GMW Handbook for 2020

We’re Being Manipulated

The first case of COVID-19 in the US which was reported on January 22, 2020, since then, the country has reported 3,260,500 cases and 134,581 deaths.

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women (GMW), If we want real change across America, while doing all we can to save our children, families, and country, we must first KEEP THEM ALIVE. We must Get our priorities in order. Each of us is responsible for doing our part, and it starts in each of our homes. We must lead by example: wear a mask; practice social distancing; wash hands often; get tested depending on your movement or travel; avoid crowds; and last, but not least, get to the voting polls on November 3, 2020.

Me, My Grands and Great-grands

All of my grandchildren, from 1 year to 17 years, have been on serious lock down over the past 5 months, and their parents are riding shotgun over them. As I have traveled from state to state, while visiting my sister, brothers and other family members during their health challenges, I followed safety protocols for the protection of myself and others by wearing face masks, gloves and using hand-sanitizer, alcohol sprays, and Lysol. Upon returning home, I always get a Covid-test and quarantine before going around my family or others. I believe we can control this virus if we do our part and listen to updates given by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) health departments, mayors, and the governor.

GMW, America will never be the same again because we all now see the things we have in common are much greater than all the differences. We must make sure that we, along with our children, learn American History—the good, the bad and the ugly. There are no statues of Hitler in Germany because they know the true story. Hitler was a brutal leader who killed more than 10 million people to create a “pure” German society, which resulted in the ruin of Germany at the end of World War II. Throughout America’s educational systems and society in general, it is time for a serious, honest, and complete examination of our history for accuracy and revision.

George Floyd was the sacrificial lamb to wake up America and the world. Americans in all 50 states are protesting the great injustices that have been allowed to exist in this country. While the demonstrations have put focus on our problems, we have to legislate solutions. GMW, we are responsible for making sure our states are addressing problems individually and pursue changes and justice at the national level. We must keep the majority in the House of Representatives, achieve a majority in the Senate, and win the White House in November 2020. We need a majority in the House and Senate to unite America. We must seriously start holding the people we choose to represent us accountable and demand that they do their jobs, or we must make them one-term by voting to remove them from office. Ladies, we MUST realize the value of our power, especially OUR VOTE. Our country must have credible leadership which reflects the entire America landscape – white, black, brown, red, and yellow, without respect to gender or religion.

In the comingv months, we can support and help our next President (Joe Biden) by maintaining a focus on the dying American Middle Class and the issues brought forth in The Poor People’s Campaign, as conducted by Rev. William Barber. The platform demands that we dispel the notion that systemic racism, poverty, ecological devastation, and the war economy hurt only a small segment of our society. More than 40,600,000 Americans subsist below the poverty line; this report additionally shows that there are close to 140 million people dealing with some combination of these crises every day. Nearly half of our population cannot afford a $400 emergency, which presents a structural crisis of national proportion that ties poverty to things like healthcare and housing. The devastation cuts across race, gender, age, and geography. It has carved a dangerous and deepening moral chasm in America and inflicts a tragic loss of purpose, even among the affluent. Mr. Biden has to address these issues. He needs our votes to win.

This we Pray in the Name of Jesus…Amen?

America’s Injustice In Living Color

GMW nationally our children, the millennials have joined forces across the country protesting police brutality On our sons and daughters of color. We have been Protesting police brutality on our people of color for generations. 

George Floyd Living His Life

On Monday May 25th 2020, America and the world witness the lynching of 46 years George Floyd, by 4 White MPO. Their immediate punishment was being fired. Today May 29th those officers still have not been arrested or charged. But a CNN  Black Reporter was arrested, while his White Partner a small distance away, was not arrested. MPD’s Racism is blatant, and they are not unique. 

George Floyd Losing His Life

Across our country, our Millennials black and white are joining forces. indicating they have had enough, our President Mr. Trump, is instructing our military and police to start shooting as soon as there is looting. GMW, none of us Condone violence in any form,but our justice system in America has to apply to our children of color, the same as they treat my white sons & daughters. Example: Mohamed Noor, who is black, Somali and Muslim,became the first Minnesota police officer convicted of murder in an on-duty killing, of Justine Ruszczyk, who was white.

Officer Noor and his partner were in their squad car in an alley investigating when Ms. Ruszczyk approach. Officer Noor said he heard a bang and fired one shot from the passenger seat when Justine appeared at the driver’s window, he feared for their life. During cross-examination assistant county attorney, Amy Sweasy asked Mr. Noor,”Her blonde hair, and pink T-shirt and all, that was a threat to you. It’s assumed, Black Officers should have no fear? And, feel no fear when white people show-up, as is the case of Mr. George Floyd.

Now unfortunately, our children are protesting across the country because (4) white racist, un-empathetic white officers killed a man in handcuffs. They should have been arrested and let justice prevail. Our President is behaving like a spoil Bret with Twitter, while COVID-19 has killed over 100,000 Americans with 1.7m tested positive, he’ simply deflecting.  Our millennials across the country is protesting the 400 years of injustice, and Mr. Trump wants to Invoke the 1960 southern policy of when looting starts shooting begins. 

ST. Paul Minnesota Burning

Our children destroyed the police department in St.Paul last nite, and placed themselves in great danger, that we don’t condone, but they’re still alive and some are in jail, where those 4 officers should be! George Floyd is just the Tip-of the Ice-berg. It’s time white police-brutality against black people has to change.  GMW all of us has to be just as outrage regarding injustice as our children, if we do our part, they won’t have to use their methods. I’m so glad our children has join forces, because our police officers, think nothing of shooting my children, but will choose a different method when it comes to those who looks like them. 

In all the madness and the pandemic crisis, America and the world is facing, we will hold on to Jeremiah 29:11.

I’ve been checking news around the world and they are all focus on America. Plus the police in Minneapolis are still blatantly lying, they said they release Omar, the Black Reporter, after they discover he was with the media. He was covering the news with a microphone in his hand, while showing them his credentials. It appears they have become so comfortable in their racist behavior, until they forget, their behavior is caught on cameras, live and in color,  as it was for Amy Cooper, in Central Park, The same for Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia.  Even though the Georgia police department, suppressed the film in their Effort to cover-up the killing of Mr. Arbery.

Ahmaud Arbery killed for no reason except, Racism

With all of the advocacy for justice, peace and change, nothing has happen, maybe after a police station has been burned. We will all start paying attention. From the White House to the Outhouse. GMW, we will continue to pray for justice, peace, and empathy, in Jesus’s name, we pray. Amen.

What’s Mitch McConnell And The GOP Trying To Hide

We All Know What A Trial Looks Like, And This Is Not It:

Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell: GMW needs to hear the facts.

We will not raise our families under a: Hitler Mentality brewing slavery conditions.

Carl Bernstein has given Mitch McConnell a new nickname, “Midnight  Mitch,” because he’s embracing a coverup that is there for all to see. It’s about preventing information from becoming-known-and-seen by an American public.

He also noted, ‘in the impeachment of Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton there had been no problem about knowing the truth or the facts.

Present the facts Mitch, and let the defense, defend. 

Mitch McConnell, what are you so afraid of, that placed a “Price Tag”  on your CHARACTER and SOUL, what a Price.

While  Mitch McConnell is putting a price tag on his Soul, President Trump is preparing to divert an additional $7.2 billion in Pentagon funding for border wall construction this year, five times what Congress authorized him to spend on the project in the 2020 budget.

If Mr. Trump lied about making the Mexicans build his expensive wall, what else is he lying about?

I think GMW, “that small segment of the population, that makes up the base of Trumps Following, has been so devastated by having a Black President until, they will except any White man, as president, even if he couldn’t spell his name.”
Which is the real reason they are so willing to let Trump get away with things, they would killed Barack for doing.

If this is not true, then I’m asking God to please have my nose dragging the ground by the next time you see me!!!


The violence in our beautiful city has to be seriously address and dealt with by each of us, doing our part as, “NORFOLKIANS:  

Downtown Norfolk.

The CIty Council, The Board of Edu. The Chief of Police, and The Rest of us, Norfolkians. We are Norfolk. We are not going to solve Norfolk’s problems, by disenfranchising one group for the benefit of another.

The past two years has been tough for all of us, we’ve faced 1 challenge after another; but we are still standing. Excuses does not solve problems. We all have problems, some took us to our knees, while on our knees, we prayed back to our feet. 7

Us, Adults has to start,”LEADING BY EXAMPLES. Our Children learn from what they see, Not what they hear. If We Want Them To Listen To US:


WITH A-TEENS-SUMMIT-FORUM: MAY 21, 2022 @ The KROC CENTER, Located at Ballentine and Princess ANNE 2:00pm – 4:30pm. 

We’re providing a platform for our YOUTH to express their Grievances. We’re having a 12 Member-Youth-Panel, ranging in Ages from 10-17, addressing their question to a  panel of community and city Leaders.  We will also make it possible for youth in the audience to have their questions addressed.

We need a few more youth to complete to the panel. If you’re a youth with something to get off your chest, in a constructive way. Come to our Coalition Meeting Tomorrow, 6:pm at the KROC Center.

The Summit Is Coordinate by: Mr. Bilal Muhammed-leader of STOP THE VIOLENCE (STVT), To  all community Leaders,  Businesses-Entrepreneurs, consulor’s, educators,and all who’s ready to be, “ALL IN,“ for Our Beloved City of Norfolk; There’s a spot for you on the Coalition with your name on It. 

EACH OF US HAS TO FIND OUR WAY TO BE “ALL IN,” To Stop The Violence In Our Be Love City of Norfolk.

GMW’S of Norfolk We Are All IN, With Our Power. And,In the Name of JESUS, “We can do all things but fail.🙏

Our Beloved City of Norfolk.  

What are the people of Norfolk Called, Norfolkian? I need an adjective to easily address us; So for my story, “I will consider Us as Norfolkian!” I’m open for corrections.

Norfolk Board of Education Member

The violence in our city has to be seriously address and dealt with by each of us doing our part as, “NORFOLKIANS:  The last two (2) City Meetings I attended in the month of March, 2022, the Norfolkians or Constituents, we were treat it like a cheap date.

The Board of Ed., was the Most offensive, their meeting was to pass the budget for 2022 and 2023, and they knew it would be heavily attended; Yet they decided to have it in the small space on the 12th floor of their headquarters, with only 15 seats available for public attendees. Our superintendent was selected; The board was elected. We put them there by our votes, and if we’re not happy with their service, We should vote them out.

Norfolk City Council Members

The same is true for City Council Members, all were elected, except for City Manager, who was Selected. At least accommodations were fine, the majority of the Norforkians in attendance we’re from Park Place; “Protesting the sale of a landmark community church, that’s being sold to be replaced by expensive apartments, Where a-one-bedroom  would rent for $1700 plus a month. In a community where $1000 a month in rent is a struggle.  Those Norforkians were treated as 2nd class citizens. There were a few times when the members were condescending. They cast their yeas and nays, as if what their constituents had to say (even some with tears) had no impact on them, Whatsoever. It was cold and Callous.

The project was given to  a White-Deep-Pocket Contractor, over several Black-Contractors who put in bids to  consider the community and do a great job, they were rejected.

IS NORFOLK A SAFE PLACE TO LIVE? First, keep in mind that Virginia is one of the safest places in the country, ranked No. 7 in the Crime Index by As with any major metropolitan area, there are areas of Norfolk considered more dangerous than others. Taking these areas into account, Norfolk itself is considered one of the more dangerous areas in Virginia.

WHAT ARE THE BAD PARTS OF NORFOLK? There are several neighborhoods, primarily in the southern part of Norfolk, that represent the greatest amount of crime. According to, these include Roberts Village, Campostella, Grandy Village, Beacon Light and Coronado-Inglenook, all of which have some of the area’s highest unemployment, lowest median income, lowest population density and lowest home values.

To Stop The Violence in areas that has the highest amount of crime, Norfolk, we  must address these issues and do something about them:

  1. High Unemployment
  2. Low median income
  3. Lowest population density
  4. Lowest home value
  5. Lowest reading and math scores.
  6. The highest school suspensions and school dropouts.

If we address the above issues, the Violence from guns and drugs will decrease. Each of us has to take a stand, and be willing to make our mark for the benefit of our neighborhoods and beloved City of Norfolk. the City Council and Chief of police is upping their effort, including assistance from other cities.

The city budget for 2022-23, has made the minimum wage for city employees $18. that amount would make lot of difference, in raising the standard of living, in all low income communities, but we also know in order to earn more, ”We must bring more skills to the job market. back to education. Trade Schools, making all of our schools conducive to learning.

We are not helpless. Each of us has the same power: Our Vote, Dollars , God and our Love. Get registered to vote if you’re not, get your rights restored if they were taken away. Know who’s running for office; its going to take some effort on each of us, but its worth it. I’ll help keep us updated on whose running. You just get ready to vote. And lets start letting our children know and see, ”Well maintained schools and neighborhoods say we care.

🙏In Jesus Name we pray🙏



Councilman: Paul Riddick.

I also see Racism raising its ugly head. In My Beloved City of Norfolk.

Councilman Riddick: It’s My  privilege, honor and pleasure  to commend you for your 30 years of service to the city of Norfolk in General,  and Ward 4 in particular.  You are known, and respected as a man of character and integrity, who stands up for his belief, and has no problems voicing your opinions, always, in support of some, and in opposition to  others.

You epitomize what it means to take a stand and make a mark. You have made your Exemplary contribution To the City of Norfolk, as councilman, businessman, father, grandfather friend and Confident of many, and foe of few.  

On behalf of Gethsemane Community Fellowship Baptist Church, Grandmothers,Mother and Women (GMW), WE Matter TOO organization; and the STOP THE VIOLENCE COALITION-under the leadership of Bilal Muhammad. We say thank again for 30 years of unselfish Service.

I also see Racism raising its ugly head. In My Beloved City of Norfolk.

To Norfolk City Council members, I went to the Bd of Edu. meeting last Tuesday in an observatory capacity, was highly disappointed. I left and watch virtual until about about 1:05am Wednesday morning.

I Decided to do some research on the City of Norfolk’s education system and Norfolk, “The city I Luv.” All the research concluded with the board of Ed: C+, and City of Norfolk: C+. We can and must do better for our children. Which raised the question:

Is Norfolk a safe place to live?

First, keep in mind that Virginia is one of the safest places in the country, ranked No. 7 in the Crime Index by As with any major metropolitan area, there are areas of Norfolk considered more dangerous than others. Taking these areas into account, Norfolk itself is considered one of the more dangerous areas in Virginia.

What are the bad parts of Norfolk?

There are several neighborhoods, primarily in the southern part of Norfolk, that represent the greatest amount of crime. According to, these include Roberts Village, Campostella, Grandy Village, Beacon Light and Coronado-Inglenook, all of which have some of the area’s highest unemployment, lowest median income, lowest population density and lowest home values.

GMW and WE MATTER TOO: Is making Southside Stem Academy, (located in Superward 7 and ward 4), Our 1st Project along with the parents in this school, and community.

Another Meeting: Last evening (3/22/22); I attended the City Council Meeting, which was one of the coolest Meeting I have ever attended. The councilmembers came across as condescending, arrogant and uncaring. It was almost like some of the time they were, ”Looking down their noses.”

The Park-slope Community was present in great numbers, expressing their grievances against the gentrification that they can see, will be happening to them. Only Mamie Johnson made an unemotional response to those Constituents who poured out their hearts, then they voted as if their fellow citizens did not exist. Only Councilman Riddick votes against that particular proposal.

I love my City of Norfolk, But, I don’t like it right now. I see Racism raising its ugly head. In My Beloved City of Norfolk.


Norfolk became my city of choice when I moved here from NY 2003. I have no regrets…Let’s Turn a C+ Into an A.

Downtown City of Norfolk

INCLUDING: THE Good-Bad And Ugly, Just Like NY.

GMW of Norfolk: Here; I’m only speaking for myself;  “I try to never point-fingers or complain about a situation, unless I’m willing to help do something about it.”

Based on the Education C+ rating by Niche.Com and the Norfolk City C+ rating by; and some quotes by writer: Eric Mees.  The question becomes, Is Norfolk a safe place to live.

First, keep in mind that Virginia is one of the safest places in the country, ranked No. 7 in the Crime Index by As with any major metropolitan area, there are areas of Norfolk considered more dangerous than others. Taking these areas into account, Norfolk itself is considered one of the more dangerous areas in Virginia. scores Norfolk a C+, ranking it in the 50th percentile for safety, meaning half the cities are more dangerous and the other half are less dangerous.

What are the bad parts of Norfolk?

There are several neighborhoods, primarily in the south part of Norfolk, that represent the greatest amount of crime. According to, these include Roberts Village, Campostella, Grandy Village, Beacon Light and Coronado-Inglenook, all of which have some of the area’s highest unemployment, lowest median income, lowest population density and lowest home values.

What are the Pros and Cons of Living in Norfolk?


When considering “Is Norfolk a good place to live?” it’s good to know that there are many upsides to living in the Norfolk area. The cost of living is lower than the national average, as are housing costs in the area. The military and defense industry, as well as commercial shipping, help keep the local economy afloat even in the toughest times.

Three Public Universities

The area is also home to three public universities as well as a private one. Old Dominion University is a public research university, with approximately 20,000 under-grads and graduate students on campus. The school has eight colleges and offers more than 150 degree programs.  

Norfolk State University, a historically black university, has just over 5,000 under-grads and graduate students. It is one of the state’s most affordable schools.

Eastern Virginia Medical School has less than 1,000 students, and the campus includes the 555-bed Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, a level 1 trauma medical care facility, and a 212-bed children’s hospital.

Virginia Wesleyan University is a private, liberal arts college. The student body consists of about 1,500 mostly under-grads.

Nauticus Battleship U.U. Wisconsin

Norfolk is also home to many performing arts complexes and hosts annual festivals and parades, mostly in Town Point Park. Revitalization efforts in downtown have brought a number of music clubs to the area, many in lower Granby Street. The Chrysler Museum of Art is considered to be the finest museum in the state, with a significant glass collection. The city’s naval presence is celebrated at Nauticus, which is also home to the battleship U.S.S. Wisconsin, which served in WWII, Korea, and the Gulf Wars. And, The Harrison Opera House, official home of the Virginia Opera in the Neon District of Downtown Norfolk.


The most significant con for the region centers around the higher crime rate than many of the neighboring communities. rates a person’s chance of becoming the victim of a violent crime as 1 in 151, significantly higher than Virginia as a whole, which they rate at 1 in 482.

Public schools are not as highly rated as others in Virginia. Larchmont Elementary School, for example, is the top-rated public elementary in Norfolk, earning a B+ and a Virginia-wide ranking of 309th on

Turning Those C+ to A’s, GMW (Grandmother, mothers and women)of Norfolk, is our responsibility. We have the tools: Our Dollars and Vote, Our Power: Our God and Love.

GMW and We Matter, has join forced with the Stop The Violence coalition, in combine efforts of stopping the violence, and improving Norfolk’s  C+ rating. 

Southside Stem Academy

GMW and WE MATTER 2: Is adopting Southside Stem Academy, supporting parents with children in the beautiful underutilized school.  For reasons listed by, Public Schools Review. Southside Stem Academy: Bd of Ed-Rep. Rodney Jordon: Superward 7: and Christine Smith, Ward 4. City Council Superward:7: Rep. Danica J. Royster, and Paul R. Riddick, City Council ward 4.


Grandmothers, mothers, and women (GMW), of Norfolk in particular and all  Norfolkians in General. Our city and schools are on a slippery slope, and sliding downward continually.

The mayor:  Kenneth Alexander and superintendent: Dr. Sharon Byrdsong, You have been elected and selected to direct the course of Norfolk, by the people of Norfolk and for the people of Norfolk. There’s no reason for Norfolk Schools to  have a C+ grade. It’s incumbent upon each of us to make sure our children are better cared for.

Norfolk Public schools VS Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. 2022-2023

VABCH: 2022-23.  (A)

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — On Tuesday, Spence presented the division’s budget to city council members. He’s proposing an $833.5 million Virginia Beach school budget for the 2022/2023 school year. 

Anxiety, uncertainty, and change is hitting students hard during the pandemic, and the Virginia Beach community is paying close attention. 

The Virginia Beach School Division just launched a mental health task force to tackle longstanding mental health issues and problems that have formed throughout the pandemic. 

Next two-year budget will include  10% pay raise for teachers, further expanding largest teacher raises in 15 years.

Grade: (A)  Total Schools: 87  Total Students: 68,706

CHESAPEAKE: 2022-23 (A-)

Chesapeake School Budget-The budget includes a 10% increase in teacher pay, a 14% increase in support staff pay, and a 5% increase in administrative pay for the 2022-23 school year. The proposed budget changes also mean the teacher starting salary would be $51,500.

Grade (A-) Overall  Total Schools: 48;  Total Students: 41,597 

NORFOLK- 2022-23

The Norfolk Public School Board approved a $376.7 operating budget for 2023 during Wednesday night’s meeting. The spending plan includes a provision for increasing teacher pay by 5.8%. Pay for classified employees will increase about 7.5% and administrators will  increase about 7.5% and administrators will see a pay raise of 4.2%.II.

Grade: (C+),  Total Schools: 51    Total Students: 29,837

School kids running in elementary school hallway, front view

Graduation rate: 79%.

The care and attention we give our schools and communities, let our children know how much we care.

Norfolk our children deserve better, plus, our Accountability grade is an (F). I’m ashamed.

To Our MAYOR And SUPERINTENDENT; We’re Also Holding You Accountable!!!

❤️Submitted in Jesus name.🙏

Stopping The Violence In Norfolk 

Norfolk GMW Of Color In Particular; And All GMW in General.

Stop The Violence Rally

GMW (grandmothers, mothers and women), of Norfolk; I attended a stop the violence rally on Saturday, March 5, 2022, at the Stop and Go Liberty St. Berkeley community.

Norfolk‘s GMW, we have to do better. The magnitude of violence in some parts of our city, that most of us seems numb too, has  to become a problem for each of us. Some of the deplorable conditions that are allowed to exist, and summarize in schools in the same communities is a crime against our children in particular and communities.

Last evening I attended a meeting at the Kroc Center with  Stop The Stop Violence Coalition. We are planning a Youth Forum: April 9, 2022 from 2:00pm to 5:00pm at the Kroc Center. We are giving our youth, up to age 20, an opportunity to tell us how they feel, about their issues,” Our issues, keep us adults, up at nite, (some taking Prescription drugs, unprescribed drugs and alcohol), trying to cope with the problems of our everyday today.

We must acknowledge the fact that, ” So, many of our young people end up in foster care, many of them they aging out, never connecting with family again, or loving Environment that would be conducive to providing opportunity for the nurturing, all of us needs to become well-adjusted adults.

The buck stops with us: GMW, God placed our sons and daughters in our wombs for a reason, He provided us the nurturing tools to co-create life with him. Those awesome tools came with an awesome responsibility, which God entrusted us with. So, it incumbent upon those of us, who has a better grasp of those tools, To be responsible for sharing, teaching and showing those of us less endowed, how to properly use those tools, to do a better job with our children. which is why we have so many babies having babies, without the tools to raise them.

I recently read in the Va. Pilot, that half of the Norfolk City Council council wants, and half opposes plans for the Norfolk Boxing Center to be use as a casino, while waiting for the actual casino to be built; even before finding a replacement location. Fortunately it’s encouraging to know that several council members feel a replacement for the center should be found before they start trying to use it for a casino. Norfolk, we need to start putting the needs of our children first, they are our future.

Displacing the residence of Youngtown Terrace as soon as possible, To revitalize St. Paul as a Mix- income community; with a guaranteed right for those residents to return, who wish to, sounds good on paper; we must make sure it’s a reality. Our Children needs  communities that’s conducive to their development. When we live better, “we feel and can do better.” Elective Urban Communities, makes life better for everyone. So Norfolk let’s go for it.

Young’s Terrace elementary school is becoming the incubator for the cradle to prison pipeline. It was brought to our attention at the Saturday rally, that second graders Moore and Tango and their love relationships than math and reading. In this community pro-choice is not A problem because it’s feeding into the prison pipeline. Generating new inventory. We’ve been giving lip-service to the prison-pipeline, “since forever,”But it’s still in business. Only The village can fix the village.

We are asking all organizations that can contribute to stopping the violence coalition to join us. Our next organizational meeting is at the Kroc Center,March 14,@ 6:pm. Only the village can fix the village. We will provide the resources, the platform and alternative solution to the problems our children and communities are facing. So each child and their parents will leave this forum, “with the resources in their hands, along with access to information for further assistance when needed. 

GMW of color in particular, our children are hurting: Committing suicide, resorting to violence behavior, gun violence included, suspension from school; To Spotlight the magnitude their behavior, “A five-year old was arrested in Florida yesterday, for injuring a teacher with a desk. (Somebody dropped the ball with that baby). What happened to our children is our responsibility, Whether we acknowledge it or not, it exists, and it’s our problem. Women of Norfolk, we have to fix this problem. We have to start with our daughters, And rally our men, around our sons.

Grandmothers mothers and women, (GMW) We have the tools at our disposal to make a difference in our children’s lives and the communities we live in. We serve a God that can do all things except fail.

The 2022 elections are upon us, And we are no longer going to be a cheap date. It’s time we start getting compensated our vote and dollars.


2022 Midterm 


Democratic Leaders: We Need Boldness

Democrats Must Go On Offense To Win in 2022 — Start With Upping Your Messaging Platform. Amplifying one agenda, addressing the needs of the American people. 

GMW:  Are they running against the traditional establishment Republicans or #45 Republicans.

GMW, (grandmothers, mothers and women), according to the, imagine this,” if Democrats start messaging, the Child Tax Credit alone — eligible families can receive up to $3,600 for each child under age six and up to $3,000 for each age 6 through 17 for 2022- this puts money in parent’s pockets for their children and yet few Democrats communicate this feat. Likewise, messaging Biden’s Build Back Better package or the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which will provide much-needed improvement to marginalized communities such as reasonable broadband access to ensure that Americans receive reliable high-speed internet, are keys to a potential win in 2022. 

The GOP, dismiss the entire DEM., plans simply as “socialism” or “wasteful spending” without being challenged to address its popular particulars. Challenge THEM!!

Bring The Message To The American People

The Democrats’ Build Back Better plan would ensure paid sick leave, home healthcare, another year of monthly child tax credits that have lifted millions out of poverty, universal prekindergarten, two years of community college, a cap on families’ child-care expenses, healthcare subsidies, Medicare hearing benefits, climate change programs and, to offset the costs, tax increases on corporations and the wealthiest individuals, as well as authorization for Medicare to negotiate for lower prescription drug prices.

The GOP, dismiss the entire DEM., plans simply as “socialism” or “wasteful spending” without being challenged to address its popular particulars. Challenge THEM!!

Democrats can start messaging to voters directly, Every Democratic operative or strategist can stay on message and discuss how Build Back Better will invest over $3.385 billion in capital access investments for small employers and entrepreneurs with nearly $2 billion in a Small Business Association direct lending program for the smallest businesses and government contractors or $60 million to diversify and create equity within the Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) program.

What’s The GOP Solution. Are they running against the traditional establishment Republicans or #45 Republicans.

GMW: All of these are popular with the American people and Republicans, dismiss the entire plan simply as “socialism” or “wasteful spending” without being challenged to address its popular particulars. CHALLENGE THEM

Also Continuing to quote the Hill, “The conservative-learning Supreme Court could also help Democrats maintain their House and Senate majorities and state legislatures in 2022 per their decision regarding reproductive rights by June of 2022 — five months before the midterm contests. As such, Democrats and progressive activists could use the Mississippi case’s threat to abortion rights and make the message hit closer to home for millions of women, including suburban women, potentially winning them back.”

GMW: Are they running against the traditional establishment Republicans or #45 Republicans. 

The GOP, dismiss the entire DEM., plans simply as “socialism” or “wasteful spending” without being challenged to address its popular particulars. Challenge THEM!!

GMW: Democrats could win by going on offense, running the record of successes, not playing defense responding to GOP attacks. The simple lesson —  lean into the Democratic success and communicate these wins, mainly how the triumphs aid American families and children, engage African Americans and Asian-Americans including Korean Americans and Chinese Americans — communicate the talking points and how they improve these communities and others.  Acknowledge your base, that’s how you win.


GMW: Democrats should also capitalize on another critical issue in the midterm elections — the battle between traditional establishment Republicans versus Trump Republicans. Will the establishment fringe wing of the GOP gain control power from the Trump wing? As the GOP-civil war rages on, this allows Democrats further opportunity, in addition to touting the House’s successful passage of their social spending and tax passage as they try to ease voters’ concerns about inflation and shortages of goods.

It would be a bold move for either the President or VP, to go into West Virginia, have fireside chats, bringing his message of $15 minimum-wage and The Build Back Better Plan, plus the infrastructure investment and Job Act to Mr. Manchin constituents, reminding him who’s president.

Here are Five (5) things GMW’s would like to see the Dem., do to win in 2022:

  • Pass some version of Build Back Better Act ASAP
  • See President Biden enforce strict message discipline—and send the right messengers around the country.
  • See the Democrats use the next year to do some really big stuff.
  • Figure out a way to do something with voting rights. Prioritize democracy reform.
  • Go after voters on the sidelines—and win back Latinos. Pass The Dreamers Act, (DACA)

GMW:  It’s Time We Let Our Party Know,  “ We’re No Longer, A Cheap- Date.”

Sinema was censored; Manchin should lose his chairmanships: 

GMW (Grandmothers, Mothers and Women), 2022 is going to be pivotal for the Democrats. First of all, before we go any further we need our party leaders to know, “It’s time to PLAY-HARD BALL, with Joe Manchin and Kristen Cinema,  and #45’s GOP.

Kyrsten Sinema needed to be censored by the Democrats In Arizona. But, why wasn’t Joe Manchin relieved of the committees he chairs. He currently serves as the Chairman of four (4) critical Senate Committees:  The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and also serves on the Senate Committee on Appropriations, the Senate Committee on Armed Services, and the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. If he can’t support his president, and party’s agenda, then he should be stripped of those chaired responsibility.

GMW (Grandmothers, Mothers and Women), 2022 is going to be pivotal for the Democrats. First of all, before we go any further we need our party leaders to know, “It’sKristen cinema, Joe mansion, Democrats, time to PLAY-HARD BALL, with Joe Manchin and Kristen Cinema,  and #45’s GOP.

Kyrsten Sinema needed to be censored by the Democrats In Arizona. But, why wasn’t Joe Manchin relieved of the committees he chairs. He currently serves as the Chairman of four (4) critical Senate Committees:  The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and also serves on the Senate Committee on Appropriations, the Senate Committee on Armed Services, and the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. If he can’t support his president, and party’s agenda, then he should be stripped of those chaired responsibilities.

 Joe Manchin, from one of the poorest states has advocated for a rise only to $11 an hour, as he drives his Maserati to his yacht. Manchin has said that he doesn’t want to pass a paid leave bill. Washington, D.C. (May 11, 2021):  More than two-thirds of West Virginia voters support the For the People Act, including a super-majority of #45 voters, according to findings of a RepresentUs poll.  New Poll: Voters in West Virginia Support Voting Rights Legislation, Want Senator Manchin to Vote to Modify Senate Rules to Allow It to Pass.

We made Biden president not Joe Manchin, if he can’t support his president and party, Then what’s the point of keeping him there. The American people need results not political Power struggles. If Joe wants to be a republican, then give up the seat, and run for it as a republican. Give the Democrats an opportunity to put someone in that seat who would represent our beliefs and support the goals of the party. Should we lose such a race, at least we’ll know what we’re working with.

Hardball needs to start with these 8 senators who voted against the $15.minimum wage bill. If they can’t support their parties Platform, for their constituents needs, then what purpose are they serving, holding those positions. The eight senate Democrats who voted against raising the minimum wage are collectively worth over $43 million they are

  1. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.)
  2. Krysten Sinema (D-Ariz.)
  3. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.)
  4. Maggie Hassan  (D-N.H.)
  5. Joe Tester (D-Mont)
  6. Tom Carper (D-Del.)
  7. Chris Coons (D-Del.)
  8. Angus King (I-Maine)

These Senators needs to be put on BLAST, because, Justice Stephen Breyer 83 is retiring from the Supreme Court at the end of June 2022. Biden promised to nominate a Black Woman for the vacancy; and when he appoints that woman we need all 50 Senators on Board.

Democrats, we need to start believing, that we will maintain our majority in Congress in 2022. GMW, is sick and tired of hearing mainstream media and everyone else who has a platform speculating that the Democrats are going to lose those majorities, In 2022. The GOP is doing absolutely nothing to create a platform that the American people, who has principles and values will want to vote for in 2022.  Their voter suppression laws are meant for one reason, to keep voters from the polls by any means necessary, so they can win elections and offer America’s  voters nothing. 

As soon as Governor Glenn Younkins got sworn into office, his true GOP’s persuasion took center stage. He has the nerve to ban CRT(Critical Race Theory) being taught in Virginia’s schools. He has agreed with #45 and the new GOP policies.

If President Biden and his party continue bringing his message to the people as he did in Philadelphia yesterday, after the collapse of that bridge; the Democrats won’t have any problems winning 2022 elections. 

GMW will guarantee taking back some of those governorsships we lost in 2010. If you, our Democratic Leaders would show us Some go get it tenacity, with confidence and hardball, sprinkled with principles and morals; give us something to feel good about and proud of,  we’ll deliver you the vote. 

As always, our messages are presented in the name of Jesus. Amen

 89th SPECIAL ELECTION JAN. 11, 2022:

Filling Seat vacated by Del. Jay Jones Dec. 16, 2021.  HD 89th.

Grandmothers mothers and women (GMW) in the HD 89th of Norfolk, Va.

If you voted for Jay Jones, in the Nov. 2, 2021 election, Now its important that you vote for Jackie Glass January 11, 2021.

Democratic Candidate for the HD-89th

Jackie Glass a Democratic, initially lost a November race for Norfolk’s City Council Superward 7, by 500 votes to Danica Royster. Now, Jackie Glass says, “Maybe my role was to be a policymaker to support all these things I supported locally. 

After winning the Democratic nomination through a “firehouse caucus” conducted last week, Mrs. Glass said, “ Maybe it was a sign that this race is the one she was meant to win. Let’s help her win.

GMW our efforts to get more women at the policy making tables is and has been, “if you run, we will support you. Jackie Glass has thrown her hat in the ring for HD 89th seat as a “ woman and families candidate.” And the following issues are  identified by her when asked what issue she most strongly support in the event she is elected.

  1. Paid family medical leave
  2. Access to affordable healthcare
  3. Affordable housing, and low income tax credit
  4. Energy efficiency
  5. Small Business and labor relations
  6. Equitable state-funding allocation

Republicans controls the house of delegates Majority after picking up seven seats in the November election; simply because, too many Democrats stayed home, and their vote counted, but not for Democrats. The same is true for when Republicans stay home, their voices count, but, not for Republicans. My point is, GMW when you don’t allow your vote to speak for what you believe, then you’re giving someone that privilege. 

So, GMW, even if you can’t vote in HD 89th, You can still support Jackie Glass with your dollars and whatever help is needed in securing HD89th.

To all Virginians in particular and Americans in general. As stated by: Cecilia Aguilera, an attorney with the Fair Elections Center, a nonpartisan voting rights and electoral reform organization in Washington, D.C. © 2021 Virginian-Pilot.

While several Republican-led state legislatures spent their 2021 sessions trying to make it harder to vote, Virginia’s Democratic-led General Assembly took the opposite approach. Since 2020, it has modernized the commonwealth’s election code to facilitate voting, including by establishing no-excuse early and mail voting. As a result, six times as many Virginians voted early in this year’s general election than in 2017. 

Overall, more voters participated than in 2017, and while many factors can influence turnout, two things are clear: Virginia voters have embraced recent election law changes, and the changes did not disadvantage Republican candidates. 

No Democratic leaders were chanting, “Voter Fraud  in the November 2, 2021, general election, where the Democrats lost the governorship, Attorney General, and a majority in the House of delegates. We believe democracy worked, and It was simply the voters choice. More Republicans than Democrats went to the polls. 

To all Registered Voters in the HD 89th Special Election Jan. 11, 2022, the winner will be determined by the Party that gets their voters to the polls. So Democrats if we wish to hold the 89th, then we have to fight for it, with our platform of addressing the constituents needs, and not attacking the candidates personality or record. We want results. Which will get our people to the polls. 

Omicron Variant



I Got my Vaccine Booster before Thanksgiving, To Ensure the safety of my family around me…NOW we need the Serenity prayer: 


Lord grant me the serenity to except the things I cannot change: THE CORONAVIRUS IS AMONG US! We Can’t Change That.

The courage to change the things that I can: GET VACCINATED AND WEAR A MASK! We Can Do That.



GMW (Grandmothers mothers and women), It’s incumbent upon us to protect our families to the best of our abilities and to walk-softly among those playing Russian Roulette with their lives. TRYING TO NOT BE APART OF: HERD IMMUNITY

Common sense is missing in so many of our political leaders and fellow American. Not realizing vaccinations, wearing masks and constant-hand-washing helps produces Herd immunity which will help prevent the variant from getting stronger and spreading wider. where each new variant is more deadly than the one before.

I have resolved to just pray for the unmask and unvaccinated; because many of them are in my family, and I’m sure, yours also.

 This I pray in the mighty name of Jesus🙏#