House should be applauded, for not passing the Articles of impeachment over to the Senate. 

They have no procedures in place for dealing with the new infraction, Trump has committed against our constitution. They appear to be so afraid of him until, they don’t want to have a thought, that he has not already approve, how sad.

Mr. McConnell and Mr. Graham, I once had great admiration for you, I didn’t always agree with what you did and said, but I respected you for standing on your principle and integrity; where did they go, and what price did you put on them?

Lindsay Graham: Senator, Donald Trump: President, Mitch McConnell: Majority of Senate

Grandmothers, mothers and women, Gmw; isn’t it strange that the GOP was so willing to impeach Bill Clinton, for having an affair with another woman, And is so unwilling to impeach our president for having an affair with the foreign government, for his own political gain. At the expense of our constitution, That he vowed to protect.

Mrs. Pelosi, GMW, is so proud of you for defending our constitution. USA Today concurred by stating,” in ordinary criminal trials, we disqualify jurors if they know the defendant, the witness or even the latest news. If we applied those standards to Senator, we’d have to disqualify the entire Senate

GMW, in Jesus name we pray for our country. ?