GMW we have to rally our families, friends and communities; to get out and vote November 2. We must keep Virginia Blue. And never forget November 2010, when Democrats stayed home, and we lost the majority in Congress. Which resulted President Barack, having to serve six-years with a GOP Congress, then we got Trump.

 It can easily happen this November. Democrats, we can’t afford to stay home, Our party has some serious challenges this November, and the GOPis counting on us to stay home as we usually do, if it’s not a presidential election. Even though  both parties has lots of work to do, the democrats are exercising more, integrity, decency, honesty, principals, values and just plain ole commonsense. It seems as if Trumpism has blinded the GOP, and Siphon-off their backbones.

The GOP has to know,”Vigilante leadership is not going to work, nor their efforts thru unjust-laws, telling women what we can and cannot do with our bodies. Jim Crow voter suppression laws are not going to keep them in office or put them in office. 

Democrats, you need to cater to their base, Support our POTUS, Put the Budget on the Back Burner Until 2022, when your base will give you a larger majority in the Senate, so you can get some work done and not be continuously sabotage by democrats  who seem to have a different agenda.  Plus the BUDGET was not the first Item on President campaign’s agendas.  The voting Rights Act, Justice Reform, The People’s Act. Statehood for DC., were upper-most on all Democratic Candidates minds, how soon we forget.  Please don’t get me wrong, The budget needs to pass ; but not at the mercy of a few democrats, who seems to be (‘GOP’s in Dem Clothing).

The Guardian reported, DC residents themselves largely support statehood. In 2016, the District held a referendum on the issue, and 86% of voters backed statehood. issue of race is also front and center, given that DC’s citizens are predominantly people of color and their full rights as Americans are being curtailed mostly by Republicans in the Senate, who skew heavily white. These aforementioned legislative acts has a much greater immediate impact on the American people then the almost 4 Trillion  budget, which is important, but not life threatening.

GMW  our mission this year is keeping Va. blue and getting a handle on  stopping the violence that’s almost out of control in some of our urban communities across the country. Getting all of our children back in schools, with everyone who comes in contact with them vaccinated and wearing mast, until we get herd immunity thru vaccinations.The ideology of some Americans is simply ludicrous (Regarding Covid-19) and they are the ones who should suffer the consequences of their behavior, not our babies. Our babies should not be hospitals because of Exposure to adults with the virus.

Jerrauld Jones Incumbent HD-89

Today we’re  focusing on Jay Jones in HD-89th. His challenger is (R) Hahn Copeland. Who want to cut down on voter fraud in Va.,  and feels elections needs more integrity. He also thinks The Race Theory should not be taught in schools. When the Race Theory  tells America’s History from 1619 until now, which is the good, bad and ugly of how we got to where we are today. He also appears to assume following the science, is opening up the schools, Restuarant, and hotels, back to business as usual and let herd immunity level the playing field.

GMW, and America in general, we can no longer cast our votes, and assume our jobs are finish, that type of integrity, trust and confidence is lacking from too many of our political leaders today. So we must vote and Stay diligent. 

Grandmothers, mothers and women (GMW) by the grace of God, ”We will ask for guidance, as we exercise our abilities to use our power-tools collectively; we will begin to make our world a better place for us, our families and children in particular.

🙌🏽This we pray in Jesus Name🙏

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