Biden Pelosi and Schumer

To: Mr. Biden, Mrs. Pelosi, and Mr. Schumer: Your Base delivered the Presidency and a majority in Congress. Now, Grandmothers, mothers and women (GMW ), thinks It’s time You deliver the Voting Rights and the People’s Act into law. The Voting Rights Acts has to be your priority. In 2022 if we can’t vote you can’t win

Its a Darn-shame we’re still marching for Voters Rights in 2021. You Three (3) have the power to make sure the right to vote is never an issue again. Make the GOP work as hard for our votes as they are working to prevent us from voting. Mr. Biden and Schumer, your are not a minority, but the MAJORITY, Mrs. Pelosi please continue to kick-butts, we have your back, but we would like to see you become more vociferous about what the GOP is doing to suppress the vote

President Biden, Why haven’t you Met with your democratic officials from Texas. They left their families and the comforts of home, to come to Washington, fighting against Texas’s GOP’s passing voter suppression laws; you appears to be giving your attention to everything except meeting with them, I have not heard you acknowledge their presence or their issues. Do you mind telling us Why.


Your Base need you to deliver on your campaign promise. The Filibuster has to go. Jim Crow is out of place. If you cater to your Base, winning elections will never be your problem. Especially, If you stand on your principles and values, the filibuster would be obsolete, plus it’s not constitutional.

Every Democratic Leader should be pushing back against what the GOP is trying to do with voter suppressive laws. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon for Cuomo to resign; What about getting on the bandwagon to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Bill

Mr. Cuomo and the Infrastructure is consuming the attention of all democratic leaders right now; why? Doesn’t Mr. Cuomo deserve due process: The Investigation is finish, impeachment him if you want him Out. He deserve better than trial by a court of Public Opinion. What happened to innocent until proven guilty. Mr. Al Franken listen to you all, and he made a big mistake.

Senators: Manchin W Va., Sinema Arizona

Mr. Manchin and Mrs. Sinema: You would not be apart of a majority senate if the voter of Georgia had not delivered. Now you have the power to work on behalf of your constituents and party; that’s where we would like to See you focus on.

In Virginia our Democratic Leaders knows we will deliver for them this November 2021. They also, let their voters know they hear us.  We still have a lot of work to do; especially with the violence, but we’re confident we can fix it together.