Grandmothers, mothers and women(GMW), if Donald Trump and his tyrannical GOP Group,  wins any election under their new regime, we deserve it. We should all go someplace, sit down, be quiet and prepared to be treated as Morons, which is Exactly what we will be. The only person that can keep me from voting, IS ME!!!

Democrats: The GOP had five different Commissions looking into Benghazi. Plus, an 11-hour marathon hearing where Republican members of the Select Committee on Benghazi put Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State on trial before a national audience. DEM, In Our Opinion, Donald’s tenure as president, and the GOP must be held accountable for January 6, (police officers lost their lives, and 140 were injured) Otherwise, you are to weak to lead, and Trump and his Tyrannical Group will triumph; then, we’ll all lose. 

If you do your part, we will give you the midterm election. Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell, are only fit to lead people that are afraid to voice an opinion of their own, or stand up for anything, that they were not told to stand for.

It’s ashamed Trump’s GOPS’ arrogance has blinded them to the fact, that slavery is over, and there’s no room for Jim Crow. The Dem’s Tent is big enough to win any and all national elections; And their platform is inclusive. Joe Biden’s infrastructure agenda is geared to improve the lives of all Americans. The GOP once stood for something and had my respect, now they look like, “A Paper Tiger.”

2020 Is Behind us, with the 4 years of #45. But, the devastation on our country, our sons and daughters of color in particular, white in general is profound.  The police brutality is mind blogging. When 99% of it, is systemic racism.  Learning of the killings or abuse of our children in general and our sons in particular, is appalling (especially those that has been pushed under the rug). But, by the Grace of God, is now coming to light, and giving mothers and families, truth about what happened to their love ones, at the hands of the powers that’s suppose to protect them.

GMW we must also hold ourselves accountable for the gun violence our children in general, and our sons in particular are perpetrating against each other.

My Grands and Great-Grands.

In so many of our neighborhoods,  our children can get a gun faster than a fresh fruits or a meal. Only we can fix this problem, with our votes and our dollars; combined with our God and our love, we have to reach our children and show them how much we care, by how we maintain our homes, schools, neighborhoods, and communities. City Hall has apart to play, but we must make sure they know what we want; that means, “We must be engaged. Our actions must speak louder than our words. Where we live is our neighborhood. How we live within that neighborhood determines our community. GMW, our children and families are our number-one priority. When I look at mine, they motivate me to move. And, I’ll bet my-life-on the fact that,”I speak for all of us, when it comes to our families.

GMW: As of January 2021, there are 23 states with Democratic governors and 27 states with Republican governors. Come midterm, we’re voting out all voter suppression governors, senators, mayors, and Attorney Generals. Enough is Enough. To my white sisters and brothers, let the racism go. We’re not leaving this country, nor are you. We’re Americans. May God bless the United States of America.

🙏No weapon formed against us is going to prosper, even domestic terrorism. In Jesus name we pray🙏

We Have Work To Do

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women,(GMW): Getting Capable Leadership In our Oval Office, November 3, 2020, is our Number one (1) priority right now. 

In 2016:We won the the Popular Vote but, LOST to the Electoral College, that must never happen again!!

The current occupant of our oval office, is doing everything in their power to deflect our attention away from He’s in adequate leader-ship such as: Campaigning from the Rose Garden; trying to discredit Dr. Fauci (A most respected, trusted and  believable Scientist) carrying out federal executions, while the coronavirus is ravishing our country; having killed over 137,00 Americans and claiming more daily, He wants us to put our babies back in unsafe schools, and let the END Results JUSTIFIED the MEANS. Even if we lose our children, at least he gets credit for having them back in school.

GMW: Each of us is responsible for getting-out the vote in  our state, By making sure we understand the rules for Absentee And Early Voting In your State.

Absentee and Early Voting in Virginia: You can VOTE EARLY at your registers office beginning 45 days before election day and ending the Saturday before election day. Photo ID’S no longer required, proof of address.

Applying To Vote Absentee By Mail

  • Apply online to vote by mail
  • All paper absentee application forms can be found on Virginia’s Department of Elections: voter Voter Form Page.
  • Military and overseas voters, Can find specific information regarding absentee voting on our military and overseas pages.
  • Download and complete the vote by mail application form.
  • Return the completed and signed form to your local register’s office by mail, fax or scanned attachment to an email.
  • After applying you can check to see if your absentee application was received, and whether your ballot was sent and received by going to our Citizen Portals.
  •  See the section titled*** Special Federal ID Requirements For Certain First-time Absentee by mail Voter; under Virginia Department of Elections.

GMW in Virginia: We must make sure, Elaine Luria and Mark Warner remain in their seats.

  1. Elaine Luria is up for re-election for House of Representative in the 2nd  Congressional District, she’s being challenged for a re-match by (R) Scott Taylor (whom she beat in 2018).
  2. Senator Mark Warner is being challenged for his seat by (R) Daniel Gade.

GMW: November 3, 2020, The United States Senate elections will have 33 class 2 seats of the Senate being contested in regular elections. The winners will be elected to six-year terms extending from January 3, 2021, to January 3, 2027. We need five (5) or more of those seats, to help Joe Biden, Unite America. 

Doug Jones (D-AL)
Gary Peters (D MI)

Ladies in Alabama: Make sure Senator, Doug Jones keep his seat.
In Michigan: Make sure Senator, Gary Peters keep his seat.

GMW, IN These RED STATES; Let’s Turn themBLUE; The incumbents are:

Kansas City Missouri
  • AZ-McSally
  • CO-Gardner
  • ME-Collins
  • MT-Diane’s
  • NC-Tillis
  • AK-Sullivan
  • KY-McConnell
  • TX-Cornyn
  • GA-Perdue
  • GA-Loeffler
  • IA-Ernst
  • KS-Open/Dr. Barbara Bollier (D) Wants to be the 1st  Dem. in that seat since 1932.

So Ladies let’s open up our Tool Boxes. We have to put Biden in office, and a majority in the Senate. We can do all things through Him, Who can do all things except fail. In Jesus name we ?and Vote.