Mr. Chuck Schumer:Majority leader of the 117TH CONGRESS


  1. For The People Act or HR1: Tightens rules on super PACs and restructure is the Federal ElectionsCommission to break the gridlock and enhance its enforcement mechanisms. It also repeals Mitch McConnell’s rider that prevents government agencies from requiring commonsense disclosures of political spending.
  2. John R Lewis Voting Rights Act or HR 4:Responds to current conditions in voting today by restoring the full protections of the original, bipartisan Voting Rights Act of 1965, which was last reauthorized by Congress in 2006, but gutted by the Supreme Court in 2013. This bill establishes new criteria for determining which states and political subdivisions must obtain preclearance before changes to voting practices in these areas may take effect.
  3. Legislation granting statehood to Washington,DC (HR 51):  In May 2017, the Act was introduced in the U.S. Senate. In February 2019, the House Democratic leadership put its support behind legislation to grant D.C. statehood. … On June 26, 2020, the House of Representatives passed the Washington, D.C. What is required to grant statehood? In most cases, the organized government of a territory made known the sentiment of its population in favor of statehood, usually by referendum. … Upon acceptance of that constitution, by the people of the territory and then by Congress, Congress would adopt by simple majority vote a joint resolution granting statehood.
  4. George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020 or HR 7120 – 116th Congress (2019-2020): Is a civil rights and police reform bill drafted by Democrats in the United States Congress, including members of the Congressional Black Caucus. The legislation was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives on June 8, 2020. The legislation aims to combat police misconductexcessive force, and racial bias in policing. — The bill passed the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives on a mostly party-line vote of 236–181, but did not advance in the Republican-controlled Senate. President Donald Trump oppose the legislation.

Grandmothers, mothers and women (Gmw) Black, brown, yellow and white; we came together and gave our Democrats the Presidency and Majorities in Congress.

Now we’re joining forces the with the League of Women Voters of the United States(LWVUS) for the passage of these important bills. ASAP, in the 117th Congress

Our New 117th Congress has the Power of 51 votes. The same 51 votes Mitch McConnell used to push through two(2) Supreme court lifetime appointments. On was done in about two weeks to beat the 2020, presidential election.  Mr. Chuck Schumer, we need you to pass through these BILLS, with the same Efficacy with your 51 Vote Majority. They all passed the House last year; Nancy did her job, now let’s see you do yours.

?These Things We Ask In Jesus’s Name?Majority.