GMW Handbook for 2020

We’re Being Manipulated

The first case of COVID-19 in the US which was reported on January 22, 2020, since then, the country has reported 3,260,500 cases and 134,581 deaths.

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women (GMW), If we want real change across America, while doing all we can to save our children, families, and country, we must first KEEP THEM ALIVE. We must Get our priorities in order. Each of us is responsible for doing our part, and it starts in each of our homes. We must lead by example: wear a mask; practice social distancing; wash hands often; get tested depending on your movement or travel; avoid crowds; and last, but not least, get to the voting polls on November 3, 2020.

Me, My Grands and Great-grands

All of my grandchildren, from 1 year to 17 years, have been on serious lock down over the past 5 months, and their parents are riding shotgun over them. As I have traveled from state to state, while visiting my sister, brothers and other family members during their health challenges, I followed safety protocols for the protection of myself and others by wearing face masks, gloves and using hand-sanitizer, alcohol sprays, and Lysol. Upon returning home, I always get a Covid-test and quarantine before going around my family or others. I believe we can control this virus if we do our part and listen to updates given by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) health departments, mayors, and the governor.

GMW, America will never be the same again because we all now see the things we have in common are much greater than all the differences. We must make sure that we, along with our children, learn American History—the good, the bad and the ugly. There are no statues of Hitler in Germany because they know the true story. Hitler was a brutal leader who killed more than 10 million people to create a “pure” German society, which resulted in the ruin of Germany at the end of World War II. Throughout America’s educational systems and society in general, it is time for a serious, honest, and complete examination of our history for accuracy and revision.

George Floyd was the sacrificial lamb to wake up America and the world. Americans in all 50 states are protesting the great injustices that have been allowed to exist in this country. While the demonstrations have put focus on our problems, we have to legislate solutions. GMW, we are responsible for making sure our states are addressing problems individually and pursue changes and justice at the national level. We must keep the majority in the House of Representatives, achieve a majority in the Senate, and win the White House in November 2020. We need a majority in the House and Senate to unite America. We must seriously start holding the people we choose to represent us accountable and demand that they do their jobs, or we must make them one-term by voting to remove them from office. Ladies, we MUST realize the value of our power, especially OUR VOTE. Our country must have credible leadership which reflects the entire America landscape – white, black, brown, red, and yellow, without respect to gender or religion.

In the comingv months, we can support and help our next President (Joe Biden) by maintaining a focus on the dying American Middle Class and the issues brought forth in The Poor People’s Campaign, as conducted by Rev. William Barber. The platform demands that we dispel the notion that systemic racism, poverty, ecological devastation, and the war economy hurt only a small segment of our society. More than 40,600,000 Americans subsist below the poverty line; this report additionally shows that there are close to 140 million people dealing with some combination of these crises every day. Nearly half of our population cannot afford a $400 emergency, which presents a structural crisis of national proportion that ties poverty to things like healthcare and housing. The devastation cuts across race, gender, age, and geography. It has carved a dangerous and deepening moral chasm in America and inflicts a tragic loss of purpose, even among the affluent. Mr. Biden has to address these issues. He needs our votes to win.

This we Pray in the Name of Jesus…Amen?

America’s Injustice In Living Color

GMW nationally our children, the millennials have joined forces across the country protesting police brutality On our sons and daughters of color. We have been Protesting police brutality on our people of color for generations. 

George Floyd Living His Life

On Monday May 25th 2020, America and the world witness the lynching of 46 years George Floyd, by 4 White MPO. Their immediate punishment was being fired. Today May 29th those officers still have not been arrested or charged. But a CNN  Black Reporter was arrested, while his White Partner a small distance away, was not arrested. MPD’s Racism is blatant, and they are not unique. 

George Floyd Losing His Life

Across our country, our Millennials black and white are joining forces. indicating they have had enough, our President Mr. Trump, is instructing our military and police to start shooting as soon as there is looting. GMW, none of us Condone violence in any form,but our justice system in America has to apply to our children of color, the same as they treat my white sons & daughters. Example: Mohamed Noor, who is black, Somali and Muslim,became the first Minnesota police officer convicted of murder in an on-duty killing, of Justine Ruszczyk, who was white.

Officer Noor and his partner were in their squad car in an alley investigating when Ms. Ruszczyk approach. Officer Noor said he heard a bang and fired one shot from the passenger seat when Justine appeared at the driver’s window, he feared for their life. During cross-examination assistant county attorney, Amy Sweasy asked Mr. Noor,”Her blonde hair, and pink T-shirt and all, that was a threat to you. It’s assumed, Black Officers should have no fear? And, feel no fear when white people show-up, as is the case of Mr. George Floyd.

Now unfortunately, our children are protesting across the country because (4) white racist, un-empathetic white officers killed a man in handcuffs. They should have been arrested and let justice prevail. Our President is behaving like a spoil Bret with Twitter, while COVID-19 has killed over 100,000 Americans with 1.7m tested positive, he’ simply deflecting.  Our millennials across the country is protesting the 400 years of injustice, and Mr. Trump wants to Invoke the 1960 southern policy of when looting starts shooting begins. 

ST. Paul Minnesota Burning

Our children destroyed the police department in St.Paul last nite, and placed themselves in great danger, that we don’t condone, but they’re still alive and some are in jail, where those 4 officers should be! George Floyd is just the Tip-of the Ice-berg. It’s time white police-brutality against black people has to change.  GMW all of us has to be just as outrage regarding injustice as our children, if we do our part, they won’t have to use their methods. I’m so glad our children has join forces, because our police officers, think nothing of shooting my children, but will choose a different method when it comes to those who looks like them. 

In all the madness and the pandemic crisis, America and the world is facing, we will hold on to Jeremiah 29:11.

I’ve been checking news around the world and they are all focus on America. Plus the police in Minneapolis are still blatantly lying, they said they release Omar, the Black Reporter, after they discover he was with the media. He was covering the news with a microphone in his hand, while showing them his credentials. It appears they have become so comfortable in their racist behavior, until they forget, their behavior is caught on cameras, live and in color,  as it was for Amy Cooper, in Central Park, The same for Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia.  Even though the Georgia police department, suppressed the film in their Effort to cover-up the killing of Mr. Arbery.

Ahmaud Arbery killed for no reason except, Racism

With all of the advocacy for justice, peace and change, nothing has happen, maybe after a police station has been burned. We will all start paying attention. From the White House to the Outhouse. GMW, we will continue to pray for justice, peace, and empathy, in Jesus’s name, we pray. Amen.

What’s Mitch McConnell And The GOP Trying To Hide

We All Know What A Trial Looks Like, And This Is Not It:

Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell: GMW needs to hear the facts.

We will not raise our families under a: Hitler Mentality brewing slavery conditions.

Carl Bernstein has given Mitch McConnell a new nickname, “Midnight  Mitch,” because he’s embracing a coverup that is there for all to see. It’s about preventing information from becoming-known-and-seen by an American public.

He also noted, ‘in the impeachment of Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton there had been no problem about knowing the truth or the facts.

Present the facts Mitch, and let the defense, defend. 

Mitch McConnell, what are you so afraid of, that placed a “Price Tag”  on your CHARACTER and SOUL, what a Price.

While  Mitch McConnell is putting a price tag on his Soul, President Trump is preparing to divert an additional $7.2 billion in Pentagon funding for border wall construction this year, five times what Congress authorized him to spend on the project in the 2020 budget.

If Mr. Trump lied about making the Mexicans build his expensive wall, what else is he lying about?

I think GMW, “that small segment of the population, that makes up the base of Trumps Following, has been so devastated by having a Black President until, they will except any White man, as president, even if he couldn’t spell his name.”
Which is the real reason they are so willing to let Trump get away with things, they would killed Barack for doing.

If this is not true, then I’m asking God to please have my nose dragging the ground by the next time you see me!!!

Delta variant Death Belongs to the GOP

Each Delta Variant  Pandemic Death Rests At The Feet And♥️Of The GOP.

Our Former President and His 1st Lady Got Their vaccine In Early January 21, I will not elaborate on this, simply because they did what all sensible and responsible,Americans should have done.

Grandmothers, mothers and women (Gmw); I have no sympathy whatsoever (But, I will ask God to forgive them, for they know not what they do), for any Unvaccinated American 12 and up, who ends-up on Ventilators, from refusing to get vaccinated for something that has killed so many People around the world. Plus, they are endangering the lives of all babies under 12; who look to us for protection. For the NFL, I have no sympathy for them either. They are paid very well to do a job, they have a megaphone that we all listen to. This pandemic makes each of us, our brothers and sisters keepers. Those not vaccinated, are also unnecessarily subjecting first responders, and our medical professional to necessary dangerous, For your selfish behavior.

The Face of America

All of our children from 11 to 0 has no access to vaccines; they are totally vulnerable, And it’s up to each of us, from 12 and  up to protect them, by getting vaccinated, and creating Herd  immunity; to protect the most vulnerable among us, our babies. I have 11 grands and great grands under 12, I’m totally pissed at those of you, who can protect yourself from the virus, (and my babies can’t),and you choose to be selfish, thinking only of yourself. Covid-19, doesn’t care about your first, second or third amendment rights, if there is a third.

The filibuster should either be eliminated, or force to work, as it was originally stated. Stay on the floor and talk about your opposition to whatever bill you are against or for. Congress, it’s time for each of you, to be held accountable for our behavior.

Face of Liberal White Supremist

Mr. Manchin  and Mrs. Sinema: You are the face of the Liberal White Supremest.  The euphemisms you are using for not voting with your party to keep Jim Crow in the gutters, stop the voter suppression tactics the GOP is trying to implementing all over the country. Your behavior is deplorable’; and your fellow-white liberals supremacists, who’s hiding behind you, should be ashamed of themselves also. You  are making sure, my children of color, will not get equal justice under the law or give DC. , Representation for their taxation, and pass the peoples act. These are issues your party stood for, When your base gave you a majority in Congress. 

You need to take a page from the Texas Democrats, they are making the greatest sacrifices of leaving their families, exposing themselves to Covid-19 and other discomfort, just to try and give the Texas GOP time to use common-sense and stop their Voter suppressive legislation. And, you can’t even-vote with your party, to do what’s right form America, shame on you.

The GOP and selfish Americans: You are totally responsible for whether or not, our schools are open this fall, and our children back in school safe and healthy-being taught American History, the real foundation for critical race theory and January 6th.

Senator Manchin POTUS & Senator Sinema

GMW: it’s incumbent upon each of us to be diligent, ensuring, Mr. Mancini, Ms. Sinema, and President Biden, Use their Megaphones to define their support for the continuation of the Filibuster. For it to remain, it has to revert back to a real-in-house-on-the floor filibuster. The impact of its use has been Devastating for people of color. Whomever wants it, has to work for it. A phone call Can no longer be sufficient, to enact a filibuster. They should stand on the floor and argue their dissent, pros or cons for however long it takes.

Your Democratic Base gave you a majority in Congress and the Oval Office, So you could pass those bills into Law, We want them prioritize and passed. How it gets done is your responsibility; we did our part, now we will greatly appreciate, you doing yours!

All of our children under 12, Has to depend on us to keep them safe, because there is no vaccine for them yet. I have placed our babies safely in God’s hands, and pray, He keeps them safe; while Politicians continually, act like fools. This I pray in Jesus name🙏

America has a mean streak

America: We all know this country has a, “Mean streak,” Starting with (Slavery). America is made-up of families, and each of us is attached to a family, that has someone in it with a mean streak, heck! “it could be you.”

Past and Current Presidents: America need you to find common ground for her sake.

Now: For the GOP and the Dem., We need to, “Get-a-grip on our Divisiveness.” The only way we are going to accomplish this daunting task is to allow our Faith to guide us, With the serenity to except the things we cannot change;  courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference. I’m referencing the power that created the Universe, which includes each of us. We need to start at the top of our power- structures

  1. Biden-Harris / Trump-Pence
  2. Schumer-McConnell
  3. Pelosi-McCarthy
  4. Governors-General assembly
  5. Mayors-City Councils
  6. Churches-Communities
  7. Families-Neighbors

The violence, with guns in particular, that’s happening all across our country is unprecedented. Some seems to think that it’s all because of the defund the police cry that we have heard from some communities, because of the Disproportionate,killing of black people by the police.

The United States of America

All Common sense Americans (Candace Owens, included) knows  the police is as vital to our safety, in our Neighborhoods, cities and states;as our military is for our country and the world. all of us, also knows the violence perpetrated on people of color by the police in most cases, is totally unnecessary, brutal, and racist, George Floyd’s Murder, televised in living color, proves that point.

The GOP is implying ,”the Democrats wants to defund the police, and Democrats are saying,” The GOP tried to kill the police on January 6th, in living color, also televised,” with our former President, as the ring leader. We can easily fine enough blame for each side, to be found totally guilty in our court of public opinion,  and some by our judicial system. 

This Is Who We Are: Good, Bad and Ugly

All Sensible, discerning, understanding with integrity-Americans  knows, “Jim Crow laws can never exist again,”  because our children would have to repeat our mistakes of systemic racism. So many of our  children are too racially interconnected to tolerate Jim Crow. Because, one parent is white and the other is black; you can’t change or legislate that. All Daca-children needs their citizenship.

Our children do not manufacture or the sell guns, that’s wrecking havoc in our communities, at alarming rates lately; it seems to have nefarious backing; Either the communities of color has lost their mind, or police departments are trying to prove they are valid and necessary. I think both sides needs to have a cup of, face to face with honesty, themselves, and each other. Also, both major political party, should have a drink from that same cup, and give Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema a sip, or maybe they need their own cup!! For the party divisiveness They have been practicing lately.

Please excuse this expression America, but, “ I think it’s a damn shame,” That in the 21st-century, with slavery as our unrefuted foundation and all the things we have gone though together as a country,( Wars, terrorist attacks, domestic and foreign), we’re still fighting for racial equality; voting rights, Equal Justice, justifiable statehood, Upholding the integrity of our constitution and maintaining our democracy.

Accept The Things We Can Change

For all of our white supremacist out their, I hate to burst your bubble, but, America was never great, because, when one race has to suppress another for their power, one of us them as a problem. If I must look small, so you can appear big, you or I needs to some make major some adjustments.

I’m placing all of us, and our messes, in Gods hands, knowing,” He has not brought us this for to leave us, This I pray In Jesus Name🙏The


Joe Manchin and Kristen Sinema:  Your  systemic racism is creating a major problem for Our Base…The future of our children, country and party.

Senators: Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema

It would be nice if you would, “take a page from the GOP on party loyalty.” At least your party is fighting for our constitutional rights and democracy

I. What’s are you standing for; Because, what you are doing makes no sense to us: Grandmothers, mothers and women of color, and Americans of color. It would have been nice had you run for office on the GOP ticket, then we would known what party you’re with. You are exhibiting the behavior that gave birth to critical race theory. Voting rights , justice reform and the people’s Act, would not be necessary, if it were not for Systemic racism in OUR COUNTRY, Now my white brothers and sisters are so ashamed of Slavery, until they would like to thing it never happen, because of their Christians values. But it’s our history,And inquiring minds want to know about it.

🙏We will continue to pray for a United Democratic Party🙏


SLAVERY and JIM CROW: Gave Birth to Critical Race Theory.

To Democratic Majority Senators: Mancini, W. Va. and Kyrsten Sinema, Arz. Grandmothers, mothers and women, (Gmw) want you to know, “You are holding our Senate Democratic majority hostage, while playing with the lives of your BASE, (The  Democratic Party); plus Independence and some of John McCain’s GOP. Trump’s New Cult of the GOP, Is not the future of our country.

It would be nice if Main Stream Media, stop giving #45 so much coverage for his Idiotic behavior and statements. Whenever you give him coverage, I change my channel, and most times, don’t return to your station. Social Media realize they could survive without him.

Mr. Mancini and Ms. Sinema: Are You Going To Be Part of The Problem or Solution?

You can win the battles (Helping Mitch McConnell)! And lose the War.  Or:

You can Win the War (Help End the Filibuster)! And lose the Battle. Either-Or you can’t do both.

1619 Transatlantic Slave Trading

During a May 1865 American Anti-Slavery Society debate on whether the organization’s work was complete with the end of the Civil War, Frederick Douglass issued a famous warning on the need for ongoing vigilance: “Slavery has been called a great many names, and it will call itself by yet another name; and you and I and all of us had better wait and see what new form this old monster will assume, in what new skin this old snake will come forth next.”

Jim Crow in north-south

Systemic racism, white supremacy, and inequality did not end with either Emancipation or the Civil Rights Movement. The same forces that used poll taxes, literacy tests, grandfather clauses, and violent intimidation against earlier generations of citizens are continuing to use every voter suppression tool at their disposal to try to cling to power right now, and in many places “election integrity” has become the latest new name for a very old snake. The new Jim Crow word is: election integrity

This week, President Biden and Vice President Harris held a White House meeting with key civil rights leaders, who stressed the urgent need for taking more forceful action immediately during what must become a “summer of activism.” 

Virginians: Get ready to support the ticket.

Vote VA. Tuesday 11/2/2021

 Terry  McAuliff: For Governor

Bill Cosby and the Law

GMW:  With all of the chaos, or labor pains our country is going through right now: domestic terrorists, systemic racism, The fear of critical race theory, gun violence, urban violence, voter Suppression laws and prison gerrymandering , just to name a few. Now we have 8 of the 60 women who accused Bill Cosby of rape, speaking out, about his release from prison; Some of them are even saying, “it a boost for Black People,” when race has nothing to do with it; The law was corrected.

Correcting a wrong decision the DA made, who violated the law, and should be dealt with by the PA’s Bar Association. If he had not violated Mr. Cosby’s 5th Amendment rights, he would not have been found guilty.

Ladies, we all know rape is horrible, for us, our daughters and sons. There are so many rape victims, who were brutalize, reported the incident immediately, and some didn’t get justice. Those are the one my heart goes out for, and especially for children, who waited until adulthood before being able to talk about being rape.

Ladies when you wait over ten years to report a rape, it tends to sound like,”There is no fury like a woman scorn.” Ladies most of you are my age, and we all went through the sexual revolution culture, being young along with Mr. Cosby. That culture was symbolic in the sports arena and entertainment field as sex, drugs and Rock n Roll was the order of the day and being at a higher echelon.

If you were in Mr. Cosby’s circle, you were among the guppies, And maybe that’s why your careers never took of. All , except one of the women accusing  Mr. Cosby waited for over 30 years to speak out. There was no threats, preventing them from speaking out sooner.

Ladies your timing is suspect. We all knew there was a power in force, that needed to Mr. Cosby’s reputation ruined. Even the killing of his son, didn’t get the results, that over 40 white women and a DA, who broke the law was able to accomplish.  Mr. Cosby was all set to buy a major TV station before his ruin; now ladies you are making the ME2 movement, Lose validity.

We have to stop finding each other guilty in courts of public opinion. The DA was aware he did not have enough evidence for a conviction, so he violated the agreement of his predecessor and made Mr. Cosby do what he should not have forced to do. Testify against himself. You ladies appears to be taking advantage of white privilege.

Some of the ladies are saying Mr. Cosby, Disproportionately targeted black women, when 98% of the women were none black.

Bill Cosby‘s conviction is overturned: the courts opinion. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which overturn Mr. Cosby’s conviction, Wrote that a non-prosecution agreement that had been struck with Bruce L. Castor Jr., the former district attorney, meant that bill Cosby should not have been charged in the case for which he was convicted and sentenced in 2018. The court has barred a retrial.

Wrote that a non-prosecution agreement that had been struck with Bruce L Kalista Junior the former district attorney, meant that bill Cosby should not have been charged in the case for which he was convicted and sentenced in 2018. The court has barred a retrial

The Filibuster-Critical Race Theory-Juneteenth:


Our History Needs A Paradigm Shift :

Grandmothers, mothes and women (GMW), and America in general: Four hundred years after enslaved Africans were first brought to Virginia (1619), most Americans still don’t know the full story of slavery. the story of America’s History, We’re the United States of America; A very dysfunctional family right now; But, We-Are-who-We-Are. the good, bad and ugly.

Because Juneteenth became a legal holiday, JUNE 19, 2021, creating another major questions for so many of us, white and black, wanting to know, “what is Juneteenth? But, answers to the root origin of the Filibuster; Critical Race Theory , and Juneteenth; three  (3) very important questions, the answers to these questions will teach all of us more truth about America’s history.

According to the Brennan Center for Justice: State legislators have introduced 389 bills with restrictive voting provisions in 48 states;22 have already been enacted and 61 bills are currently moving through legislatures. This wave of bills — along with Republicans’ continued complicity in the  Big Lie means the GOP is increasingly seeking to narrow the electorate rather than appeal to a broader base of voters, particularly voters of color.

This strategy will ultimately lead our nation down the destructive path of white minority rule and autocracy. Our entire democratic system is in jeopardy when politics focuses on fights over access rather than on policies to advance the common good.  For this reason alone, the passage of  the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the For the People Act: Is imperative.

The Filibuster rule, which requires a minimum of 60 votes to pass in the Senate; has only been used in controversial issues—like the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and several anti-lynching acts—but in recent years it’s become more frequently used.

Bills that can’t pass the current debate churns on, from voting rights to LGBTQ, and protections for gun control, to name a few: a list of 15 bills and issues that cannot be currently passed due to the filibuster rules, very important issues affected by this obscure legislative rule.

Critical Race Theory: Is a relatively new analytical approach to describing the reality of systemic racism today, and pretend chattel slavery never happened. In simple terms, ignoring the fact that this country was built on the free labor or African American Slaves. The Northern Colonies were more guilty of slavery than they wish to admit. In New York for example. The Hidden History of Wall Street’s Slave Market

In recent years, US banks have made public apologies for the role they played in slavery. In 2005, JP Morgan Chase, currently the biggest bank in the US, admitted that two of its subsidiaries – Citizens’ Bank and Canal Bank in Louisiana – accepted enslaved people as collateral for loans. If plantation owners defaulted on loan payment the banks took ownership of these slaves.  JP Morgan was not alone. The predecessors that made up Citibank, Bank of America and Wells Fargo are among a list of well-known US financial firms that benefited from the slave trade. 

“Slavery was an overwhelmingly important fact of the American economy,” explains Sven Beckert, Laird Bell Professor of American History at Harvard University.

On December 14, 1711, a law passed by the New York City Common Council made Wall Street the city’s first official slave market for the sale and rental of enslaved Africans and Native Americans.

Although Lincoln had announced the Emancipation Proclamation two years earlier, freedom did not come for most African Americans until Union victory in April 1865 and, officially, in December 1865 with the ratification of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. 2 years after the proclamation was made, Texas finally freed their slaves, in 1867.

Juneteenth is a National Holiday, I’m sure, the intellectual curiosity in each of us, wants to know, “what this holiday is all about.” Another view of America’s history. Each of us, and our children need to understand the past 400 hundred years we have lived with the consequences of history, but have not been able to address.

But now, by the Grace of God, we’re being forced to face what we have not been able to talk about or teach, America’s Real History. Our truth will make us stronger, better and finally a Great Nation. Otherwise, it’s going to continue to manifest itself, as it did with the uprising on our Capital, January 6, which personified just how deep Systemic racism still exist in our country. if we are to survive under our democracy, by our constitution. We must face our history together. The enslaved Africans Americans, has forgiven those who enslaved us. We had to, so we could move on with our lives. What are you afraid of about Critical Race Theory? We need to allow our TRUTH TO SET US FREE. Our children can handle the truth, why can us adults!!!

 Many communities of color, and Black communities in particular, have been excluded from democratic institutions, including voting, since the country’s founding. Even after African Americans won the right to vote, many were excluded by poll taxes, literacy tests, voter purges, and long lines at the polls. “When Black communities see they need to wait four hours to vote and their friends in white jurisdictions can get in and out in 15 minutes, that doesn’t look like democracy,” said Danielle Lang, co-director of voting rights and redistricting at Campaign Legal Center.

According to the Brennan Center for Justice:  State legislators have introduced 389 bills with restrictive voting provisions in 48 states; 22 have already been enacted and 61 bills are currently moving-through legislatures. This wave of bills — along with Republicans’ continued complicity in the Big Lie — means the GOP is increasingly seeking to narrow the electorate rather than appeal to a broader base of voters. Because of the increasing spate of voting restrictions, what we feared could happen in the last election is now an even greater threat as we look forward to 2022 and 2024.

The American People wants the Senate 50 majority to become a unified front; So, the Senate could act with urgency to suspend the filibuster for bills that directly address voting rights and democracy reform; doing so may be the last hope in the short term to strengthen our democracy and prevent future elections from really being stolen.

The most effective antidote to the forces currently poisoning our democracy involves a procedural rule that has increasingly been used as a bludgeon to block progress: the filibuster. It needs to go.

Everyone Reading My Blog: I have a petition on FB, Messenger and Twitter For: Getting Rid of The Fillbuster: Please sign it Thanks

This Blog is submitted in Jesus Name…Amen

Southern Borders Needs A Paradigm Shift

The Southern Borders Needs A Paradigm Shift; Biden-Harrie.

Grandmothers,mothers and women (GMW) in particular, and America in general:  If you keep doing the same things, you’re going to get the same results. Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, paradigm shift.

Border patrol doing their jobs

A Paradigm Shift Is Needed. Kamala Harris, knows the root cause of the southern border crisis, IS NOT AT THE BORDERS!!!

For the past decade Congress has used taxpayer dollars to build border wall, despite no evidence that it has any measurable effect on undocumented immigration. 

In 1969, President Richard Nixon launched Operation Intercept in hopes of forcing Mexico to collaborate more fully with his administration’s policies to stop the flow of drugs – one of his campaign promises.

In 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed a major immigration law that offered amnesty to people in the country illegally who arrived prior to 1982.

In 1994, President Bill Clinton established a prevention through deterrence border security strategy for the Border Patrol that concentrated enforcement resources on major entry corridors; his attempts to secure the border caused a humanitarian crisis.

In 2007, President George W. Bush Called On Congress To Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  The President believes that America can simultaneously be a lawful, economically dynamic, and welcoming society. 


Obama tried deterring migrants with his characteristic lawyerly tact. Trump did it with his cruel, petty impulsiveness. Biden is doing it with his folksy toughness, with Kamala Harris. The styles are different, but up-until-now, the results of immigration deterrence has always been the same. So, now Biden and Harris is starting at the root causes, “ The Origin.” A Paradigm Shift.”

The current driving forces leading to migration are crime, poverty and political corruption. Children on the Run: Unaccompanied Children Leaving El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, running from Violence and extortion by powerful criminal organizations remain serious in these countries. Violence and extortion by powerful criminal organizations remain serious problems in These Areas. Also, fleeing crop failure, land and job shortages, rising taxes, and famine.

Children On The Run

According to the US Department of State, high murder rate in these countries are caused by four principal factors: an increase in drug trafficking; a growing prevalence of gang-related violence; a heavily armed civilian population; and a weak and incompetent police-judicial-systems.

So, GMW in particular and America in general, that’s why Kamala Harris, is not at the southern borders. GMW, let’s make sure she knows we have her back, front and sides; as she give the Southern Borders; A VPOTU with a Woman’s intellect.

This We Pray In Jesus’s Name. Amen


OBSTRUCTIONIST TO: Sensible Guns Laws, Justice Reforms, Voting RightsAct, Statehood for DC, Passage of Americas much needed infrastructure Bill.  Mr. Joe Mancini

Grandmothers mothers and women (GMW), Joe Mancini, democratic senator from West Virginia, is our answer to the question, “Is America Racist?” 

Voting should not be an issue In 2021. It was duly ratified to the Constitution March 30, 1870. 

Joe Mancini: Democratic senator from West Virginia

Mr. Mancini your racism is showing. Chuck Schumer, is your majority leader; but it appears you’re listening to your minority leader, Mitch McConnell. You need to decide, what more important, upholding the Constitution or trying to please the GOP, Who cares less about the constitution, unless it’s serving their purpose. The voter fraud theory is totally in violation of our constitution, and you know it. You also know the Senate is split 50/50, and the GOP, (weather we like it or not) have unity with their 50%, and be-dam to the American People.  Mr. Mancini, your party need the power of their 50% to accomplish goals for our country. God gave you an opportunity to stand-Up for 15th amendment, with the world watching, and you are choosing to show Racism, for something that’s already a done deal.

The Fifteenth Amendment (Amendment XV) to the United States Constitution prohibits the federal government and each state from denying a citizen the right to vote based on that citizen’s “racecolor, or previous condition of servitude.” It was ratified on February 3, 1870,[1] as the third and last of the Reconstruction Amendments.

In the final years of the American Civil War and the Reconstruction Era that followed, Congress repeatedly debated the rights of the millions of former black slaves. By 1869, amendments had been passed to abolish slavery and provide citizenship and equal protection under the laws, but the election of Ulysses S. Grant to the presidency in 1868 convinced a majority of Republicans that protecting the franchise of black male voters was important for the party’s future. On February 26, 1869, after rejecting more sweeping versions of a suffrage amendment, Congress proposed a compromise amendment banning franchise restrictions on the basis of race, color, or previous servitude. After surviving a difficult ratification fight, the amendment was certified as duly ratified and part of the Constitution on March 30, 1870



1 Corinthians 12:12-33, An Example of A real America


America is a Unit, though it is made up of many cultures; and though all its parts are many, they form one nation. So it is with America. For we were either natives, came or was brought to one country, The United States of America-weather Black, White,Brown or Yellow, Slave or Free-we were all given one Democracy’s to live by and one Constitution to govern all. There is only Holy Spirit that allows each of us to breathe the same Air; created by a Supreme Power that, “America calls God.”

When Man challenge God saying,’ “He could create his own man; God told him, “Fine, you must first create your own dirt.”

Now America is not made up of one race but many. If all races should say,” Because I’m not an Indian, I do not belong in  America,” they would not for that reason cease to be an American. If the whole  nation was made up of males, who would give birth to the nation. America function as the human body, weather we like it or not. 

If the whole body were an Eye, where would the sense of hearing be? If the whole body were an Ear, where would the sense of smell be? But, in fact God had arranged the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be. If they were all one part where would the body be? As it is, “We are one nation under God. The United States of America.

The rich cannot say to the middle class ,”I don’t need you! and the middle class cannot say to the poor, “I don’t need you! On the contrary, those parts of the nation that seems to be weaker are indispensable, (the poor) and the parts that we think are less honorable (women) we treat with special honor.And the parts that are Unpresentable (our children) are treated with special modesty, while our presentable parts (workers)needs no special treatment. But, God had combined the members of the nation and given greater honor to the parts that lacks it, so that there should be no division in the nation, but that it’s parts should have equal concern for each other. If one part suffers, every part suffers with it. (911-Covid-19 and January 6). If one part is honored, (July 4th) every part rejoices with it.

Now we are one Nation Under God, and each one of us is a part of it. The nation is led by a President, voted in by the people. The People also, elected Congress, and Congress selected the Supreme Court, who interprets the constitution.

All 50 states are modeled after the Federal Government and consist of three branches: Executive, legislative and judicial. The US Constitution mandates that all states uphold a”Republican form” of government.

There are generally Three types of city government: the Mayor, City-Council and Commissioners, all elected by the people they govern.

All of the above represents the workings of the United States of America; that is supposed to be a Democracy govern by One(1) Constitution, representing the will of the people. And, no people should have Taxation without representation. Except it doesn’t apply to the District of Columbia. America we must give DC representation for their taxation.

The right to vote by every 18 year old American citizen  is guaranteed by the thirteenth, fourteenth, Fifteenth, Nineteenth, twenty-fourth and the Twenty-Sixth Amendments to our constitution. The Fourteenth  Amendment granted citizenship to all persons “born or naturalized in the United States,” including  formerly enslaved people. 

Isn’t it ironic that we are now trying to get a, George Floyd Justice Act passed thru Congress, along with votings rights and statehood for DC.

Our Two Party System is trying to become Three(3)  Donald Trumps Party (aka one -man rule), The GOP with no teeth or Backbone, and  a Democratic Party that’s trying to uphold our Democracy and abide by our Constitution. Trumps Party just voted to sweep January 6, under the rug, so they can win upcoming elections.

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women(GMW), in particular and America in general, I think It’s time we take a serious look at 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 in comparison to who we are today, and deal with our shortcomings. Only America can fix America. The GOP has allowed one very unscrupulous man to infiltrate their party, scare the crap out of them, and made them a Caricature of what they wants represented. Now they want American to vote for them, so they lead us to Trumpism!!!

🙏Jeremiah 29:11-God knows the plan He has for America and Trump is not it. This Is My Prayer In Jesus’s Name🙏


GMW) Grandmothers, mothers and women: Our country is in turmoil. The current leadership in the GOP in particular and in  the DEM in general has become almost a reality show. I’m saying the  DEM in General because they have control in Congress, plus the oval office. The Democrats need to get a firm resolve, and do what we gave them the power to do.


This question can only be answered by the by the Conscience of American, Because we know systemic racism is not a party affiliation, It’s bipartisan; question: If Barack Obama, had behave in the manner Donald Trump did, Would America, have given him the same pass as it  gave Donald Trump; Especially January 6, 2021. The GOP want to make January 6, look like a casual visit to our state capital, ridiculous, unbelievable and disrespectful, to those who lost their lives and the injury sustained by the capital police. Evil still try triumphs when good people look away, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy.

GMW, it’s now our responsibility to determine where our country goes from here. Donald Trump showed us what was in the swarm. George Floyd was the sacrificial lamb that showed America and the world, what police brutality looks like.

 But, low income cities across America with minimum wages of $7.25 per hour, are spawning ground for gun violence;  cities  can reduce gun violence by investing in low income neighborhoods. Because it’s a known fact that most gun violence comes from communities that really need help.

Gun violence is out of control in our country; and the powers that can do something about it, has sold out, it appears to the NRA. We need legislative action for sensible licensing of firearms, background checks, decreasing access to high-velocity weapons, age restrictions, and restricting license for people with domestic violence offenses, Prior criminal convictions and certain mental health histories.

GMW We have our work cut out for us, but we have the power to do something about it. In 2021 two states are having governors election with Democratic incumbents, where both has opponents from the new GOP, in New Jersey and Virginia.

In the midterm elections, normally the party that wins the presidential election, loses the midterm. But in 2022 the party that lost the presidency has also, Lost their way. The John McCain GOP’s are trying to find their voice, but most of them has lost their backbone. So Gmw it’s incumbent upon us to make sure we have a Congressional majority so that all of the important bills Languishing in the Senate will become law. Such, as the George Floyd Justice Reform Act, the John Lewis voting rights  act, Statehood for DC, and Support For the Peoples Act.

We must also gain a majority to the point where, Joe Mancini of West Virginia and  Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona will not be able to hold the democrats hostage for their votes, in getting legislation passed for the American people.

Both sides of the isles knows: the minimum wage is the number one contributor to violence in low income neighborhoods. While All elected officials have voted themselves cost of living increases on a yearly  basis.

🙏Grandmothers, mothers and women, in the name of Jesus let’s save our children, and our country. In Jesus name let’s pray🙏