Grandmothers, mothers and women(GMW), if Donald Trump and his tyrannical GOP Group,  wins any election under their new regime, we deserve it. We should all go someplace, sit down, be quiet and prepared to be treated as Morons, which is Exactly what we will be. The only person that can keep me from voting, IS ME!!!

Democrats: The GOP had five different Commissions looking into Benghazi. Plus, an 11-hour marathon hearing where Republican members of the Select Committee on Benghazi put Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State on trial before a national audience. DEM, In Our Opinion, Donald’s tenure as president, and the GOP must be held accountable for January 6, (police officers lost their lives, and 140 were injured) Otherwise, you are to weak to lead, and Trump and his Tyrannical Group will triumph; then, we’ll all lose. 

If you do your part, we will give you the midterm election. Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell, are only fit to lead people that are afraid to voice an opinion of their own, or stand up for anything, that they were not told to stand for.

It’s ashamed Trump’s GOPS’ arrogance has blinded them to the fact, that slavery is over, and there’s no room for Jim Crow. The Dem’s Tent is big enough to win any and all national elections; And their platform is inclusive. Joe Biden’s infrastructure agenda is geared to improve the lives of all Americans. The GOP once stood for something and had my respect, now they look like, “A Paper Tiger.”

2020 Is Behind us, with the 4 years of #45. But, the devastation on our country, our sons and daughters of color in particular, white in general is profound.  The police brutality is mind blogging. When 99% of it, is systemic racism.  Learning of the killings or abuse of our children in general and our sons in particular, is appalling (especially those that has been pushed under the rug). But, by the Grace of God, is now coming to light, and giving mothers and families, truth about what happened to their love ones, at the hands of the powers that’s suppose to protect them.

GMW we must also hold ourselves accountable for the gun violence our children in general, and our sons in particular are perpetrating against each other.

My Grands and Great-Grands.

In so many of our neighborhoods,  our children can get a gun faster than a fresh fruits or a meal. Only we can fix this problem, with our votes and our dollars; combined with our God and our love, we have to reach our children and show them how much we care, by how we maintain our homes, schools, neighborhoods, and communities. City Hall has apart to play, but we must make sure they know what we want; that means, “We must be engaged. Our actions must speak louder than our words. Where we live is our neighborhood. How we live within that neighborhood determines our community. GMW, our children and families are our number-one priority. When I look at mine, they motivate me to move. And, I’ll bet my-life-on the fact that,”I speak for all of us, when it comes to our families.

GMW: As of January 2021, there are 23 states with Democratic governors and 27 states with Republican governors. Come midterm, we’re voting out all voter suppression governors, senators, mayors, and Attorney Generals. Enough is Enough. To my white sisters and brothers, let the racism go. We’re not leaving this country, nor are you. We’re Americans. May God bless the United States of America.

🙏No weapon formed against us is going to prosper, even domestic terrorism. In Jesus name we pray🙏



♥️Grandmothers, Mothers and Women (GMW)🔴

These Are The Beats of My Heart Give Thanks For Motherly Love

God’s love, expressing through my mother, gave me life. God’s love, wisdom, and strength guided her and all those who nurtured me as I grew.

My words of praise and gratitude let me show my mother how much I appreciate her. When I wish to demonstrate my appreciation for my mothers example, I share the nurturing, motherly love of God and my words and action, With all people.

Remembering the times when my mother or another compassionate person listened patiently and shared encouraging words, I seek to be a caring, supportive presence. Recalling my mothers’s joy each time I learned something new. I share my skills and knowledge willingly when someone seeks my help. In gratitude, I share the gift of nurturing love.

🙏Isaiah 66:13;As a mother comfort her child, so I will come for you🙏

♥️Family, Friends and GMW Everywhere❤️

I Love Each of U With All My Heart

Daily Word/Unity


Grandmothers, Mothers and Women (GMW), He who’s within us, is greater than he who’s in the world.

GMW: While  most major media‘s and microphones are focus on Mr. Trump for ratings, making him viable and assessable for free; We’re going to concentrate On making sure, “what happened in the 2010 midterm elections, doesn’t happen again. According to Politico. When the Democrats stayed home, Republicans got control of The House and much more. The Democratic Party Got Crushed During The Obama Presidency. Here’s Why. There are two different electorate in America, the Democrats have been the one that stays home during the midterms, When the vast majority of governorships and State legislative seats are elected in midterms.

The white sheets ideology.

The current breakdown of Gubernatorial control by party is as follows: 23 democratic and 27 GOP. But, remember I said in an earlier blog that we have White Supremacist in both parties. In 2022, 36 Gubernatorial seat will be up for election. We will meet them at the polls as we did in 2020.  It appears as if a lot of white sheets Ideology is showing up dressed in suits and ties.

Biden’s plan for all Americans

President Biden Plan, Is unselfishly all about making America better for all of us. Highlighting the needs of the underserved and the middle class; Biden’s plan is much more conducive to meeting American’s needs than a WALL.

So, Mr. Mancini of W. Va., and Ms. Sinema, of Arizona , we have a  50-50 split in A Senate with a narrow majority; where we were not able to get anything done, while in a minority. We watch them pack federal courts with almost 300 judges, put thru a Supreme Court Justice in less than a month, put someone accused of rape on the Supreme Court with no regard for democratic support, and now, you two {2} are holding up efforts on behalf of the American People, Because you want bipartisanship. The GOP’s participation is welcome, if they choose do use it.

For you 2 and the GOP, if not now, WHEN. If you have a better plan show it, which will probably look like your replacement for the affordable care act. The American people needs to be FIRST for a change.

Gov. Ron DeSantis signs Florida voting bill in front of Trumps Fan Club. The event was nationally televised on Fox news. Florida reporters were, excluded. 

He also, this week announced that the special election to replace Rep. Alcee Hastings, who died last month, will take place January 2022. Leaving the seat open for 9 months; abuse of power.

🙏 in the name of Jesus, we will get through this, the GOP metamorphosis, as the United States of America. We pray. 🙏

State and Local Democratic Elections 2021:

Grandmother’s, mother’s and women (GMW), in this off-election year, 2 states are having state elections: Virginia and New Jersey for: gubernatorial, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and all 100 House of Delegates.  

Virginia House of Delegates elections, 2021. This election is a battleground race. Find your district by Googling your ZIP Code.

The only local June primary in South Hampton Roads will be for Norfolk commonwealth’s attorney. Three people are running: Please get to know them, by reading their bios, and make your choice June 8, 2021 for our next Commonwealth Attorney:

Megan Zwisohn

Amina Matheny-Willard

Ramon Fatehig

A commonwealth of Virginia sample ballot, for June 8, 2021

GMW: The United States municipal elections, There are local elections in 22 counties, 71 cities, including 43 Mayoral elections, and 2021. Please check your city By Zip Code to see what’s happening in your locality.

GMW, Let’s Pray for Liz Cheney, for having the backbone to stand-up for what she believes in: truth, honesty ,dignity and our Democracy. It’s going to take us uniting as women to ask ourselves,’who’s character would we like to see our daughters emulate as women political Leaders: Liz Cheney or Melanie Greene.

Liz Cheney says Trump’s ‘big lie’ poisons democracy as split with Republicans party.

A perfect example today of, “stand up for something, or laying down for anything,” Is Trump’s GOP today.

The GOP is building their base on lies, as a result, they have had to pass over 360 voter suppression laws, to make sure we never have another voter turnout like we had in 2020. But, We are going to vote Jim Crow Out of existence In spite of their suppressive lies.

The Trump’s GOP is not fit to lead a train animal, while they’re prostituting their souls for power, not effective government just power. Their TENT is too small to lead the country anywhere except JAIL.

Facebook was right to Band Mr. Trump, no American President or political Leader has ever used the  Oval Office megaphones, to create divisiveness in our country; like we have never seen before, and, domestic Terrorist that would attack our capital, to perpetuate Donald Trumps’ lie of Voter fraud.  

GMW, I’m so glad we serve a God that sits high and looks low. This too shall pass.

🙏As we pray for our country, asking God to guide us, And let our words and actions be acceptable in his sight we pray🙏


The Democratic Primary is June 8th and the General Election is November 2, 2021

Grandmothers mothers and women (GMW), in General and GMW in Virginia in particular. 2021 is an important election year for Virginians with hotly contested seats for: governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, As well as all House of Delegates seats.

Early voting for the June primaries started April 23, 2021
Voters can go to their general registrar’s office or satellite voting location to cast their ballots. In person voting ends on June 5. You will have to show an acceptable form of ID.

The GOP will hold a drive-through convention on May 8, 2021

The 5 democratic candidates for Governor are:

  • Jennifer Carol Foy, former, 2nd-HD
  • Lee Jay Carter, 50th HD
  • Justin Fairfax, Current, Lt. Governor
  • Terry McAuliff, former Govt. Va.
  • Jennifer McClellan, Senate 9th Dist.
  1. There are Six (6) people running in the Democratic primary for Lieutenant Governori:

There are two (2) people running for Attorney General:

Virginia House Democrats see record number of challenges in primary elections. After a historic General Assembly session this year where Virginia abolished the death penalty and made possessing small amounts of marijuana legal for adults, 13 House Democrats — mostly in Northern Virginia — are in nomination battles for their seats. I’ll provide more details in my next blog.

Ralph Northam flank by incoming Senate Majority leader Dick Saslaw and House beaker Ellen filler-Corn, Outlining Democrats priorities-for the 2020 legislative session.

Democrats have controlled Virginia government for two years. Here’s what they’ve done.

GMW of Norfolk and Portsmouth, needs to see some reforms for the Mid-Downtown Tolls, they are constantly going up, creating a real hardship for below poverty-minimum wage, even with the new $9.50 minimum wage. Only Economic opportunities can diminish poverty.
There are two factors that largely determine our standard of living, our income and expenses. They must rise together To diminish property.

GMW, we all understand too well how, Inflation can hurt your standard of living by cutting the purchasing power of your income while increasing your daily expenses.  So these are issues we need to have address by all candidates running for Office all upcoming elections. Women and children’s lives has been More impacted by the pandemic than anyone else.

Now GMW, we need to go back into our two boxes for changes, regarding us and our children needs.

As always we step out in faith, knowing, “we can’t lose, with the stuff we use.” Our tools are real: Our Gods, Our Love, Our Dollars and Our Vote.

Donald Trump and COVID-19:

The Best and Worst Events For America  In 2020:   But Lord, You and You Alone, “Knows The Plan You Have For Us: “Jeremiah 29:11.

Donald Trump showed us what was in the swarm, and under his leadership, (for 4 yrs. he showed us pre-views); Then on January 6th, we saw the finish product-in-living color.

January 6, 2021 In-Living-Color

Mr. Trump and His GOP, can have undisputed, full credit for exposing the swarm, in Jim Crow Fashion.

COVID-19 shut down America and the world; while putting a spotlight on police brutality in America. The world watched as ‘three white police officers kill George Floyd, in-cold-blood-in-living-color. Did you know 6 people were killed by the police 24 hours after Derek Chauvin convection. 

George Floyd, was the sacrificial lamb. His Cross was under the knees of three (3) police officers for 9 minutes-20 seconds (9:20). But, ‘thanks to God,’ he did not die in vain.

It appeared as if they wanted to see how many they could kill before, “Qualified immunity,” would no long protect them; if the George Floyd Justice reform Act becomes law by the Senate, the House has passed, The George Floyd Justice In Policing Act.

Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are holding American democracy hostage. They are not behaving as member of a Democratic Senate, with a narrow majority, Who has inherited a desk full of bills, that America can benefit from, but they have been languishing on Mitch McConnell‘s desk with no hope of passage. There are, white supremacists on both sides of the isles.

For Virginia’s General Assembly, and Governor Ralph Northam, You added insult to injury, by raising the minimum wage from $7.25 since 2009 to 9.50 in 2021. Can any of you live on that, plus raise a family. That is still at poverty Level and, not how you build an economy.

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women (Gmw), The Swamp Exposure and Covid-19 has had, and is having an Unforgettable affect-effect on America and the world that none of us will soon forget. Dealing with the consequences of both, is a daunting task. But, President Joe Biden, has accepted the Challenge, and GMW of America, we are going to be the wind beneath his wings.

GMW: Please stay-tune, and🌹 (In The Name Of Jesus), throw open your tool-box. We have work to do🥀

🙏Let’s pray in Jesus name, “to help President Biden, unite America; and truly become the United States of America again. Love♥️will always conquer hate🙏

Qualified immunity; ERASES: Police Excessive Force!!!

Accountability breeds responsible behavior.

Justice Reform Is Needed Now

The U.S. Supreme Court created qualified immunity protections about 50 years ago, and it has been used in recent years to block thousands of lawsuits seeking to hold police accountable in cases where they are accused of excessive force, according to a Reuters investigation.

FACT SHEET:  George Floyd Justice in Policing Act is  the first-ever bold comprehensive approach to hold police accountable, end racial profiling, change the culture of law enforcement, empower our communities, and build trust between law enforcement and our communities by addressing systemic racism and bias to help save lives.

Grandmothers mothers and women (GMW), we are sick of seeing the people we gave birth to, being Killed in mass shootings and senseless gun violence; with politicians offering up prayers for the families, trying to sound as if they Care. Every President uses his Executive power to try and stem the tide of gun violence, but, gun violence is an issue for Congress, they need to legislate a bill into law, so the president can sign it; then we can have some sensible gun reform.

White supremacy-domestic terrorists, exist within both Democrat and Republicans party; both sides needs to be put on notice, it will no longer be tolerated, the spotlight is on them now. 

understanding brings fellowship

Americas History: good-bad-ugly needs to be taught in all of our schools, “as curriculum,” Black history is a part of that curriculum. All parents need to become familiar with it. Knowledge brings understanding, understanding brings fellowship,Fellow shipping brings peace. If America doesn’t get hatred bigotryi and prejudice under control, we are all going to self-destruct.

GMW: By the a Grace of God, ‘we brought each and everyone of humankind into the world, so we should start the dialogue of understanding the curriculum we want our children to learn. In Jesus name🙏


The Kenosha police officer who shot Jacob Blake in the back, returns to work, no discipline: 2 Virginia police officers used excessive force, threaten arm officer during traffic stop.

Grandmothers mothers and women (GMW) in particular, and America in general. HATE,RACISM and PREJUDICE:  Can’t be legislated, only the consequences of those behaviors can be adjudicated.

PARENTS of color ( and I’m one of them) is sick and tired of Systemic racism; seeing our sons and daughters being brutalized, treated like animals and killed by White-Supremacist-Bigoted police officers, Who has infiltrated all branches of law and order, which was verified by the riots of January 6th on our State Capital.


Milton Kleg is Professor of Social Science Education and Director of the Center for the Study of Ethnic and Racial Violence at the University of Colorado, Denver.  Hate Prejudice and Racism provides a comprehensive overview of the problems created by prejudiced attitudes, racist beliefs, and acts of discrimination, from the casual racial or ethnic joke to the unrestrained violence of a lynch mob. It addresses such topics as the nature of ethnicity, stereotyping, aggression, and hate groups and individuals who promote ethnic and racial hatred.

Police departments across America, is inundated with prejudice attitude, racist beliefs and acts of discrimination which creates undisciplined police brutality. The only solution to police brutality is legislation. The passing into law of the George Floyd justice Act Will fix the problem. Marching and demonstration brings attention to the problem, but it doesn’t solve the it.

Congress is half-stepping, The 117th House has passed HR1:The People’s Act. HR4: The John Lewis Act. HR51: DC Statehood Act. HR7120: George Justice In Policing Act. Most of these were on Mitch McConnell’s Desk since 2017.  Now they belong to new Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer.  Passage of these bills will make life better and easier for everyone, especially People of Color.

Qualified immunity isn’t for decent officers of the law. it protects those racist, bigoted and hateful white bullies, who hide their racism behind their badges to terrorize and kill black men and women with their visceral racism. When prosecutions becomes the consequence of their behavior, changes would be automatic.

George Floyd Justice in Policing Act is the first-ever bold comprehensive approach to hold police accountable, end racial profiling, change the culture of law enforcement, empower our communities, and build trust between law enforcement and our communities by addressing systemic racism and bias to help save lives.

🙏This We Pray In Jesus’s Name🙏

A Man Slowly Killed In Cold-Blood

Jurors in Derek Chauvin Murder Trial

  1. Chemist, white man in his 20s: passionate about worn
  2. Mixed-race woman in her 20s: excited to serve
  3. Business auditor, white man in his 30s: thinks the trial is 4wks.
  4. Info Tech Mgr.Black man in his 30s: W African-born
  5. Health Care,white woman in her 50s: single with 2 kids
  6. Bking  Prof., Blackman in his 30s: BBall fan, coach youth
  7. Exec. Asst., white woman in her 50s: mother of 2 kids
  8. Mgmt. Prof., black man in 40s: knew about 27m settlement.
  9. Co. Re-org mixed race woman
  10. Nurse white woman in her50s
    1. Marketing Retired- black woman
  11. Ins Co. white woman
  12. Former Cust. Ser rep: white woman
  13. Social worker white woman in her 20s

The Prosecutors of Derek Chauvin Trial are doing a through and fantastic Job. Above is a list of the Jury, and I hope they deliver justice for George Floyd, America and the world. We have all be traumatize from seeing, “A man slowly killed In-Cold-Blood, with the world watching. 

The year 2020 exposed us all to the,“ Good, Bad and Ugly of Humanity, the Good, “ We got #45 out of Office. The Ugly, “The Coronavirus and all of the consequences as a result. The  Bad was,” was having a President with no leadership abilities or people skills.

I needed Theraphy, to get thru 2020, I got, and is still in it. I’m also praying for everyone struggling with whatever your overwhelming issues are,  to seek counseling. The well being of your Physical Health, mind, body and soul is priceless.

The other three(3) officers will be tried together in August, they need to be charge with murder also, maybe 2nd or 3rd, because they made choice, and the consequences are going to prison, for their participation in Cold blooded murder of George Floyd.

🙏Grandmothers, mothers and women (GMW) everywhere, let’s pray for all of the families directly impacted by this atrocity, and for the Soul of our country. In the Name of Jesus we pray🙏


Grandmothers, Mothers and women (GMW):  To our white GMW in particular and  Black and Brown GMW in General, Ladies, we have to stop abusing,”The Me Too Movement Agenda, “ or it’s going to lose its validity, if it hasn’t already.  We Are Not Angry Black Women!  We need to be supportive of each other, without labels.

We are not angry, we address inappropriate behavior as it happens, so we don’t become victims; and carry it for years, then address it in five or ten years, with feelings of having been victimized. All women have or have had very good reasons to be angry. For example: The right to decide with our doctor only, what we wish to do with my body!!

Inappropriate sexual behavior from man or woman, makes us Spontaneous, we will most-times address it in real time, or speak to them in private, as soon as possible, so as not to make a scene, if we don’t have to, then report the matter to HR and the police for documentation, if necessary, then get on with our lives. 

The scenario being played out with Governor Cuomo in New York, is a scenario that has gotten tired. Ladies, if we want a  seat at the table, with the responsibilities that goes with it; then we must be able to address any and all situations that disrespects us as women, in real time or, in your time. 

Allow yourself to be called, “An angry White women,” then  wear the label as a badge of respect. Without apology!!

White men are not the only ones allowed to get angry, shoot-up and killed hundreds of people or terrorize our capital.

This is posted in Prayer In Jesus’s name🙏