The violence in our beautiful city has to be seriously address and dealt with by each of us, doing our part as, “NORFOLKIANS:  

Downtown Norfolk.

The CIty Council, The Board of Edu. The Chief of Police, and The Rest of us, Norfolkians. We are Norfolk. We are not going to solve Norfolk’s problems, by disenfranchising one group for the benefit of another.

The past two years has been tough for all of us, we’ve faced 1 challenge after another; but we are still standing. Excuses does not solve problems. We all have problems, some took us to our knees, while on our knees, we prayed back to our feet. 7

Us, Adults has to start,”LEADING BY EXAMPLES. Our Children learn from what they see, Not what they hear. If We Want Them To Listen To US:


WITH A-TEENS-SUMMIT-FORUM: MAY 21, 2022 @ The KROC CENTER, Located at Ballentine and Princess ANNE 2:00pm – 4:30pm. 

We’re providing a platform for our YOUTH to express their Grievances. We’re having a 12 Member-Youth-Panel, ranging in Ages from 10-17, addressing their question to a  panel of community and city Leaders.  We will also make it possible for youth in the audience to have their questions addressed.

We need a few more youth to complete to the panel. If you’re a youth with something to get off your chest, in a constructive way. Come to our Coalition Meeting Tomorrow, 6:pm at the KROC Center.

The Summit Is Coordinate by: Mr. Bilal Muhammed-leader of STOP THE VIOLENCE (STVT), To  all community Leaders,  Businesses-Entrepreneurs, consulor’s, educators,and all who’s ready to be, “ALL IN,“ for Our Beloved City of Norfolk; There’s a spot for you on the Coalition with your name on It. 

EACH OF US HAS TO FIND OUR WAY TO BE “ALL IN,” To Stop The Violence In Our Be Love City of Norfolk.

GMW’S of Norfolk We Are All IN, With Our Power. And,In the Name of JESUS, “We can do all things but fail.?