Curriculum Respecting Truth (CRT) or NO-Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Which One Makes Sense To You

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women (GMW) of every state, each of us needs to galvanize our homes and communities, to ensure everyone who’s eligible to vote is registered, and encourage them to show up at the polls November 8, 2022.  


Women Reproductive Rights

All of us needs to support President Biden agenda. All Democratic Candidates, (especially those trying  to distance themselves from him) He’s fighting for the SOUL of Our Country. His Administration has accomplishment so much, that all of you should be using as Talking Points, Making sure all of us know of those accomplishment.  In the last election that’s  how so many of you lost your seats.  We don’t like or appreciate the GOP’ s agendas and their platforms but, at least they all look terrible together and on the same page, with alternative truth talking points.

Women’s Reproductive Rights  and-Human  Rights.  God didn’t give the GOP permission to play God, nor ask ask for their assistance with how a women choose to exercise her reproductive rights, or whom we should love or marry.

Our history is responsible for the present mess we’re struggling with today. Otherwise, White supremacy would not be an issue. Banning Books is not going to eliminate the truth. Instead of running from Critical Race Theory (CRT), why not embrace “Curriculum Respecting Truth (CRT).” The history of Blacks in America has not been pretty, but we will never forget it, because, they’re trying to do it again. Starting with voter suppression and a Rogue Supreme Court.

Back to our present struggles: Make America Great Again (MAGA);is not going to happen. America was never great, because of the white supremacy ideology. Whenever one person needs-to-suppress-another to feel powerful and important; there’s a problem, and greatness isn’t a part of the equation. The United States of America is being, BUILD BACK BETTER (BBB), by, and for all Americans.  Don’t try to suppress my vote. Give me a reason to vote for you.

Luria, Wexton & Spanburger

In Virginia we’re making sure by the Grace, Power and Favor of our Creator: That we send  Bobby Scott, Elaine Luria, Jennifer Wexton and Abigail Spanberger, back to Congress, creating a majority, to finally get more work done for all Americans. Each GOP opponents are Trumpians, who applauded, Reversal of Roe v Wade, and all of the bills they voted against that were meant to help all Americans.  How can any decent politician (on either side of the isle), vote against making insults and baby formula available and affordable; It has to logic or commonsense at all.  And, now our Supreme Court has been compromised, we no longer trust them either.

Phillips Hawkins Jr. City Council
Tiffany Buffalo School Board

In my beloved city of Norfolk, there are Two people, I admire, respect have known and work with in my:  church, community, political arena and Toastmasters International, They  walk their truth. Both are running for office in Ward 4: Phillips Hawkins Jr. is running for City Council, I’ve known Phillips for almost 18 years he’s always been an educator and community activist. His 2 opponents maybe good, but I’ve never heard of them in my circles. The other is my friend Tiffany Buffalo, she running for the School Board in Ward 4. I’ve known Tiffany for almost as many years as I have known Phillip, in the same  circles. Her professionalism, integrity, caring, compassion,knowledge, sensitivity and discernment make her perfect for Ward 4 school board.’I

So, GMW across America, let allow our votes to speak for us, on November 8, as we turn America Blue in 2022. In Jesus  name we will pray.Amen
So, GMW across America, let allow our votes to speak for us, on November7 8, as we turn America Blue in 2022. In Jesus  name we will pray.Amen