GMW Handbook for 2020

We’re Being Manipulated

The first case of COVID-19 in the US which was reported on January 22, 2020, since then, the country has reported 3,260,500 cases and 134,581 deaths.

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women (GMW), If we want real change across America, while doing all we can to save our children, families, and country, we must first KEEP THEM ALIVE. We must Get our priorities in order. Each of us is responsible for doing our part, and it starts in each of our homes. We must lead by example: wear a mask; practice social distancing; wash hands often; get tested depending on your movement or travel; avoid crowds; and last, but not least, get to the voting polls on November 3, 2020.

Me, My Grands and Great-grands

All of my grandchildren, from 1 year to 17 years, have been on serious lock down over the past 5 months, and their parents are riding shotgun over them. As I have traveled from state to state, while visiting my sister, brothers and other family members during their health challenges, I followed safety protocols for the protection of myself and others by wearing face masks, gloves and using hand-sanitizer, alcohol sprays, and Lysol. Upon returning home, I always get a Covid-test and quarantine before going around my family or others. I believe we can control this virus if we do our part and listen to updates given by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) health departments, mayors, and the governor.

GMW, America will never be the same again because we all now see the things we have in common are much greater than all the differences. We must make sure that we, along with our children, learn American History—the good, the bad and the ugly. There are no statues of Hitler in Germany because they know the true story. Hitler was a brutal leader who killed more than 10 million people to create a “pure” German society, which resulted in the ruin of Germany at the end of World War II. Throughout America’s educational systems and society in general, it is time for a serious, honest, and complete examination of our history for accuracy and revision.

George Floyd was the sacrificial lamb to wake up America and the world. Americans in all 50 states are protesting the great injustices that have been allowed to exist in this country. While the demonstrations have put focus on our problems, we have to legislate solutions. GMW, we are responsible for making sure our states are addressing problems individually and pursue changes and justice at the national level. We must keep the majority in the House of Representatives, achieve a majority in the Senate, and win the White House in November 2020. We need a majority in the House and Senate to unite America. We must seriously start holding the people we choose to represent us accountable and demand that they do their jobs, or we must make them one-term by voting to remove them from office. Ladies, we MUST realize the value of our power, especially OUR VOTE. Our country must have credible leadership which reflects the entire America landscape – white, black, brown, red, and yellow, without respect to gender or religion.

In the comingv months, we can support and help our next President (Joe Biden) by maintaining a focus on the dying American Middle Class and the issues brought forth in The Poor People’s Campaign, as conducted by Rev. William Barber. The platform demands that we dispel the notion that systemic racism, poverty, ecological devastation, and the war economy hurt only a small segment of our society. More than 40,600,000 Americans subsist below the poverty line; this report additionally shows that there are close to 140 million people dealing with some combination of these crises every day. Nearly half of our population cannot afford a $400 emergency, which presents a structural crisis of national proportion that ties poverty to things like healthcare and housing. The devastation cuts across race, gender, age, and geography. It has carved a dangerous and deepening moral chasm in America and inflicts a tragic loss of purpose, even among the affluent. Mr. Biden has to address these issues. He needs our votes to win.

This we Pray in the Name of Jesus…Amen?

America’s Injustice In Living Color

GMW nationally our children, the millennials have joined forces across the country protesting police brutality On our sons and daughters of color. We have been Protesting police brutality on our people of color for generations. 

George Floyd Living His Life

On Monday May 25th 2020, America and the world witness the lynching of 46 years George Floyd, by 4 White MPO. Their immediate punishment was being fired. Today May 29th those officers still have not been arrested or charged. But a CNN  Black Reporter was arrested, while his White Partner a small distance away, was not arrested. MPD’s Racism is blatant, and they are not unique. 

George Floyd Losing His Life

Across our country, our Millennials black and white are joining forces. indicating they have had enough, our President Mr. Trump, is instructing our military and police to start shooting as soon as there is looting. GMW, none of us Condone violence in any form,but our justice system in America has to apply to our children of color, the same as they treat my white sons & daughters. Example: Mohamed Noor, who is black, Somali and Muslim,became the first Minnesota police officer convicted of murder in an on-duty killing, of Justine Ruszczyk, who was white.

Officer Noor and his partner were in their squad car in an alley investigating when Ms. Ruszczyk approach. Officer Noor said he heard a bang and fired one shot from the passenger seat when Justine appeared at the driver’s window, he feared for their life. During cross-examination assistant county attorney, Amy Sweasy asked Mr. Noor,”Her blonde hair, and pink T-shirt and all, that was a threat to you. It’s assumed, Black Officers should have no fear? And, feel no fear when white people show-up, as is the case of Mr. George Floyd.

Now unfortunately, our children are protesting across the country because (4) white racist, un-empathetic white officers killed a man in handcuffs. They should have been arrested and let justice prevail. Our President is behaving like a spoil Bret with Twitter, while COVID-19 has killed over 100,000 Americans with 1.7m tested positive, he’ simply deflecting.  Our millennials across the country is protesting the 400 years of injustice, and Mr. Trump wants to Invoke the 1960 southern policy of when looting starts shooting begins. 

ST. Paul Minnesota Burning

Our children destroyed the police department in St.Paul last nite, and placed themselves in great danger, that we don’t condone, but they’re still alive and some are in jail, where those 4 officers should be! George Floyd is just the Tip-of the Ice-berg. It’s time white police-brutality against black people has to change.  GMW all of us has to be just as outrage regarding injustice as our children, if we do our part, they won’t have to use their methods. I’m so glad our children has join forces, because our police officers, think nothing of shooting my children, but will choose a different method when it comes to those who looks like them. 

In all the madness and the pandemic crisis, America and the world is facing, we will hold on to Jeremiah 29:11.

I’ve been checking news around the world and they are all focus on America. Plus the police in Minneapolis are still blatantly lying, they said they release Omar, the Black Reporter, after they discover he was with the media. He was covering the news with a microphone in his hand, while showing them his credentials. It appears they have become so comfortable in their racist behavior, until they forget, their behavior is caught on cameras, live and in color,  as it was for Amy Cooper, in Central Park, The same for Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia.  Even though the Georgia police department, suppressed the film in their Effort to cover-up the killing of Mr. Arbery.

Ahmaud Arbery killed for no reason except, Racism

With all of the advocacy for justice, peace and change, nothing has happen, maybe after a police station has been burned. We will all start paying attention. From the White House to the Outhouse. GMW, we will continue to pray for justice, peace, and empathy, in Jesus’s name, we pray. Amen.

What’s Mitch McConnell And The GOP Trying To Hide

We All Know What A Trial Looks Like, And This Is Not It:

Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell: GMW needs to hear the facts.

We will not raise our families under a: Hitler Mentality brewing slavery conditions.

Carl Bernstein has given Mitch McConnell a new nickname, “Midnight  Mitch,” because he’s embracing a coverup that is there for all to see. It’s about preventing information from becoming-known-and-seen by an American public.

He also noted, ‘in the impeachment of Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton there had been no problem about knowing the truth or the facts.

Present the facts Mitch, and let the defense, defend. 

Mitch McConnell, what are you so afraid of, that placed a “Price Tag”  on your CHARACTER and SOUL, what a Price.

While  Mitch McConnell is putting a price tag on his Soul, President Trump is preparing to divert an additional $7.2 billion in Pentagon funding for border wall construction this year, five times what Congress authorized him to spend on the project in the 2020 budget.

If Mr. Trump lied about making the Mexicans build his expensive wall, what else is he lying about?

I think GMW, “that small segment of the population, that makes up the base of Trumps Following, has been so devastated by having a Black President until, they will except any White man, as president, even if he couldn’t spell his name.”
Which is the real reason they are so willing to let Trump get away with things, they would killed Barack for doing.

If this is not true, then I’m asking God to please have my nose dragging the ground by the next time you see me!!!

His Tongue had to be surgically remove. 

Qualified, Immunity HAS TO GO: Nationally; for local implementation.


Young Black Man beaten and shot in the mouth while handcuffed; By 6 Miss. white police officer; His Tongue had to be surgically remove. 

JACKSON, Miss. — Mississippi authorities said Wednesday they’re investigating sheriff’s deputies involved in the shooting of a Black man who was hospitalized for nearly three weeks after being wounded last month in the late-night raid of a home. They found nothing. They were accusing the owner of the house, with selling drugs and dating white women.

Grandmothers, Mothers, and Women. (GMW), We along, with All decent Elected Official, Needs to hold those GOP and some Blue-Dog democrats, with condoning police brutality. Because, if you’re not apart of the solution, then you’re part of the problem. They can easily ban books, African American History and women rights. But, Don’t touch assault weapons and so-call 2nd amendment rights. The founding fathers had no idea of assault weapons.

GMW in particular and all people of color in General, we have to be just as angry about our young men killing each other.

Black Men Killing Each Other

Grassroots’ Alternatives to Violence:

  1. Empowering our neighborhoods to provide better opportunities in educational, economics, health-care and accessible transportation.
  2. Eradicating the underground economy of drugs, guns and other nefarious behaviors in so many of our urban communities, so it doesn’t have an opportunity to flourish. 
  3. Ensuring that our urban communities provide safe recreational facilities for our children that are conducive to their development and socialization from 2:00 pm to -8:00 pm Mondays through Fridays.
  4. Maintaining clean schools and neighborhoods, shows our children that we care.

GMW is aware that the structural cause of violence is poverty, unemployment, and insufficient education.

A. The Collaborative Forces needed to accomplish the above issues are:

  1. Parents
  2. Guardians
  3. Schools
  4. Faith and community based organizations
  5. City Government and reformed X-offenders.

Youth that are most likely to be involved in gun violence need to be specifically identified and target. Life skills opportunities should be provided for extremely: difficult to serve youth and young adults:


 No Teaching of African American  History before 1970. Institutional Racism.

African-American culture

Grandmothers Mothers and Women (GMW), The TAPESTRY of True American History Means:  Weaving together Past, Presence and Future.

African Americans are largely the descendants of enslaved people who were brought from their African homelands by force to work in the New World. Their rights were severely limited, and they were long denied a rightful share in the economic, social, and political progress of the United States.

Taylor Callery for The Chronicle Review

Conservative Americans are losing their minds in their efforts to only talk about American history that does not show how cruel One human being was capable of treating another. But, it happened and there’s nothing they can do to erase it.

So, Institutional racism, is the norm, rooted in societies history. It’s also known as systemic racism,  a form of racism that is embedded in the laws and regulations of a society or an organization. It manifests as discrimination in areas, such as criminal justice, employment, housing, health care, education and political representation. The term institutional racism was first coined in 1967 by Stokely, Carmichael and Charles V Hamilton, in black power, the politics of liberation. 

Over 200 hundred  students at a Tuscaloosa, Ala., high school walk out of school in protest of being told they could not talk about American  or Blacks contributions to American  History before 1970.

Truman McCollom , a young Black man tased in an ambulance 6  times by  Killeen, Tx., Police  Officers , after having a seizure in his car at Burger King. He crashed  his car, deploying both air bags.

Our police officers don’t need more training, just being held accountable for their behavior. Get rid of qualified immunity. And see how fast the Blue  culture changes.

GMW we must be about the changes we want for our future, and the future of our children. economically , socially , and politically.

Sarah Huckabee

Your GOP Response to the President’s Union address:

This is the President whose name Sarah couldn’t mention?

You sound  as if you were condemning  Donald Trump. The man who tried to overthrow our government. Because, your party has an unusual view of what democracy is all about.

Mrs. Huckabee, alternative truth is no longer valid in our political Arenas, you are no Press  Secretary where alternative truths was allowed. We need Bipartisan leadership.  You and Marjorie Taylor-Green has a very distorted view of what leadership looks like.

Biden was fantastic, he spoke to the United States of America. Now it’s up to Kevin McCarthy to lead his House Majority, and control his radical members who has no idea  of what’s serving the people of these United States of America is.

So America let’s get behind our president: Abolishing Qualified Immunity on a national level. So each of us can make sure our states and local police deal with the culture of the  Blue Shield. Protecting Good police-officers from  the retaliation of standing up for truth and good policing.

Mrs Taylor-Green

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women (GMW) each of us has an obligation to make sure, we take full-responsibility for helping stop the violence in our neighborhoods and communities. Our children and our way of life is more important than Guns.

I’m sending my response to the Governor of Arkansas, hoping she helps the GOP define their agenda for the American people, independent of Marjorie Taylor-Green and her group.

Black History Trivia…

FOR Florida’s Governor:   Ron DeSantis. Just To Keep It Simple, This Is what Our History Looks Like… NOT: European, Chinese, Japanese, Jewish, Canadian or Russian. Please watch the Super Bowl next Sunday, and see history being made again.

There’s A Deep Tradition Behind Wearing Your Sunday Best!!!

According to Anthony Penn, Professor, of humanities and professor of religious studies at Rice University; And, the editor of “black religion and aesthetics.”

I Would Want CRT Too

Racist stereotypes that originated with the enslavement, rape, torture, and forced labour of Africans Americans have long painted Black people as smelly and unkempt. Thus, Black parents were always committed to their children being presentable before the world: a sign that nothing was amiss in the household, that their children were loved and looked after.

It was a way of life and often the difference between life and living well.  In the hight of slavery clothing was important and many slaves were dressed in clothes made from flax and hemp. If they were valued, they were given cloth to make clothes or given one set of cloths twice a year depending on the quality. 

You could tell if you were Free or still in bondage by the clothes on your back. To that end, many people kept their ‘best clothes to socialise on the day off which was usually Sunday when their Master let then rest or attend church.

Historically, the visibility of black bodies, or black bodies taking up time and space, could be dangerous, “think of lynching’s and mob violence, during which, what was preferred was the invisibility of black bodies.  Black worship service became an expression that spoke for the visibility and importance of black bodies within the dominant social context.

Sunday Best

Also Pinn added, “ testimony from former  slaves who argued that during the course of the week, The clothing and presentation was meant to present their bodies as a tool for the benefit of others. But, doing black worship service these former slaves testified they were able to alter that understanding of their bodies visually by changing their clothes.

From earlier on the churches was a space in which African-Americans connected to the divine, and to each other, in ways that allow them to rethink and reimagine created in God’s and their relationship to the nation.  

Their Bodied A Living Text

For the first several hundred years of African-American presence in North America, they were denied systemic access to the written word. They would have to think of ways of expressing themselves and proclaiming their importance in-none written ways. They showed and sang their important. Their bodies became a living text.

Grandmothers Mothers and Women (Gmw) Our Mission in 2023 is: Amend or abolish Qualified immunity, and make sure February’s Black History Extends to the other 11 months as American history.


Qualified immunity is a court-created rule that limits victims of police violence and misconduct from holding officers accountable when they violate a person’s constitutional rights.

Tyre Nichols rights was violated, and it cost him his life. 

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women GMW, Elected officials across this country: The POTUS, Congress, Governors,  General Assemblies Mayors, City Council

Members, schools Bd members and every American with a heart, it’s time we get rid of qualified immunity. If you care about Tyre Nichols then use voice thru social media and contact your elected officials to make your voice is hear to abolish qualified immunity.

President Biden need to use his bullhorn to galvanize Congress and America to start advocating for Qualified Immunity. 

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Are we really this bad?

GMW ?America:  Let’s Not Let Tyre Die In Vain


Plus Watch A 1st Grader

To NPN School Board: The state of Virginia in particular and the Nation in general we know that, “Firing a superintend because a parent allowed her six-year-old to leave home with a gun in his backpack, and school personnel not find it, is RIDICULOUS! 

Is the superintendent and the school supposed to check the backpack of every 1st grader entering the school without cause? If any of you so call Authority figures ask yourself, “How would I handle a 1st grader entering school under normal conditions, ‘ would I have to search all of them for no reason? The child goes from his parent to his teacher. The first two (2) people to interact with the child on a personal level, both fail the Adult Test.

The parent should have checked her child, and the teacher should have react as soon as she discovered the gun. By not doing so, she endangered herself and her students. And for this, A Superintendent loses his job (NPN School Board-BYE). You appear as ineffective, with no backbone, as Kevin McCarthy, no principles and commonsense, poor judgment and a totally lack of  integrity, (in this case) as Kevin McCarthy; The new majority speaker of the House. 

Parent Accountability

If That’s your solution for solving Gun Violence in our school, each of you should turn your mirrors to the wall, And Resign. Then Mayors, Governors and The POTUS should all be fired or impeached! For the amount of Gun Violence in our schools, cities, state and nation.

No wonder Children are so confused with conflict resolution, because as adults who is supposed to mirror, common sense, logic, principles and integrity; exhibited none of those qualities in dealing with the issue of the six-year-old with a gun. And, you have the audacity to feel justified, in firing an innocent superintend who served your school district effectively for five years); for something he had no control over. 

In My Personal Opinion, “that’s one of the dumbest things I’ve encountered, from professionals Charged with executing, fair, Just and logical solutions under their authority. It was a race-base decision, based on pressure from a higher authority, if you ask me. To all Virginians, “if blatant injustice rub-you the wrong-way, let NPN School Board know how you feel.”

Speaking of, ‘The Speaker of the House,’ and our Debt Ceiling under discussion now,  “ to Hakeem Jeffries, minority leader,” we do not wish to see you sacrifice any social programs for Kevin McCarthy to appear he has some background at our expense. We haven’t forgotten, “Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi allowed DACA to be taken off the table under Donald Trump,” for nothing in return. So Democrats, don’t sell us out. Social medias don’t hold back on your opinions now, it’s time to use your voice. 


Kyrie Irving, Tiffany Cross, Ime Ukodo, Kanye West, Don Lemon…Who’s Next? 

Why has Main Stream Media not gone after the writer and author of the documentary? Is it because he’s not as popular as Kyrie Irving?

Don’t Kill The Messenger! If you’re going to vilify the messenger, give us details of the message.
We should all see the movie, “Hebrew to Negro, “ what the big deal

Kyrie Irving is just another of our son being vilified for having an opinion. What Part of Their Statements are not True, I  have not heard anyone call them a liar.

Narmer: the First Egyptian Pharaoh

Everyone knows, whether they want to admit it or not, “Civilization began in Egypt; Were the pharaohs white? History is not going to change. GMW we should all make it a point to see the Documentary with our families. If we don’t use our power collectively to protect our sons and daughters, what are we going to use it for,” (Just to help Democrats win elections).

It Takes A Village

GMW Grandmothers, mothers, and women, Kyrie Irving is just another of our son being vilified for having an opinion. It’s time we start standing-up supporting our sons and daughters just as we do for the Democratic Party.

And bring our families, friends, neighbors and communities along with us.

We must stop allowing ourselves to be treated as, “Booty call.” And, be courted as a valued, and respected date. We must demand, “A better bang for our bucks. Our Power’: #Our Love#OurGod#OurDollars#OurVote.

To all of our Political Leaders who makes a booty call for our support during election… We’re looking for your support now, in stopping the injustice to our Professional Sons and Daughters, whom you’re willing to Millionaires and billionaires for their skills and abilities, as long as they shut up and dribble.

West & Irving

Our sons are being vilified by the smallest infraction.  Great  satisfaction was garnered from, putting Michael Vick in Jail, destroyed  Collins Kaepernnick football career, coach: Ime Ukodo,” suspend for one (1) season. And now Kyrie Irving, Kanye West denounced, Tiffany Cross fired, and Don Lemon Moved. Who will be next?

To all professional Athlete of Color, “If you don’t stand up for something, you will be suspended for anything. (All of you must be walking on eggs-shells), it’s time you unite in a pact against injustice. White athletes does ten times more serious violations and nothing happens, the main stream media looks the other away, Bipartisanly. But, for athlete of color, its almost as if spitting on the side walk is a major infraction, all media is focus, Why?

Coach: Ime Udoka Suspended

Former Los Angeles Lakers champion Robert Horry summarized why Phil Jackson didn’t go through what Ime Udoka is facing now. Apparently, Phil’s infraction was with an Owner, enforcer of the rules. After-All You can’t apply them to yourself!

Quoting Robert Horry

“I’ve had so many people come up to me and be like ‘Well, why Phil didn’t get kicked off the team when he was dating Jeanie Buss?’ I’m like ‘Because he was dating Jeanie Buss,’” the seven-time champ said on his “Big Shot Bob” Podcast. “That may not be against their team policy. I’m pretty sure if Ime was a Laker and did what he did, that still would have been against team policy… But dating somebody and disclosing that, that’s not against team policy.”

Donald Trump tried a coup on our State Capital; and-said despicable things about Jews, People of color, and any other ethnic group he wish to vilify, Anchors on Fox News told LeBron James, “To shut up and dribble,” with no media outrage or public Vilification.   Brett Farve did much worst to the poor people of Mississippi, the media should have treated him as they are treating Kyrie Irving, who only watch a movie or documentary, and wanted others to see it.

Don Lemon: from news to sports

Don Lemon dealt with too many facts, not alternative truths, like some news channels (if you can call it news), So he was given a softer, “spot.” hopefully he stays away from the ugly history of sports, like treatment of Jack Johnson and Jackie Robinson.

The truth of our history in not going away. CRT is not going to do it. Nor trying to eliminate the word, “ #SLAVE from historical documents #The platform for MAGA# But, we’re not having it!  The Jews spent 400 hundred years in Egypt, the Negro spent 400 years in America, both were in-slaved. That’s our history.

When the Israelis or Jews went to Egypt from Canaan, and stayed there for 400 years. they were under the rulership of Egypt’s Ramsey’s. History.

What nationality was the pharaohs? Modern Egyptian: Ancient Egyptians are the same group of people as the modern Egyptians. What race are ancient Egyptian’s? Black-Afrocentric: the ancient Egyptians were black Africans, displaced by later movements of peoples, for example the Macedonian, Roman and Arab conquests.

#hebrews to negro#Egypt’sRamseys#Afrocentric#the ancient Egyptian displaced by later movement of people#Macedonians#Roman#and Arab conquest#


A Prayer With A Purpose For Us And The Soul Of Our Country.

Have you felt the deep sorrow of the mourning widower? If you have lost a child, Parent, Close Relative, Friend, Way of Life, or Losing the Soul of Our Country.

Perhaps you have also felt comfortless. Is there anyone who can comfort you when you feel overwhelmed with grief, stress or depression.

2D Grandmothers, mothers and women (GMW) and all people of color, can identifies with the pain of the bereavement when the cords of the death of our right to choose entangles us, the anguish of the grave is upon us, as we see our way of life and the soul of our country slipping away under fascism.

Enveloped by emptiness, loneliness and stress, from the turmoil in our world, whom do we turn to? We call on the name of our Creator, asking for  deliverance.  Then we turn to the only one who will dry our tears and is acquainted with our grief (Isaiah 53:3-4). 

Then we use OUR POWER: With Our God and Our Love, We let Our Vote speak for us. And, with our dollars we support the Party that has our best interest at heart.

BE IT: BUILD BACK BETTER (BBB) or MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN ( MAGA). Which one cares about the Rights of GMW, The SOUL of Our Country, And Our Way of Life.

Build Back Better

Likewise we must turn to God and His Word for comfort in our time of sorrow. Without denying our pain, scripture gives us a proper perspective, something we can easily lose in times of emotional trauma and crisis.

God’s word gives hope when we feel utterly alone and hopeless. We can take comfort in knowing that God does not allow a trial in our lives that is too great for us to bear: (1 Corinthians 10:13). HE GIVES US, OUR POWER! How We Us It Determine Our Results.

Make America Great Again

God is in charge of all things. Even the terrible destruction and the traumatic aftermath of the death of things we cherish.  God‘s Word and Spirit can comfort a grieving hearts so that we will have the serenity to accept the things we can’t change and the courage to change the things we can. So VoteVoteVote.

We can’t undo January 6, but we can make sure it never happens again.

Let your Vote, Your God, Your Love and Your Dollars, speak for you on November 8, 2022.  As we walk before Our Creator (Maker of Heaven and Earth). In the land of the Right To Choose, The Soul of the Free. And the Comforts of life accomplish by heart the of The Brave.

To The GOP who still embraces Integrity and Principles but, with a weaken back-bone, let the Democratic’s deliver you from Trumpism, so that starting in 2023, you can start building back your real GOP party. And hopefully never allow yourself to get in-bed with just anyone ever again: From the Tea-Party and Sarah Palin, to Trumpism.

Number#45 has always believed he could kill someone on 5th Avenue and the GOP would still support him, I’m sorry to say, “he was right.

Let’s sing Praise to the Lord for his Grace, Mercy and Favor, as He deliver us from all evil as we turn America blue in 2022. In the name of Jesus we pray.?????

GMW#ourpower#OurVote#OurGod#OurLove#OurDallars#Buildbackbetter#TheSoulofOurCountry#OurWayofLife#TurntoGod#God’sword gives hope#God is in charge#prayerwith purpose#


GMW (Grandmothers, Mothers and Women), WOULD YOU VOTE FOR THE GOP?

Fact Check before you vote: LOOK AT THEIR RECORD…Conservative leaders Put the 1 Percent before the 99 Percent Time  and Again.

We’re very impressed with our President: Biden, Elaine Luria of Va. and  Val Deming’s of Fl. They are not hiding behind,” politically Correctness,” they’re toting their truth. Which makes us willing to try and budget in donations to support them.

We’re sick and tired of trying to defend the angry black Woman.  An angry white man got on the Supreme Court, without the qualification, because he got angry during his confirmation hearing.

Republicans once called government the problem-now they want to run ours life. Especially women; we’re not smart enough yet)!  Women’s Reproductive Rights are too high tech for us to handle. it should be controlled by men and the government.

147 GOP’S voted  to overturn election results it 2020. Our Capital Was Attacked January 6.

Roe v Wade was Reverse, Voter Fraud is alleged but never proven. They’re Against gay marriages. GOP senators Block bill to codify Americans’ right to contraception. Young women 18 to 50, your reproductive choices are in the hands of the GOP and your vote.


200 House GOP voted against Millions of American jobs and funds for urgently needed Infrastructure throughout the country.

Nearly 200 House GOP’s voted against bill to ease baby formula shortage.

Every single House GOP voted against efforts to lower gas prices, and stop Big Oil’s price gouging on gas. 

Every Republicans in Congress just voted against lowering the cost of prescription drugs.

Republicans blasted for voting down $35 insulin price Cap after lamenting high prices.

Republicans stall bill to aid veterans exposed to toxic burn pits. They promotes pandemic relief they voted against.

The GOP’S have banned over 1600 hundred books about historical truth, their own leaders have apologize for.

The Democratic are polling poorly on Biden ‘s lifting the curbs on migrants entering the U.S., and are divided on the issue, Republicans wants to focus on migrants as a fertile line of attack. But, Trumps immigration policy left hundreds of children separated from parents The GOP has not been able to connect The parents of over 545 children separated at the border back with their children. Bipartisanship Is Needed on immigration. Neither side smell-good-on-immigration.

We Will Stand In The Line, To Cast our vote

The Impact of Voter Suppression on Communities of Color, Studies show that new laws will disproportionately harm voters of color. Federal legislation is necessary.

Brennan Center report: Voting restrictions prevalent in GOP states 19 GOP states enacted 33 laws that will make it harder for Americans to vote.  GMW, What’s next?

“Siding with insurrectionist,” 203 House GOP’s voted no on coup prevention bill. The Senate GOP blocks domestic terrorism bill weeks after 10 killed in Buffalo.

GMW we have the collective power and the tools to help our daughters continue to control their Reproductive Rights, and let those few men on the SCOTUS know, they’re treading where they have no right to go.

In the Name of Jesus,”we turning America Blue in 2022.” The country can’t Red and survive.


Early voting started in Georgia October 17, 2022. 

There are 37 states that allow in-person early voting. If you’re in one of the 13 states without early voting, please verify your info is correct before Election Day.


Voting early allows you to know if your voting records has been tampered with or not

Georgia purged an estimated 107000 people largely for not voting in late July 2017.

Virginia GOP Governor has either purge or lost 107000, voters from  the register in early 2022; but it only became knowledgeable early October, 2022.

Both governors misplaced 107000 Votes; coincidence or pattern.  

Americans, who still embraces truth (not alternative truth) there are state election, positions that are very impactful on our constitutionally rights; as a majority in Congress. Those positions are: Governors, District attorney and Secretary of State. 

The governors are criminalizing abortions, and the district attorneys are prosecuting women and their doctors who will assist them in getting a safe abortion. The Secretary of State assist the Governor in executing suppressive voting regulations and purging voter registers.

Herschel Walker epitomizes the new GOP. So, America if you’re going to Vote on principles and truth, please make sure you’re not sorry for your vote, as most of the women were, who joined the women’s March in DC., January of 2017, because they had voted for the wrong person.

We’re praying for the Soul of our country, and, asking God, our Creator for guidance and direction as we turn America Blue in 2022; this we pray in Jesus’s Name.?????