All democrats

To All Democratic Running For 2020:

THE OVAL OFFICE: It Demands Leadership, Integrity, Diplomacy, Principles discernment and Odjectivity.

GMW would like to remind you, your opponent is the (GOP) Donald Trump.

Donald Trump

So far we applaud Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren for not slinging mud and dealing with issues.

Mrs. Kamala Harris, you must clean up your act. Your tactics against Joe Biden, in our opinion,”served no purpose.”

For those who has a platform, and is using it for impeachment procedures, why not instead: Emphasize  the issues to theAmerican People, that you would used to impeach Him, and Let us make him a one-term-president. We need realistic minds running for the Oval Office.

There are enough serious issues, needing your attention. Plus GMW would appreciate you’ll addressing them, and finding bipartisan-common-ground to solve them.  

Donald Trump doesn’t have the knowledge or leadership  abilities to handle the crisis at the Southern Borders; It requires: Skilled  and knowledgeable leaders on both sides of the isles, to fix the mess he,#45 was allowed to create.

Now he wants to mess with the 2020 census. Leaders in Washington; why are you allowing this 2 year old to run rampant with our democracy.  

Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham  I’m sorry ?to say, “ has lost their ADULT CARDS.”

Mr.Trump, almost got our son and daughters killed in a senseless war, because he neglected  to allow our great Military Leaders to advise him on how many casualties the strike would kill. This information I’m sure would not have been an afterthought by the Generals, 10 minutes before a major use of power. 

Another Major issue, the Democratic Candidates should be making #45 address, instead of attacking each other. 

We also appreciate the fact; Mr. Biden was big enough to reach back 50 years to appease some small minds,  that needed an apology, for what? We’re not sure.

Mrs. Pelosi, please don’t forget. “The Tea Party destroyed the GOP, and now they have #45.

Nancy Pelosi and Ocasio-Cortez

You and the Younger Representatives, must find common-ground to work together, you don’t have to like each other, but you do have to respect each other. They are our future, with  energy and techonical Savvy. You-Us, our generation, has wisdom, political experience and discernment. Why not bridge the Generation Gap, and become a force to be reckoned with.