A Man Slowly Killed In Cold-Blood

Jurors in Derek Chauvin Murder Trial

  1. Chemist, white man in his 20s: passionate about worn
  2. Mixed-race woman in her 20s: excited to serve
  3. Business auditor, white man in his 30s: thinks the trial is 4wks.
  4. Info Tech Mgr.Black man in his 30s: W African-born
  5. Health Care,white woman in her 50s: single with 2 kids
  6. Bking  Prof., Blackman in his 30s: BBall fan, coach youth
  7. Exec. Asst., white woman in her 50s: mother of 2 kids
  8. Mgmt. Prof., black man in 40s: knew about 27m settlement.
  9. Co. Re-org mixed race woman
  10. Nurse white woman in her50s
    1. Marketing Retired- black woman
  11. Ins Co. white woman
  12. Former Cust. Ser rep: white woman
  13. Social worker white woman in her 20s

The Prosecutors of Derek Chauvin Trial are doing a through and fantastic Job. Above is a list of the Jury, and I hope they deliver justice for George Floyd, America and the world. We have all be traumatize from seeing, “A man slowly killed In-Cold-Blood, with the world watching. 

The year 2020 exposed us all to the,“ Good, Bad and Ugly of Humanity, the Good, “ We got #45 out of Office. The Ugly, “The Coronavirus and all of the consequences as a result. The  Bad was,” was having a President with no leadership abilities or people skills.

I needed Theraphy, to get thru 2020, I got, and is still in it. I’m also praying for everyone struggling with whatever your overwhelming issues are,  to seek counseling. The well being of your Physical Health, mind, body and soul is priceless.

The other three(3) officers will be tried together in August, they need to be charge with murder also, maybe 2nd or 3rd, because they made choice, and the consequences are going to prison, for their participation in Cold blooded murder of George Floyd.

?Grandmothers, mothers and women (GMW) everywhere, let’s pray for all of the families directly impacted by this atrocity, and for the Soul of our country. In the Name of Jesus we pray?