GMW Handbook for 2020

We’re Being Manipulated

The first case of COVID-19 in the US which was reported on January 22, 2020, since then, the country has reported 3,260,500 cases and 134,581 deaths.

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women (GMW), If we want real change across America, while doing all we can to save our children, families, and country, we must first KEEP THEM ALIVE. We must Get our priorities in order. Each of us is responsible for doing our part, and it starts in each of our homes. We must lead by example: wear a mask; practice social distancing; wash hands often; get tested depending on your movement or travel; avoid crowds; and last, but not least, get to the voting polls on November 3, 2020.

Me, My Grands and Great-grands

All of my grandchildren, from 1 year to 17 years, have been on serious lock down over the past 5 months, and their parents are riding shotgun over them. As I have traveled from state to state, while visiting my sister, brothers and other family members during their health challenges, I followed safety protocols for the protection of myself and others by wearing face masks, gloves and using hand-sanitizer, alcohol sprays, and Lysol. Upon returning home, I always get a Covid-test and quarantine before going around my family or others. I believe we can control this virus if we do our part and listen to updates given by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) health departments, mayors, and the governor.

GMW, America will never be the same again because we all now see the things we have in common are much greater than all the differences. We must make sure that we, along with our children, learn American History—the good, the bad and the ugly. There are no statues of Hitler in Germany because they know the true story. Hitler was a brutal leader who killed more than 10 million people to create a “pure” German society, which resulted in the ruin of Germany at the end of World War II. Throughout America’s educational systems and society in general, it is time for a serious, honest, and complete examination of our history for accuracy and revision.

George Floyd was the sacrificial lamb to wake up America and the world. Americans in all 50 states are protesting the great injustices that have been allowed to exist in this country. While the demonstrations have put focus on our problems, we have to legislate solutions. GMW, we are responsible for making sure our states are addressing problems individually and pursue changes and justice at the national level. We must keep the majority in the House of Representatives, achieve a majority in the Senate, and win the White House in November 2020. We need a majority in the House and Senate to unite America. We must seriously start holding the people we choose to represent us accountable and demand that they do their jobs, or we must make them one-term by voting to remove them from office. Ladies, we MUST realize the value of our power, especially OUR VOTE. Our country must have credible leadership which reflects the entire America landscape – white, black, brown, red, and yellow, without respect to gender or religion.

In the comingv months, we can support and help our next President (Joe Biden) by maintaining a focus on the dying American Middle Class and the issues brought forth in The Poor People’s Campaign, as conducted by Rev. William Barber. The platform demands that we dispel the notion that systemic racism, poverty, ecological devastation, and the war economy hurt only a small segment of our society. More than 40,600,000 Americans subsist below the poverty line; this report additionally shows that there are close to 140 million people dealing with some combination of these crises every day. Nearly half of our population cannot afford a $400 emergency, which presents a structural crisis of national proportion that ties poverty to things like healthcare and housing. The devastation cuts across race, gender, age, and geography. It has carved a dangerous and deepening moral chasm in America and inflicts a tragic loss of purpose, even among the affluent. Mr. Biden has to address these issues. He needs our votes to win.

This we Pray in the Name of Jesus…Amen?

America’s Injustice In Living Color

GMW nationally our children, the millennials have joined forces across the country protesting police brutality On our sons and daughters of color. We have been Protesting police brutality on our people of color for generations. 

George Floyd Living His Life

On Monday May 25th 2020, America and the world witness the lynching of 46 years George Floyd, by 4 White MPO. Their immediate punishment was being fired. Today May 29th those officers still have not been arrested or charged. But a CNN  Black Reporter was arrested, while his White Partner a small distance away, was not arrested. MPD’s Racism is blatant, and they are not unique. 

George Floyd Losing His Life

Across our country, our Millennials black and white are joining forces. indicating they have had enough, our President Mr. Trump, is instructing our military and police to start shooting as soon as there is looting. GMW, none of us Condone violence in any form,but our justice system in America has to apply to our children of color, the same as they treat my white sons & daughters. Example: Mohamed Noor, who is black, Somali and Muslim,became the first Minnesota police officer convicted of murder in an on-duty killing, of Justine Ruszczyk, who was white.

Officer Noor and his partner were in their squad car in an alley investigating when Ms. Ruszczyk approach. Officer Noor said he heard a bang and fired one shot from the passenger seat when Justine appeared at the driver’s window, he feared for their life. During cross-examination assistant county attorney, Amy Sweasy asked Mr. Noor,”Her blonde hair, and pink T-shirt and all, that was a threat to you. It’s assumed, Black Officers should have no fear? And, feel no fear when white people show-up, as is the case of Mr. George Floyd.

Now unfortunately, our children are protesting across the country because (4) white racist, un-empathetic white officers killed a man in handcuffs. They should have been arrested and let justice prevail. Our President is behaving like a spoil Bret with Twitter, while COVID-19 has killed over 100,000 Americans with 1.7m tested positive, he’ simply deflecting.  Our millennials across the country is protesting the 400 years of injustice, and Mr. Trump wants to Invoke the 1960 southern policy of when looting starts shooting begins. 

ST. Paul Minnesota Burning

Our children destroyed the police department in St.Paul last nite, and placed themselves in great danger, that we don’t condone, but they’re still alive and some are in jail, where those 4 officers should be! George Floyd is just the Tip-of the Ice-berg. It’s time white police-brutality against black people has to change.  GMW all of us has to be just as outrage regarding injustice as our children, if we do our part, they won’t have to use their methods. I’m so glad our children has join forces, because our police officers, think nothing of shooting my children, but will choose a different method when it comes to those who looks like them. 

In all the madness and the pandemic crisis, America and the world is facing, we will hold on to Jeremiah 29:11.

I’ve been checking news around the world and they are all focus on America. Plus the police in Minneapolis are still blatantly lying, they said they release Omar, the Black Reporter, after they discover he was with the media. He was covering the news with a microphone in his hand, while showing them his credentials. It appears they have become so comfortable in their racist behavior, until they forget, their behavior is caught on cameras, live and in color,  as it was for Amy Cooper, in Central Park, The same for Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia.  Even though the Georgia police department, suppressed the film in their Effort to cover-up the killing of Mr. Arbery.

Ahmaud Arbery killed for no reason except, Racism

With all of the advocacy for justice, peace and change, nothing has happen, maybe after a police station has been burned. We will all start paying attention. From the White House to the Outhouse. GMW, we will continue to pray for justice, peace, and empathy, in Jesus’s name, we pray. Amen.

What’s Mitch McConnell And The GOP Trying To Hide

We All Know What A Trial Looks Like, And This Is Not It:

Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell: GMW needs to hear the facts.

We will not raise our families under a: Hitler Mentality brewing slavery conditions.

Carl Bernstein has given Mitch McConnell a new nickname, “Midnight  Mitch,” because he’s embracing a coverup that is there for all to see. It’s about preventing information from becoming-known-and-seen by an American public.

He also noted, ‘in the impeachment of Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton there had been no problem about knowing the truth or the facts.

Present the facts Mitch, and let the defense, defend. 

Mitch McConnell, what are you so afraid of, that placed a “Price Tag”  on your CHARACTER and SOUL, what a Price.

While  Mitch McConnell is putting a price tag on his Soul, President Trump is preparing to divert an additional $7.2 billion in Pentagon funding for border wall construction this year, five times what Congress authorized him to spend on the project in the 2020 budget.

If Mr. Trump lied about making the Mexicans build his expensive wall, what else is he lying about?

I think GMW, “that small segment of the population, that makes up the base of Trumps Following, has been so devastated by having a Black President until, they will except any White man, as president, even if he couldn’t spell his name.”
Which is the real reason they are so willing to let Trump get away with things, they would killed Barack for doing.

If this is not true, then I’m asking God to please have my nose dragging the ground by the next time you see me!!!

 89th SPECIAL ELECTION JAN. 11, 2022:

Filling Seat vacated by Del. Jay Jones Dec. 16, 2021.  HD 89th.

Grandmothers mothers and women (GMW) in the HD 89th of Norfolk, Va.

If you voted for Jay Jones, in the Nov. 2, 2021 election, Now its important that you vote for Jackie Glass January 11, 2021.

Democratic Candidate for the HD-89th

Jackie Glass a Democratic, initially lost a November race for Norfolk’s City Council Superward 7, by 500 votes to Danica Royster. Now, Jackie Glass says, “Maybe my role was to be a policymaker to support all these things I supported locally. 

After winning the Democratic nomination through a “firehouse caucus” conducted last week, Mrs. Glass said, “ Maybe it was a sign that this race is the one she was meant to win. Let’s help her win.

GMW our efforts to get more women at the policy making tables is and has been, “if you run, we will support you. Jackie Glass has thrown her hat in the ring for HD 89th seat as a “ woman and families candidate.” And the following issues are  identified by her when asked what issue she most strongly support in the event she is elected.

  1. Paid family medical leave
  2. Access to affordable healthcare
  3. Affordable housing, and low income tax credit
  4. Energy efficiency
  5. Small Business and labor relations
  6. Equitable state-funding allocation

Republicans controls the house of delegates Majority after picking up seven seats in the November election; simply because, too many Democrats stayed home, and their vote counted, but not for Democrats. The same is true for when Republicans stay home, their voices count, but, not for Republicans. My point is, GMW when you don’t allow your vote to speak for what you believe, then you’re giving someone that privilege. 

So, GMW, even if you can’t vote in HD 89th, You can still support Jackie Glass with your dollars and whatever help is needed in securing HD89th.

To all Virginians in particular and Americans in general. As stated by: Cecilia Aguilera, an attorney with the Fair Elections Center, a nonpartisan voting rights and electoral reform organization in Washington, D.C. © 2021 Virginian-Pilot.

While several Republican-led state legislatures spent their 2021 sessions trying to make it harder to vote, Virginia’s Democratic-led General Assembly took the opposite approach. Since 2020, it has modernized the commonwealth’s election code to facilitate voting, including by establishing no-excuse early and mail voting. As a result, six times as many Virginians voted early in this year’s general election than in 2017. 

Overall, more voters participated than in 2017, and while many factors can influence turnout, two things are clear: Virginia voters have embraced recent election law changes, and the changes did not disadvantage Republican candidates. 

No Democratic leaders were chanting, “Voter Fraud  in the November 2, 2021, general election, where the Democrats lost the governorship, Attorney General, and a majority in the House of delegates. We believe democracy worked, and It was simply the voters choice. More Republicans than Democrats went to the polls. 

To all Registered Voters in the HD 89th Special Election Jan. 11, 2022, the winner will be determined by the Party that gets their voters to the polls. So Democrats if we wish to hold the 89th, then we have to fight for it, with our platform of addressing the constituents needs, and not attacking the candidates personality or record. We want results. Which will get our people to the polls. 

Omicron Variant



I Got my Vaccine Booster before Thanksgiving, To Ensure the safety of my family around me…NOW we need the Serenity prayer: 


Lord grant me the serenity to except the things I cannot change: THE CORONAVIRUS IS AMONG US! We Can’t Change That.

The courage to change the things that I can: GET VACCINATED AND WEAR A MASK! We Can Do That.



GMW (Grandmothers mothers and women), It’s incumbent upon us to protect our families to the best of our abilities and to walk-softly among those playing Russian Roulette with their lives. TRYING TO NOT BE APART OF: HERD IMMUNITY

Common sense is missing in so many of our political leaders and fellow American. Not realizing vaccinations, wearing masks and constant-hand-washing helps produces Herd immunity which will help prevent the variant from getting stronger and spreading wider. where each new variant is more deadly than the one before.

I have resolved to just pray for the unmask and unvaccinated; because many of them are in my family, and I’m sure, yours also.

 This I pray in the mighty name of Jesus🙏#


DEMOCRATIC ON THE HILL And ALL Democratic Leaders: 

Grandmothers, mothers, women (GMW), we need to see results. We’re staunch Democratic,

some are very active member of Norfolk Democrats, others serving as Precient  captain. We helped turn Virginia blue, got a majority in Congress and made Mr. Biden, President.

I’m referring to the base that revived Mr. Biden’s campaign and made him president. The middle class and the infrastructure bill will not make sure we maintain a majority in Congress, in 2022.

The Voters Rights  Act  Bill  and George Floyd Justice Reform Bill. should be on the tongue of every Democrat concerning the 2022 election. The GOP has been busy; Inacting over 400 voter suppression bills in over 45 states. Without much opposition or counter action from Democrats.

Right now we’re very disheartened with 

our party, because of  ineffectiveness, infighting,  and lack of party unity.  We want you to know, Virginia did not lose the election because the GOP had an agenda that people wanted to follow, It was simply the Democrats turned off so many of their base, Until it was impossible to win without them.

Now we’re bombarded with request for donation such as this: (A representative)“ I’m still alarmingly short of my must-hit End of Month goal. Please chip-in $4 dollars, another (The Oval Office) asking for donations $10 and-up. ( A Senator) asking for donations of $7. and up before midnight.

When the Democrats cater to their base’s core needs, they can easily win any election, because we’ll support you!

The GOP is very vociferous concerning pro life. Why are the Democrats so quiet about Second Amendment rights, especially getting rid of Ak-47, getting a law on the books, giving civilians an opportunity to bring charges against any Civilian seen with an assault weapons, and bringing it across state-lines. would he have had a day in court, being tried by Jury of his peers, where most of the juries looked like him. 

Gun violence is a health issue. Our country is in a crisis; and guns are allowed to be king. So many guns are on our street now, until the police has no idea what type of weapon he will be facing when interacting with the public, but if you’re the right color, you would get consideration before shoot are fired.

The double standard of policing we saw in the Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial was Justice determined by color. If a black 17 year old child was in Rittenhouse’s place, in the same scenario, “Walking toward a group of policeman with an AK 47 around his neck, would he be having a trial in front of a jury of his peers, that mostly look like him?

Now, largely because of the pandemic, opioid abuse — with its terrible human toll — is undeniably a nationwide health emergency that demands strong, comprehensive action. 

The numbers are appalling. The latest figures from researchers at the National Center for Health Statistics show that from April 2020 to April 2021, more than 100,000 people in the United States died of drug overdoses. That’s more than in any previous 12-month period, an average of 275 every day. 

Democrats, you need to, Be more tenacious. I am a Democrat because the NEW GOP,s principles, values, integrity, standing up for nothing, but laying with anything, would make me blow my brains out, if I had to stand behind some of the stuff, they are standing behind.

So Democrats, please stop constantly asking your constituents for more money to accomplish the things, you should have already accomplish. You don’t need more money to do your jobs.  Congress in both houses needs to stop the in-fighting the power-struggles, and think of the American people, and the reason  we sent you to Washington in the first place.

White America, please don’t forget, “when drugs was destroying Urban and black communities, your answers were, “Just say no, and lock them up;” until it came to your neighborhoods and white communities; then it became a health crisis. So please don’t forget what goes around comes around. It’s a pay me now or pay me later, because we all pay, If we don’t work together. This is an open letter to my party the Democrats in particular and the GOP in general. 

Democrats, If your base is being denied easy access to the polls, and you’re doing nothing about it, “You would reap better rewards by channeling your campaign funds into infrastructure and the middle class, and letting the NEW GOP do what  they  do best, shut-up and sell their Souls to the highest bidder, and get a  Congressional Majority in 2022, and strap the infrastructure bill, that you gave priority, over votings rights, justice reform, statehood for DC and the Peoples act. Those item were on your campaign agenda.

Our new governor is anti-CRT, (critical race theory) antiabortion, voter fraud, and too quite about January  sixth.

This statement is for parties on both sides of the aisle, who professes to not be a racist, but your vote says otherwise; and each of you knows who you are. You’re not racist but you have a confederate flag, tag or license plate on your car, and you vote for candidates with white supremacist ideologies.

Norfolk recently you and Virginia Beach were complaining about not being able to get workers, and was contemplating closing down some afterschool centers. Virginia Beach decided they needed to pay those workers more money, which solve their centers staffing problems. Norfolk, don’t you think,”that’s your problem also.” The borders are closed, stopping the illegal immigrants, who was primary in staffing those positions, some of which pays under three dollars an hour, If it’s in the restaurant arena.

Shawntell Mills-Sanchez

Shawntell Mills-Sanchez

Running For Legislative District 4 New York,

Candidate for Rensselaer County Legislature NASSAU · SAND LAKE, SCHODACK

GMW(Grandmothers, Mothers Women), please meet and support my friend Shawntell Mills- Sanchez, and sister, to my daughter-in-law, “Mary Mills- Collins.”

I’m so proud of her and our young Men and Women, who are answering the call to step into their cities and states political arenas, taking responsibility for their futures and that of their childrens.

My generation has almost destroyed your Country by being in the arena too long. And now some of the old-heads are trying to bring back Jim Crow Laws, under the gise of Election Integrity, I would call it, Legislative fraud.

We can all give Donald Trump credit for exposing the swamp, with an unquestionable ability too divided our Country. But, each of us is responsible for our part in allowing him to do what he did, and is still trying to do. We have been divided, but not conquered. That’s why I have decided, “I will never again vote for anyone, for political office over 65. So. you never have to worry about me running😊Ever!!!

The power struggle that is consuming the top three branches of our government is out of control. The supreme court has become Partisan. Young political leaders, one issue that should be at the top of your agenda is, “The Supreme Court. It should no longer be a lifetime appointment, only 25 to 30 years. We have 2 Supreme Court justices with sexual abuse allegations, and an x-president who said, “He could grab a woman by her private-part-kiss her and she would like it, plus 16 women has accused him of rape. He wants be president again. He has no respect for our intelligence.

But Now, Back To My Friend: Shawntell Mills-Sanchez, who’s a Candidate for RensselaerCounty Legislature NASSAU · SAND LAKE, SCHODACK.

She Feels:: As a County Legislator, one of my most important duties is to focus on the health and well-being of the residents of District 4 – Nassau, Sand Lake and Schodack. Our communities deserve to have safe water to drink, clean air to breathe and green spaces to enjoy with family and friends. 

The Village of Nassau is a historic community located in the rolling hills of southern Rensselaer County. It consists of a small central business district, a Village center, and commons with a bandstand surrounded by residences and pocketed neighborhoods.

My opponents are siphoning campaign donation from a number of individuals and companies with mining interest through Republican committees. This allows for local influence peddling into mining practices that negatively impacts our community.

So, to all of my fellow New Yorkers, GMW’s, Democrats,  Family, Friends, and my son by love ❤️ , Shawn Young, (Whom I’m grooming for mayor of NY or NJ) , if you’ll can’t vote for her, please support her with your power: Your Dollars, Your Vote, Our God and Our❤️.

GMW, everywhere, our men, so many of them,  have decided it’s unconstitutional to demand that anyone wear a mask, but it’s constitutional for them to tell us what we can’t an can do with our bodies. GMW we must be at the tables, making The legislative decisions, regarding our bodies. Those men who think they better than us, how we should handle our bodies have totally lost their minds. 

Mrs. Finale Norman the GMW of Virginia support you 💯 in the HD-100. We will do our best to get you elected, Then to all the GMW and democrats in Georgia for 2022, if she wants it, We’ll be putting Tracy Abrams in the Governor Office. 

We’re AWAKE AND UNITED!!! In Jesus name we’re praying for guidance, unity and victory.

Hampton Roads  Black Caucus GOP vs Hampton Roads  Black Democrats. 

Keep Virginia Blue

GMW, (Grandmothers, Mothers and Women), Hampton Roads Black Caucus is not a bipartisan group. They Are the  GOP, I have nothing against them calling themselves  Hampton Roads Black Caucus, but they need to own their partisanship as  GOP. They should not give their Republican Candidate for governor the impression that democrats are endorsing him, because we are not. His platform is for Donald Trump’s’ Agenda, and against everything we’re fighting for.

For clarity sake, ‘The democrats formed a caucus group called The Black Democrats of Virginia. They stipulated Democratic, So as not to cause confusion. 

The GOP is pulling out all the tricks to win elections, why not let your platform speak for you. You are anti-abortions, voting rights, against mask wearing and vaccines to stem the spread of COVID-19, terrified of critical race theory, want no part of sensible Gun laws, and did nothing to bring the Affordable Cares Act to  Virginians. Why not embrace what your party stands for.  I have been in Virginia for 18 years, and a member of Norfolk Democrats for about 15; never heard of any bipartisan participation with ,“ HAMPTON ROADS BLACK CAUCUS in any cause or event, until now when they want bipartisan endorsement of Glenn Youngkin, for governor.

 Virginia’s Democrats intention is, “Keeping Virginia Blue,” with a Democratic Governor. So, Mr. Glenn Youngkin, HRBC is made up of Black Republicans, whose  counter-part is the Black Democrats of Hampton Roads. Nothing personal against HRBC, we’re just opposite parties. HRBC, you need more transparency, and a little more integrity won hurt.

Wren Williams GOP

GMW, “The GOP is at it again, ”in the 9th HD District consisting of Patrick county, parts of Franklin and Henry counties, has been represented by Charles Poindexter since 2008. Wren Williams won the nomination in June, 2021.

GMW, here is the dilemma in HD-9, Bridgette Craighead, Democrat: Is running against Republican Wren Williams to represent Virginians in Franklin and Patrick Counties, November 2, 2021.

Bridgette Craighead DEM

Bridgette is a young Black Mother and Entrepreneur, when she first entered the race, she was totally ignored, as not a challenge and none entity. But, as she began to receive local, National and international attention, she.s now facing criminal misdemeanor charges of abusive language to another person in Franklin County. She ‘s set to appear in court for adjudicatory hearing on October 28, 2021. Is it a coincidence that the court date is five days before election day November 2.

Ms. Craighead Call the charge “ false and in uninvestigate.” She said it’s an attempt to use the courts to attack Democratic candidate and silence black women who are shedding light on long-standing injustice in the our community.

Democrats of Virginia in particular and GMW in general, we need to give Bridgette Craighead our support and Attention, if we’re not already doing it.


Let’s keep Va. Blue November 2, 2021. If YOU’RE NOT SURE! VOTE THE TICKET!!!  


Terry McAuliff: For Governor

Terry McAuliff, looking to the future: Continuing to fight for civil rights, voting rights, ensuring all Virginians have access to quality affordable healthcare, build a clean energy economy to address climate change and address the affordable housing crisis our communities are facing. Most importantly, Terry will make an unprecedented investment in education. The time is now to ensure a world-class education for every Virginia child. Our future and our children cannot wait. 

Mr. McAuliff, must also put,”Gun Violence in Virginia and across America on his agenda for the next 35 days to November 2,” And all candidates running for election or re-election in Virginia. 

Virginia, you can vote today if you choose. The Beauty Of Choice!!!

America, we all know voter fraud is being perpetrated by the very persons claiming fraudulent activities. All of the new voter laws being legislated by many states, is a perfect example of Voter Fraud and Voter suppression, they know it, but are choosing to use the euphemism, ‘voter integrity to make it smell better.’

When it comes to immigration the Democrats nor the GOP, looks very-good: The Trump administration had nursing babies taken away from their mothers, to never be seen again, And, the Biden administration is responsible for Haitian refugees to be treated as the slaves were treated less than 200 years ago, by men on horses. A perfect example of critical race theory; A part of our history that’s never going to rest, until we face it. what we saw happening to the Haitians at our borders, was and is, racism personified.

Both parties need to put on their big boys and girls pants, And start working together to fix the mess both of you are responsible for creating. Pointing the finger is not going to fix America’s problem. To be perfectly honest, ” each of us needs to start addressing our elephant in the room. I address this question to Mr. Bill O’Reilly several years ago, nothing has changed, except now the storm is spreading all across America.

Grandmothers, mothers and women (GMW), I am so glad, God knows the plans he has for each of us, not to harm us, but to help us (Jeremiah 29:11). Remember America, He allowed The Jews to be captured and Exiled to Babylon for 70 years. America are you wondering what plan He has for us, as we continue to be a country divided.

I submit this message in the name of Jesus, and I hope America says, Amen 🙏

Politicians Pass Laws-GMW CAST VOTES 

Democrats, where is your backbone. You need to get Behind your President 100 percent; He’s trying to clean up his predecessor mess, while trying to get his own agenda in place.

Who is, Part of COVID-19 ‘s Problem or Solution?
  1. According to the Washington post, the essence of Trump’s deal with the Taliban, (not the afghan) required Biden to either maintain the withdrawal or escalate fighting. 
  2. Number 45 also encouraged his GOP Constituents not to take the vaccine, and wear mask to help curtail the spread Covid-19.
  3. He couldn’t face the fact he lost the election, simply because the American people didn’t want another four(4) years of him.

The GOP knew what he was doing was wrong, but they chose to look the other way, and stood by #45 as he almost destroyed our Country, as we knew it. Knowing, Trump didn’t know what he was doing, while almost seven-hundred-thousand Americans lost their lives to COVID-19, The GOP, Didn’t even try to reprimand him when he told us all to take some Clorox or disinfectant for COVID-19. 

The GOP put 2 justices on the Supreme Court that should not be there. We now have a Partisan Supreme Court, that is making it imperative that we have no more life-term positions in government. The only Life-term position in this country should be parenting.

Democrats! Now  David Chipman’s nomination is possibly being withdrawn from leading the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) because of opposition from Joe Manchin, 4 other moderate democrats and Mitch McConnell, Chipman is not the only high profile White House nominee withdrawn. Neera Tanden’s nomination to lead the office of Management and budget was Withdrawn in March of this year, because of opposition from Manchin and 50 Senate Republicans.

Democrats, if you don’t succeed in getting Biden’s budget pass this year, it’s not a life or death situation; As are, some of the issues we are currently dealing with, that needs your attention immediately. Your base has the capability to keep you in office, and make sure you increase your majority in both houses of Congress in 2022. But you must treat your base like we matter; address our issues, put us first, and we will keep you first.

Democrats if you put the needs of your base and the majority of the American people first, We will make sure you get the majority in 2022, so that Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema will not be a negative-thorn in your agendas ever again. Because The GOP is busy (shooting themselves in the foot) passing asinine-laws that makes no sense like:

Abortion-with public vigilante groups,voter suppression, no Masts, and really crazy gun laws. Just know: They pass the laws; but we cast the votes.

GMW, The GOP is busy Weaponized the mess in Afghanistan trying to get an advantage in 2022. Ignoring the chaos that they are creating in this country, especially Texas, and other Red States who’s major concern is power, by any means necessary; if Covid-19 doesn’t take them out.

GMW Trumpism negotiate with the Taliban to leave Afghanistan May 1, 2021. The Americans in Afghanistan and any afghans who wanted to leave knew they had at least 17 months to start preparing. 

Also GMW, After 20 years of training the afghans Military and Security at the cost of so many Americans lives and over $83 billion dollars the Afghans were only able to defend themselves for 11 days.

The Biden administration Up-held Trump deal, negotiate for another four months. Giving everyone more time to prepare to leave; the Afghan civilians and American to starting preparing to leave if they wanted to.  GOP, this Argument or platform for your 2022 supposed victory is not going to stand up to truth either,Because each of you know what your contribution to this Afghan chaos is all about. GOP please always know, “The Truth Will Never Be A Lie.”

So please don’t take this voter fraud junk to the recall in California. Because the reason this recall  exist in the first place is based on lies.

Finale Norton HD100

GMW especially here in Virginia, we have to walk the walk on November 3, 2021. In the House of Delegates the Dem has 55 seats, the GOP has 45. We must keep our 55 and pick-up as many more as God allow us, starting with the HD100: Finale Norton. GD79: Nadarius Clark and the HD-64th: Michael Drewry.

GMW; we plans to keep Va. blue in November 2021, and gain a few more seats in the HD. 

All of these decisions Were made with the understanding, the Afghan military forces were going to be able to defend their homeland and the Taliban honor their hand-shake agreement with Trump. for more then 11 days. 

Most of those Americans and Afghans still trying to get out of Afghanistan has to assume some of the responsibility for the situation they are in, by the choices they either did or did not make. This deal was originally made February 2020. When Trump was making a mess of almost everything he touch. While the politically savvy members of his party stayed mute almost.

Now we have the Delta Variant, almost out of control in states that did not support vaccines or masts wearing, and chaos in Afghanistan due to bad negotiations, with the Taliban instead of with Afghans.

It would be so nice now, to have Bipartisan  leadership to deal with America challenges;  which would give voters a chance to cast their votes based on commonsense decisions made with integrity, principles and moral values.  GMW let’s continue praying for the above in Jesus Name. Amen

You Pass The Laws-We Cast The Votes

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women (GMW): We’re on a Mission, Controlling our Bodies-and Casting Our Votes.

Both sides of Our political Arenas are filled with charismatic politicians, Who has no desire to Put their constituents needs above their own.

Texas Law Makers Trust Us With Their Guns, But Not Our Wombs

But if there was a contest for Power by whatever means necessary, the GOP would win; January 6 sealed the deal for them as the winners. And, the Texas GOP just put the frosting on their Celebratory Cake. Even The Supreme Court has join their Group.

Joy Reid said it best in her, “Absolute Worst Report,”

As a result of the above inclusion. The Supreme Court Should no longer be a Life-Time-Appointment; Only  A-25-years-term-position.

My generation, those of us 65+ has made some good and bad accomplishments,  the bad, is overshadowing the good. Even the weather has been effected by decisions by us. letting us know, ”We’ve done too many things wrong.

The only life-time-positing should be, PARENTING: It’s one of the things God did not give up dominion-over. We can choose not to behave like parents, but once sperm Fertilize-an egg in the womb and we give birth, we are parents, like it or not.

So Mr. Writers of the Texas Abortion law, and just sperm donors in so many cases; You get to walk away with no responsibility, even if I was raped, by my father, brother, uncle, cousin, friend, or a random man; and you have the nerve to tell us women,”we have to keep it whether we like it or not, and The Supreme Court goes along with you; WE DON’T THINK SO!!!

Grandmothers, mothers and women (GMW), we make the decisions as owners of our wombs, along with our doctors, we will decide what remains what happens with our bodies. not you sperm donors. If we have a NEED for an abortion, We will get one.

Our next immediate mission is too the make sure, All Politicians with your ideology and mindset, is serving your last term in office. Because, I’m quite sure those (GMW’s), who voted for some of you, against-their-better-judgment would not be making that mistake again.

We would also like to put on notice any other state getting ready to follow Texas’s example…You Pass The Laws, WE CAST THE VOTE, and we’re consistent. 

Our leader is our creator (God) and we follow Him, in the name of Jesus🙏

Black and White Justice: 

Grandmothers mothers and women (GMW), in general and (GMW) of color in particular: 

This man Jason Pope aka DJ Kidd:  Admits and brags about exposing 693 bodies…All Black Females ages 12-17 to HIV and More. From the late 90’s to 2019

Unequal-Justice, I’m just reading about Jason, there was no public media outcry on Jason, I wonder why?  But the Media loves  R.Kelly.I’m not condoning the behavior of either one. I’m Condemning the application of justice and media coverage.

GMW of color, we must make more Noise about the treatment of our daughter. The damage perpetrated on our young Black princesses by Jason Pope a.k.a. DJ Kidd should have been Broadcast from the mountain tops all across America and the world. We can all ask ourselves,”Would a DJ kidd, of a different race been able to get away with doing the same thing to 693 of our white princesses for over 20 years before finally being put in jail in 2020. Our Justice System has to be reformed and and qualified immunity, (must die)!!!

Texas Just pass a law telling women we have no control over our bodies… Women don’t get pregnant by themselves, the lawmakers are among the providers of the sperm. Now they want us to take whatever they give us, by any means they choose and there’s nothing we can do aboutt. How ridiculous is that?

Then passing a bills outlawing the wearing of masks as a violation of civil rights  (the mast will protect the lives of our Most vulnerable from COVID-19. Also, giving the people of Tx., the right to carry guns in public without a permit, training or background check.

GMW: When Good People look away, evil flourish. We need to come together now, using our God-given and Constitutional Rights and power, to bring common sense, integrity and decency back to governing. 

We are beginning to see abuse of power at a magnitude that we never thought possible under democracy. Texas as become a perfect example of abusing power.


Donald Trump unleash the swamp, and it’s  trying to spread across the country; but GMW, we can’t allow This venom to spread. We have the power to stop it, and if we don’t; we deserve what we get!!!

GMW Donald Trump and our current disasters happens, when some of us choose not to vote for what believe. Now we all can see, how expensive compromising principles and values can be.

🙏With GOD as our leader, Consulor, protector and provider, and us, using our power, we can, and must stop this madness. In the mighty name of Jesus🙏

Lets keep Virginia blue.

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women (Gmw), let’s keep Virginia blue; it’s not going to be easy, but we can do it. We are asking all of our Democratic Senators,to please support our party and ,for once follow the examples of your counterpart, The GOP’s. If you put your base first, we will give you the power! 

Getting ready for Richmond in the HD-100

Our country appears to be either coming out of a crisis or going into one, or reverting back to a problem we thought we were getting control of.  We once handle crisis as a unified nation, but our current state of divisiveness, has become a crisis in itself.

GMW, What we can do now is,“keep each other covered in prayer,  and use our powers  jointly to accomplish the things we know we must do.” Our power is: Our God, Our Love, Our Vote and Our Dollars.  We turned Virginia blue  when the odds seemed daunting, but we did it. Now we must beat the daunting odds again, and send Finale-Norton to Richmond as HD for the 100th. 

I met her last evening at an Oceanview Diner fundraise, which is requiring The use of our dollars, to make sure she has the means to run a campaign that Will turn the HD 100 blue. She’s a product of the Eastern shore and is a phenomenal woman, please meet her below.

Finale Johnson Norton was born and raised in Exmore, on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. She will be an advocate for working families in the General Assembly because her own family had to work very hard to make ends meet. Her mom cleaned homes before earning her cosmetology license later in life, and her father shucked clams and laid ground cable. In the eighth grade, Finale’s father sadly died when he was hit by a truck. Social Security helped her family during the hard times. In high school, Finale cleaned clam buckets at 6 a.m. at Willis Wharf, graded tomatoes at Six L’s, waitressed, and spent a short week picking crabs at a local crab house. Thanks to public schools, Finale had a chance to further her education. After graduating from Northampton High School, she attended Hampton University and earned her Bachelor of Science degree.

For the next 20 years as a Navy wife and businesswoman, she resided in Norfolk, Virginia, never far from home, as her family remained in Norfolk and on the Eastern Shore. Finale began working at Bank of America (FKA) Sovran Bank in 1988. Always advocating for inclusion and equity, she served on Bank of America’s Diversity Council and was an executive sponsor for the company’s Lead for Women initiative and LGBTQ initiative. During her 26-year tenure at Bank of America, mostly in Norfolk, Finale worked her way up to becoming an executive with responsibility for more than 3,500 employees. She then worked at a global consulting company before retiring from corporate America.n

She has Washington’s Support

Now she wants to work for us, from Richmond as our HD100; Let’s help her achieve this mission. I can assure you, we will reap the benefits of her going to Richmond on our behalf. So GMW’s of the HD100 let’s go into our toolboxes and get to work.

Let’s also pray for the Bidens administration, the victims and their families injured in the  bombing at the Kabul  airport, and  especially for our military men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice of giving up their lives,while supporting our Democracy and what our country stands for. We’re asking God to cover our POTUS in handling the crisis in Afghanistan. Giving him the guidance, patients, strength, wisdom and understanding, to do what’s best for America and our allies. 

As we are all aware, the president currently in office has inherited the challenges and the benefits of his predecessor; It comes with the territory. We are all thankful for our current president, because drinking Clorox or some other disinfectant won’t be able to fix this problem either.

To the POTUS, and his administration: PLEASE know all GMW’s in particular and America in general, who believes in integrity, commonsense, principles, moral values-virtues discipline, understanding and discernment,supports you 100%.

🙏These things we pray in Jesus’s Name🙏