• Bring Family value back into our homes and the political Arena:
    • Common-sense and Compassion Triumphing Alternative Truths and Anarchy.
  • Make Mr. Trump a One (1) Term President, based on the content of his character, leadership Skills, (able to represent all Americans) and ability to maintain the Global Respect American’s Presidents has always present to the world.
Democrats, It’s time to take off the Kids Glove, Put on your Boxing Gloves ,and get in the Ring, The GOP is in the ring waiting for you???

Alternatives Truths, is causing anarchy on a national scale. Plus, our Allies no longer trust our word. America we are much than the look we’re presenting to the rest of the World right now.  Our Men, black and white, love and respect their women and daughters. Mr. Trump and some of his friends does not belong in that group.

When power is given to someone who lacks, common-sense, compassion, diplomacy, Integrity, discernment, humility a fear of God and doesn’t think of himself as God. The country and the world feel a cohesiveness and order. The power the Oval Office has, is Awesome.  The person entrusted to handle that power and represent all Americans, needs to have, great leadership, discipline and people skills, humility, laced with objectivity, principles, honesty and knows how to walk softly, because he or she’s carries a big stick, “The Oval Office.”

GMW and Democrats, whoever wins the primary, is our candidate to make #45, One Term. We pray every American, who believes in , and practice commonsense and compassion, will rally behind that candidate. Each of us has the responsibility to us our POWER to make these the United States of America.  We need control of the Senate, because the Majority Leader has become the voice of the president, when he’s there to represent us, The United States of America.

Mr. Trump, when the president issue a statements from the Oval Office, it should apply to all Americans. When you go after 4 women of color you are talking to all people of color, which includes the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of many of your followers, simply because our sons and daughters, are falling in love, and having Beautiful Brown Babies.  What are you going to do if some of them disagree with you; are you going separate them from their babies so you can send them back where they came from? Your administration has gotten a lot of experience on how to separate mothers from their babies, at the Southern Borders.


GMW and SIS of Virginia, we must turn out attention to Va. for the next four (4) months: All seats in the General Assembly is up for reelections. 2019 Virginia House of Delegates election, and The Virginia State Senate elections, 2019.

GMW & SIS: Va.’s General Assembly we must fill those seats in November

 The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, wants us to know what at stake:

  • Health care access. Reproductive freedoms. Voting rights. Tackling climate change. And not just for the next legislative term – with redistricting right around the corner, we’re talking about a decade of policy. All of which will be written by the GOP if we don’t win this fall.
  • They’ve refused to act on gun violence – even ending a special session of the legislature after just 90 minutes.
  • They tried to stop 400,000 Virginians from gaining access to affordable health care through the expansion of Medicaid. And the list goes on.

GMW , SIS and Dems of Virginia, These four (4) seats in the  House of Representative will give us a majority, they are: 83rd Nancy Guy. 91st , Martha Mugler, 96th , Mark Downey, House of Delegates and 100th Phil Hernandez .

Cheryl Turpin is running for the Senate in the 7th District. Winning these seats in November 2019 will prove: together we can do it .

This We Pray In Jesus’s Name