You Pass The Laws-We Cast The Votes

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women (GMW): We’re on a Mission, Controlling our Bodies-and Casting Our Votes.

Both sides of Our political Arenas are filled with charismatic politicians, Who has no desire to Put their constituents needs above their own.

Texas Law Makers Trust Us With Their Guns, But Not Our Wombs

But if there was a contest for Power by whatever means necessary, the GOP would win; January 6 sealed the deal for them as the winners. And, the Texas GOP just put the frosting on their Celebratory Cake. Even The Supreme Court has join their Group.

Joy Reid said it best in her, “Absolute Worst Report,”

As a result of the above inclusion. The Supreme Court Should no longer be a Life-Time-Appointment; Only  A-25-years-term-position.

My generation, those of us 65+ has made some good and bad accomplishments,  the bad, is overshadowing the good. Even the weather has been effected by decisions by us. letting us know, ”We’ve done too many things wrong.

The only life-time-positing should be, PARENTING: It’s one of the things God did not give up dominion-over. We can choose not to behave like parents, but once sperm Fertilize-an egg in the womb and we give birth, we are parents, like it or not.

So Mr. Writers of the Texas Abortion law, and just sperm donors in so many cases; You get to walk away with no responsibility, even if I was raped, by my father, brother, uncle, cousin, friend, or a random man; and you have the nerve to tell us women,”we have to keep it whether we like it or not, and The Supreme Court goes along with you; WE DON’T THINK SO!!!

Grandmothers, mothers and women (GMW), we make the decisions as owners of our wombs, along with our doctors, we will decide what remains what happens with our bodies. not you sperm donors. If we have a NEED for an abortion, We will get one.

Our next immediate mission is too the make sure, All Politicians with your ideology and mindset, is serving your last term in office. Because, I’m quite sure those (GMW’s), who voted for some of you, against-their-better-judgment would not be making that mistake again.

We would also like to put on notice any other state getting ready to follow Texas’s example…You Pass The Laws, WE CAST THE VOTE, and we’re consistent. 

Our leader is our creator (God) and we follow Him, in the name of Jesus?