Battleground states in 2023

The MAGA GOP is no longer fit to have majorities in states legislative seats.

As of September 7, 2023, Republicans controlled 54.86% of all state legislative seats nationally, while Democrats held 44.29%. 

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women (GMW).

The MAGA GOP is no longer fit to have majorities in states legislative seats.

Under The GOP MEGA legislative Majorities, we are no longer in control of our bodies, nor Affirmative Action; plus, our rights to voters are being compromised. Sensible Gun Laws are impossible with GOP’s states and National leadership. As a result:

Virginia is Abortion’s next big battlegroundDemocrats are mobilizing for what they widely view as the next major referendum on abortion rights: 

Access to reproductive health care will be the number one motivating factor for the [Virginia] election.” Virginia is the lone southern state that hasn’t banned or restricted abortion since the Supreme Court struck down federal protection of the procedure. It was saved by the Democratic majority in Va., Senate. 

Governor Youngkins and his fellow MAGA Republicans are pushing for a 15 week ban also.

The GOP will focus its messaging (In November) on education, the economy and crime. 

GMW, those three (3) issues are also very important us; along with fighting for our Reproductive Rights. A Democratic General Assembly is fighting for: education, the economy, crime and a women’s right to choose. So, why not get all (4) for the price of one.

This November 7th We get to choose, by voting  for the party that respects our intelligence to, “ know what’s right for us and our bodies, making sure our children learn American History, in schools that are conducive to their development, in an economic environment that assures us we can provide food,shelter and quality health for our families, with the assurance that each of us make it safely home at the end of each day, because crime is under control.

The link below will allow you to enter your address and find your Senator  and Delegate to vote for, ‘Who’s My Legislator;’ while we still have the right to make that choice. 

GMW, “ This is our Custer’s last stand. Winning the battle for our reproductive rights.

Let’s pray for this in the name of,”Father, Son, Holy Spirit.”🙏🏿🙏🙏🏿


To My Grands, All Children, Their Teachers and all School Personnel Just Knows You Are…

Protected By Gods: Light, Love,Power and Presence.

Father, I pray that each of their strength comes from You, and that You give them the courage to face any obstacle they may face at school. I pray they know to come to you with their fears and anxiety and to trust you to watch over them and guide them throughout the day.

Along with reading, writing and arithmetic, kids have far more to contend with than ever before. Threats of violence and school shootings, bullying and hostility, pressure and stress, are all very real and present in their lives.

It’s more important now than ever before to cover our children in prayer. As they prepare for a year of learning, we can help them and their teachers, by praying for their safety, protection, encouragement, and wisdom.

Don’t give the devil the satisfaction of taking you on without a fight. Put on the whole armor of God—do it by faith—and go take your victory!

You have to know your enemy. Your battle is not against flesh and blood but against rulers, authorities, the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the unseen world. You need God’s Full Armor: 

So, put on the belt of truth, The breath plate of righteousness, The Helmet of salvation and then pick up sword of the Spirit and the shield of faith, and stand firm. It’s a guaranteed and unbeatable strategy. 

🙏🏿 The Lord will keep you from all harm; he will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.” Psalm 121:7-8🙏🙏🏿🙏



Before you fight over the word ‘woke,’ learn its history. It will blow you away. 

Phil Boas Arizona Republic editorial columnist, AZCentral

Woke is an adjective derived from African-American Vernacular meaning “alert to racial prejudice and discrimination

Less than 10 years ago, “woke” was a word so deeply layered with history and meaning it could evoke years of pain suffered by descendants of slaves living in Jim Crow America.

Led Belly Foundation: ‘

Woke’ emerge with a song about race and suffering by: Led Belly, who admonished listeners to, “Best Stay Woke!” It’s believed to be the first recorded instance of the word. WOKE

As Huddie Ledbetter used “woke,” it meant, when you’re a Black person traveling through a deeply racist state such as Alabama, you need to know, you’re dealing with – a highly refined form of evil.

That Evil personified the real meaning of WOKE: George Floyd was murdered by Racist White Supremist police officers, and televised worldwide. It Woke Young White to activism for a minute; and prove to the whole-world, Black people’s struggle with the police in America.

The word, “Woke”was preserve in the Library of Congress in the 1930s when Congress decided to preserve American folk music in the South. That project took library archivists to Louisiana where they discovered a little-known African American blues singer named Huddie William Ledbetter or “Lead Belly.”He was a seminal figure in the development of Folkways Records, and his work played a major role in the establishment of Folkways at the Smithsonian.

That discovery took Leadbelly north, where he performed at Harvard, Princeton and NYU, to name a few of his professional endeavors. And now, the governor of Florida (A graduate of Harvard) has the audacity to think he can, “decide how African-American contributed to American history; But that won’t happen. His prejudice won’t allow him, or the group he chose to do the research to deal with the real meaning of “WOKE.” He should have spoken to his fellow alumni: Barack Obama.

The 1619 project is the correct history our children are going to encounter on the world stage. The racist white supremacists in America is in capable of telling the true history of our country. The truth is too overwhelming for them. But, it is what it is, and it will never be a lie.

The white supremists use of the word, “WOKE” verifies, their racist attitude. Their woke is: suppressing the vote, banning abortion, getting rid of affirmative action, banning books-not guns, supporting someone for president, whose total purpose is to destroying our democracy.

The governor of Florida says,”We can never, ever surrender to woke ideology. He also added, “the state of Florida is where woke goes to die.”

America, let’s see, “who lives or die. Good will always triumph evil.

Let’s embrace our history, The Good, Bad and Ugly. Then Americans of all races will fight to give African Americans their word back. We’re praying for the soul of America in Jesus’s name. Amen

#JimcrowAmerica#whiteSupremists#suppressingthevote#BanningBooksNotAssaultWeapons #TheirWoke#thegovernorofFlorida#FloridaWhereWokeGoesToDie#GoodTriumphEvil#


Juneteenth and the Black Church:By Emanuel Walker…

Juneteenth is celebrated as the end of slavery in the United States not because it’s the day President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. That happened two years earlier. It’s the day when Union soldiers arrived in Galveston, Texas, and announced all slaves were free—June 19, 1865. The troops were there to enforce the executive decree. It was a day of action, not just words.

For Black Americans, Juneteenth represents a moment of liberation and hope. It is a day to celebrate their ancestors’ resilience, courage, and perseverance in the face of oppression. The Black church played a pivotal role in the struggle for freedom, serving as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change.

The Black Church: Beyond Worship

The Black church was more than just a place of worship; it was a center of community life. During slavery, enslaved Africans used religious gatherings as a way to connect with each other, express their faith, and forge a sense of belonging. They drew strength from the stories of Moses leading his people out of bondage and of Jesus’ message of freedom and equality.

After emancipation, the Black church continued to play a vital role in African-American life. It provided a space for political organizing, education, and social support. Black churches founded schools, universities, and community centers that served as vital resources for African Americans, particularly in the South.

For Black Americans, Juneteenth represents a moment of liberation and hope. It is a day to celebrate their ancestors’ resilience, courage, and perseverance in the face of oppression.

Let’s remember that Juneteenth-America’s youngest federal holiday-came to prominence in 2020 in partial recognition of the horrific murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and so many other Black folks who have died at the hands of law enforcement. Even in our recent history, Black folks’ freedoms were not their own, but the continued awakening of a country for a better democracy, which time and time again has originated from our communities of color. Green G.Mann

Why celebrating Juneteenth matters now more than ever…

🙏🏿🙏1 Corinthians 15: 57 “But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Liberating God, we offer a prayer of thanksgiving and praise for your hearing the cries of the oppressed. Bless your name for giving us the victory and freedom over slavery.🙏🙏🏿🙏🏿

Gun Violence Continues: Mass Shooting in Illinois.

#BlackChurch#BeyondWorship#JuneteenthAmericasyoungestholiday#AMomentOfLiberationAndHope#Juneteenth is celebrated as the end of slavery#OurHistory#African American#

A Father’s Day Prayer of Blessing To Grandfathers, Fathers and Men (GFM) 

Dear Lord: Grandmothers, Mothers and Women (GMW) Are Wishing Every: GFM the best of your spiritual blessings today. 

Lord, we pray specifically for fathers and fatherhood across our land. Your Word clearly instructs fathers to bring up their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. (Ephesians 6:4). God, we thank You for the men who are leading according to Your statutes and the ones that are laying their lives down for Your purposes. We pray that You will continue to use these men to lead their families and other men. We pray You will strengthen the fathers of our nation and that You will continue to empower churches, organizations, and individuals to invest in fathers and fatherhood for the sake of our children.  Because, God So Loved Fathers:

He took the strength of a mountain, the majesty of a tree, the warmth of a summer sun, the calm of a quiet sea, the generous soul of nature, the comforting arm of night, the wisdom of the ages, the power of the eagle’s flight, the joy of a morning in spring, the faith of a mustard seed, the patience of eternity, the depth of a family need, then God combined these qualities, when there was nothing more to add, He knew His masterpiece was complete, and so, He called it … Dad.

Author Unknown

We pray for the dads out there who are being alienated from their children right now. We pray, oh Lord, that You would shield and shelter them from the pain and possibly the anger that may be rising up in them, for You to strike down the barriers that are hindering these dads from seeing their children. 

God, do not let this destroy them as men, fathers, or in their relationship with You. They need You in a mighty way and we pray You would show Yourself strong on behalf of anyone that is being alienated from their children. And change the hearts ❤️ of those who would hurt their children for their own selfish reasons.

We pray for the single fathers out there; whether they are raising their children alone or even if they are doing the best they can with the time they have. We pray for strength, protection, wisdom, and discernment to help them through whatever trials they may be facing. Thank You Lord for these men and please guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, help meet all of their needs, that they may experience Your peace that surpasses all comprehension. 

Give him a passionate faith, a persevering spirit, and a powerful testimony that overcomes any weakness or doubt, as he wears the armor of God daily You have provided for him as a spiritual leader and child of God.

Lord, we lift up the dads right now that ARE NOT stepping up to the plate as fathers, for whatever reason. Once again, we have allowed the evil one to get into our lives and wreak havoc on what You have said is good. We pray for these men to come to their knees and repent, that they would turn from their ways, seek You, and come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Father, we pray for their children and the moms who are parenting alone because of these men’s decisions. We pray You would step in as a father to the fatherless and a defender of widows in these situations, that their story would be another testimony that nothing is too hard for You. 

Today, on special days, and for all the days of his life, fill him with the best of Your blessings, so that one day he will stand before you and hear Your ultimate words of praise, “Well done, my son, well done!” In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

🙏🏿🙏Psalm 103:13: “As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him.”🙏🙏🏿🙏

America Is Starting to Look and Act Barbaric’

Virginians we have the power to determine what happens in VA. Our vote gives us that power,. We either use it or lose it, thank God, “the choice is ours.”

FYI-Update: To all LGBTQ Virginians, if you were dishonorable discharge from the military, you can now have it reverse. Facts from Delegate Jackie Glass (The Only Female veteran in the House) reported at the Norfolk Saturday Democratic Breakfast. June 3, 2023. An informed Voter will Vote.

Gun violence in America this year, as of June 3, 2023, starting with our babies ages 0-11 years: 114-killed, 270 injured. Teens ages 12-17: 651-killed,1659 injured; and 269 Mass Shooting. In only Sixth-months Virginia-America the total number of Gun Death, all causes and ages 17,967. America is starting to look and act barbaric. 

Our Mission: This effort to eradicate gun violence, beginning in the state of Virginia, is a clarion call to all grandmothers mothers and women (GMW) ages (18 to 120) to use our collective power of our love, God, dollars and our vote to unite with all Political leadership, and every American whose soul is weary of the carnage that gun violence has reeked upon our children and our state of Virginia. The AK-15 CAN ONLY BE USED TO KILL People, Banned for Hunting Animals. Our good-old 2nd amendment rights. Your Vote Your Choice.

Our Vision:  The safety of our children is of paramount importance.  The vision of GMW is to solicit the involvement of all grandmothers, mothers and women to re-create an environment in our country where every child can both feel safe and be safe

We must elect candidates who’s going to legislate policies and laws that benefits the economical-societal environment of their constituents and, make it perfectly clear that people are more valuable than guns, drugs and politics. Our children need to be shown and treat as our future, “love and cherished. For example see:  Minnesota Legislative Agenda 2023, ReflectIng the needs of their constituents to benefit all Minnesotans. Fact Check People over politics. Democrats really care about all Americans. Action always speaks louder than words.

To all Virginia, we have the power to determine who governs us. Our vote gives us that power. We either use it or lose it, the choice is ours. Not the GOP, being the decider of what human rights should look like for women, LGBTQ, and Trans. In Virginia.

Look at what the GOP is trying to doing in Virginia: Making frivolous decisions, sending troops to the Southern Borders, to copycat Ron DeSantis of Florida. Banning books, telling African American our history doesn’t matter. We can either except it and be quiet, complain to each other, or we can. vote them out of office. We have the power, and opportunity, this November 7, 2023; it’s up to us. The GOP Authoritarian Behavior can only exist IF WE LET IT!

Democrats are looking to regain the House (with our Help) and keep its Senate majority, which would give the party a stronger “brick wall” to block Youngkin’s priorities from passing. Even with just Senate control, Democrats were able to stop efforts to roll back voting law changes and proposed abortion bans. We will not tolerate Ron DeSantis’s agenda In Va..

It’s time Virginia’s Elected Officials legislate with the understanding they were voted into office, and this year all 140 seats in our General Assembly is up for re-election, The House of Delegate. The Senate . Who’s my legislator.

Virginia’s Primaries are June 20, 2023. We have some excellent candidates running. Please Support Your District.

WE CAN CHOOSE WHO GOVERNS US, By Voting. In The Name of Jesus, We Pray.

Wear Orange on Social Media. This is Gun Violence Awareness Month.

VA. Democrats this kind of information WILL NOT GET YOUR BASE TO THE POLLS…or RAISE FUNDS!!!

The National Democratic Training Committees is sending out emails requesting donations to save Social Security from Kevin McCarthy’s death-grip, or the Tennessee three (3). Those issues are important; But, not as relevant as dissecting for their base, The GOP’s agenda during the 2023 Legislative session. Each Democratic Member of the General Assembly should be busy addressing the impact those issues will have on the lives of Virginians. See the links below.

VA. GOP Pushed Their Extreme MAGA Agenda During 2023 Legislative Session: Proposing some of the most extreme legislation the commonwealth has seen in modern times.

The GOP law and order advocates are mute here: “DC cop busted tripping off Proud Boys Arrests.”

The Gun Violence Archives: Reported 232 mass shooting in America as of 5/21/23.

Vector illustration of a red republican elephant and a blueb democratic donkey facing off. Concept for US politics, elections, election debates, american culture, confrontation and presidential election.

GMW-Family-Friend: All of us needs to get of the fence of apathy and helplessness; and use our power of : Vote-Dollars-God and Love. Then, tell our Democratic Leaders to use their power, platform and bullhorn to take back control of Our General-Assembly.

All 140 seats in Va. General assembly has to be filled this November. Will they put our children first We need a majority in theGeneral Assembly that’s going to legislate on our behalf. Not #45’s MAGA agenda. Whose brand promotes White Supremacy and its toxicity.

All Democrats should Apply this principles to their  state. Our lack of voting has gotten us in the struggles we’re currently facing. Voting can solve our problems.

The Choice is Ours:  GMW will continue to providing you with Facts until, November 7, 2023. Everything we say can be: FACT-CHECKED because, we know what’s true: We Have the power to make a change and protect our children.

GMW of VA. Our children are more important than guns. We need to let them know, “ We love and care about them. We have the Power To Protect Them with Our: Vote, Dollars, God and Love.

Clean schools and neighborhoods, plus a thriving economy, lets our children know we care; while providing them with safe and secure after-school facilities.

Root Causes of Gun Violence In Virginia

GMW our effort to eradicate gun violence is beginning in the state of Virginia because, Gun Violence is only the “Tip of The Iceberg “ of the tragic and dire consequences surrounding  the proliferation of guns in Virginia, disproportionately on black and brown people. 

The majority of Virginians support common-sense gun violence prevention policies.

The attempt of so many Americans perpetuating the myth that “black and brown lives don’t  matter.” CRT: Is the great fear many Americans have of our history, or is it a guilty conscious.

The first Slave Ship entered Virginia In late August, 1619; 20-30 enslaved Africans landed at Point Comfort, today’s Fort Monroe in Hampton, Va., aboard the English privateer ship White Lion.  Several days later, a second ship (Treasurer) arrived in Virginia with additional enslaved Africans. They are the first recorded Africans to arrive in England’s mainland American colonies. 

Pilgrim and Slave American History


Mayflower anchored in Plymouth Harbor on Dec. 18, 1620. More than 30 million people can trace their ancestry to the 102 passengers and approximately 30 crew aboard the Mayflower when it landed. In August 1619 20-30 Africans arrived on board the White Lion, and several days later additional Africans arrived on the (Treasurer).

The psychological damage, the IMPACT of slavery has on one group, and the fear of retribution from the slave-holder has created a culture of fear and miss-trust. Where now, both sides need Guns to protect themselves from each other. This just one of the major block of the iceberg. 

Today gun are more readily available in communities of color than fresh-fruits. But the opioid problem devastating the white communities is being treated as a mental health problem, with solutions being found daily to stem the opioid impact. 

But, sensible gun laws seems to be an impossible task to accomplish. Assault Weapons are legal for one reason: KILLING LOTS OF PEOPLE at one time. But banning those weapons seems to be a daunting task.

Our Children Are Hurting; THE VIOLENCE, IS KILLING THEM:  


For those who need our vote,  We need their support

To all eligible Virginians, if you’re a  registered voter be prepared to vote. If you are not registered, please do so. if your rights have not been restored, and you’re not sure how to do it, please contact me on this blog or any of my social medias and I’ll help you. 

To all Virginians: The 140 seats in our General Assembly is up for election this November 7, 2023.  In order for these Acts Of Barbarity to change, we need all 140 members to support this  endeavor.

We Have The Power: Our Vote, Our Dollars, Our God and Our Love.

We’re preparing to put our Power behind candidates addressing our issues, and is ready to implement Legislation to achieve our Mission and Vision.

Gun Violence in America is becoming,“ Almost as commonplace as brushing our teeth.”

Mission & Vision of GMW

Throughout the years Grandmothers, Mothers, Women (GMW) has championed many worthy initiatives, always addressed the impact of guns, drugs and suicide on our children, community and our country.

But our current focus is on the tragic and dire consequences surrounding the proliferation of guns in America. With, so little attention on the elephant in the room (Mental Health).  We are soliciting the involvement/support of all Democratic Leadership in particular and all politicians in general. GMW hopes to join in coalitions with other organizations and Virginians, to help stem the tide of Gun Violence. We also want our local, state, and federal governments to pass legislation to get these guns under control. Especially the banning of Assault Weapons. 

GWM.believes that this issue is so important to the future of our children, families and communities at large,that we have developed both a Mission and Vision statements to guide our work. 


This effort to eradicate gun violence, beginning in the state of Virginia, is a clarion call to all grandmothers mothers and women ages (18 to 120) to use our collective power of our love, God, dollars and our vote to unite with all Democratic leadership, and every American whose soul is weary of the carnage that gun violence has reeked upon our children and our state of Virginia, in particular and America in general.


The safety of our children is of paramount importance.  The vision of GMW is to solicit the involvement of all grandmothers, mothers and women to re-create an environment in our country where every child can both feel safe and be safe.

The most recent statistics from the Gun Violence Archive reveals there were 648 mass shootings in America last year. Twenty of the incidents happened in Virginia. Mass shootings are  defined as events in which four or more people are shot or killed.

 Mass shootings in Virginia have killed 37 people and wounded 75, In 2022  an average of 1,019 people die and 2,050 were wounded by guns. 

Virginia is the 29th-highest rating of gun violence in the US. And, the 4th highest in mass shootings.

GUN DEATHS AMONG CHILDREN AND TEENS are the leading cause of death among children and teens in Virginia. An average of 85 children and teens died by guns. and 55% of these deaths are homicides. In the US, 58% of all gun deaths among children and teens are homicides.

We’re asking that you continue to follow GMW as we plan with concerted coordinated efforts to stem the tide of the proliferation of gun violence, in Virginia.

Please hold the dates, Friday November 3, 2023 and Tuesday November 7, 2023, for more details.

Glenn Youngkin’s  Conservatism:

OK:Grandmothers, Mothers and Women (GMW) of VA. We turned Virginia blue in 2016. For the betterment of all Virginians. We need to do it again, in 2023. Because:

Glenn Youngkin’s Agenda for Virginia Is: A down-Low-Under-Cover version of Ron DeSantis of Fl. , Greg Abbott of Tx.,And #45 MAGA.

The GOP won’t support sweeping voting rights?

In Virginia, the whole General-assembly, 140 seats are  up for re-election in 2023, Gov. Glenn Youngkin, A Republican, has decided that his administration will choose which Virginians convicted of felonies should be allowed to vote.

Why is voting still an issue in 2023? Because, that’s how valuable our vote is!!! People of Color Your Vote is: Black Gold. Spend It Wisely…

Racist, Anti-Semitic Writing Reported At Two Different VA High Schools In Two Days.

Tensions Rise in Virginia Schools Over Racial Issues.

Youngkin builds-and burn bridges with black voters

As we witness a racial reckoning in real time across the state — including school systems in FairfaxPrince William and elsewhere taking action — in Hanover County leaders continue clinging to racist history by blatantly ignoring thousands of residents urging them, for years now, to rename Lee-Davis High School and Stonewall Jackson Middle School.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of sense, to understand why Black students are discouraged and distracted by school names and mascots that glorify the racist traitors who fought and died for the right to enslave Black people, perhaps even some of their ancestors. What it does take is empathy, compassion and a willingness to change. 

VASchools bracing for budget shortfalls after VDOE funding 

Governor Youngkins states, “It is beyond belief that District Attorney Alvin Bragg has indicted a former President and current presidential candidate for pure political gain. “ He forgot January 6th.

Governor Wes Moore, Md., getting very little Main Stream   coverage on his opinion of Trumps indictment. Democrats where’s your messaging. Your Constituents need to hear you.