Grandmothers, mothers, women(GMW) IF: A Democratic president, attempted to do half of the things Donald Trump has been allowed to do, The GOP would have started A Coup d’état.

Plus they did not ask For Sarah Palin,Birth certificate when she was chosen GOP-VP.  Is it because she has privilege.

Congress has no business in recess, Allowing #45 to tamper with the our Postal Service. Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi should have all members of their Houses in Washington, Dealing with the crisis that’s paralyzing America right now.

Our Health and the economy is in freefall. It appears, as if they left the country it in the hands of a two-year-old playing in the Oval Office or his Golf Course.

Biden and Harris is not in office yet; But, Congress is! and it’s their responsibility to make sure our Postal Service delivers our mail on time, without interference.

Democrats, you need to step your game up. Give the independence and the disgruntled Republicans a reason to vote Democratic in 79 days. Our Country is in Crisis.

No president should be Blatantly, allowed to interfere with our ability to cast our votes.

It’s pathetic what’s allowed to be happening in the United States ?? of America’s. We’re Beginning To Look Like 3rd World? Country.

GMW, let’s look to Jeremiah 29:11; And go into our God-given and constitutional Power ? ?Box to save our families and country.

In Jesus name let’s pray?