Qualified immunity is a court-created rule that limits victims of police violence and misconduct from holding officers accountable when they violate a person’s constitutional rights.

Tyre Nichols rights was violated, and it cost him his life. 

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women GMW, Elected officials across this country: The POTUS, Congress, Governors,  General Assemblies Mayors, City Council

Members, schools Bd members and every American with a heart, it’s time we get rid of qualified immunity. If you care about Tyre Nichols then use voice thru social media and contact your elected officials to make your voice is hear to abolish qualified immunity.

President Biden need to use his bullhorn to galvanize Congress and America to start advocating for Qualified Immunity. 

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Are we really this bad?

GMW ?America:  Let’s Not Let Tyre Die In Vain