Qualified immunity; ERASES: Police Excessive Force!!!

Accountability breeds responsible behavior.

Justice Reform Is Needed Now

The U.S. Supreme Court created qualified immunity protections about 50 years ago, and it has been used in recent years to block thousands of lawsuits seeking to hold police accountable in cases where they are accused of excessive force, according to a Reuters investigation.

FACT SHEET:  George Floyd Justice in Policing Act is  the first-ever bold comprehensive approach to hold police accountable, end racial profiling, change the culture of law enforcement, empower our communities, and build trust between law enforcement and our communities by addressing systemic racism and bias to help save lives.

Grandmothers mothers and women (GMW), we are sick of seeing the people we gave birth to, being Killed in mass shootings and senseless gun violence; with politicians offering up prayers for the families, trying to sound as if they Care. Every President uses his Executive power to try and stem the tide of gun violence, but, gun violence is an issue for Congress, they need to legislate a bill into law, so the president can sign it; then we can have some sensible gun reform.

White supremacy-domestic terrorists, exist within both Democrat and Republicans party; both sides needs to be put on notice, it will no longer be tolerated, the spotlight is on them now. 

understanding brings fellowship

Americas History: good-bad-ugly needs to be taught in all of our schools, “as curriculum,” Black history is a part of that curriculum. All parents need to become familiar with it. Knowledge brings understanding, understanding brings fellowship,Fellow shipping brings peace. If America doesn’t get hatred bigotryi and prejudice under control, we are all going to self-destruct.

GMW: By the a Grace of God, ‘we brought each and everyone of humankind into the world, so we should start the dialogue of understanding the curriculum we want our children to learn. In Jesus name?

The browning of America


Grandmothers, mothers and women (GMW): Trumpism Will not stop the Browning of America. According to the Census Bureau, 2013 marked the first year that a majority of US infants under the age of 1 were nonwhite. 

We need accountability for January 6., Its understood that the real Elephant in the room, “Was not Election Fraud, but the Browning of America. According to the Boston globe, “Republicans are sitting on a demographic time bomb of their own making, and it could send them into a tailspin;  and it has, January 6, was a perfect example. Thomas Patterson, of The Globe…July 2020; said, “A maxim of two-party politics is that a party needs to be inclusive — a big tent — to be competitive. Whatever the short-term advantage of the GOP’s politics of division, it is now facing the fallout. Millions of younger adults, women, Blacks, Latinx, Asian Americans, LGBTQ, Native American and the college-educated will be pulling the Democratic lever for years to come. 

Our Democracy must have Accountability for what happened at our capital on January 6, 2021:  It was a coup against our democracy and unconstitutional. Five people were killed including a police officer.  Between now and February 9, let’s pray other Senators buy back their souls; and  uphold our Constitution.

Fifty-five (55) Senators are ready to hold those responsible, from the President down, for that terrible insurrection. Forty-five (45) others Senators has put a price tag on their Souls and integrity.

GWM there’s nothing our power can do about the Browning of America. But, we can embrace each other’s cultures and enjoy being the United States of America. We’re all Created in the image of one God, (called my many different names) that created the universe; the moon, stars, sun and breathe life into each of us.

But we can make a. difference in 2022. Thirty-four (34) seats in the Senate is up for re-election; twelve (12) are Dems., and twenty-two (22) are GOP, we need those 22 seats, to ensure our Democracy and constitution is safe until the GOP can establish who they are again.

Let The Jesus In Me, Love The Jesus In You, And We Will be Alright.

?In Jesus’s Name We Pray?